Jonas “donut604” Makoff wins second WSOP Circuit ring of his career

Jonas “donut604” Makoff wins second WSOP Circuit ring of his career

On May 9, the fifth WSOPC Online ring tournament – $ 315 BOUNTY GIANT NLH $ 500K Gtd ended at GGPOKEROK. The winner is the Canadian regular, professional grinder and successful poker player Jonas Mackoff, known to the community as “donut604” and “LobyPewis”. In this article, we have collected detailed information about the hero of the day and his achievements in poker.

Who played the $ 315 BOUNTY GIANT WSOP-C Final?

The fifth WSOP Circuit had 2,508 entries and a $ 252,400 (50.48%) guarantee cut. At the final table, Jonas Makoff brings together players from all backgrounds and poker achievements – the data below is taken from SharkScope and PokerProLabs.

Alexander “leeel” Shepel – Russian regular from Krasnodar, who played 5,262 tournaments at GGPOKEROK with $ 75 ABI and a total profit of $ 70,462. In 2020, he was a finalist for the Mini Main Event at the Sochi Poker Festival – Grand Final.


Stefan “C3H5N3O6” Lechner (Stefan Lehner) is an Austrian who won the Turbo Knockout MILLIONS Online at partypoker this year and the 2018 NLH tournament at the PCA. At GGPOKEROK, by the time he reached the BOUNTY GIANT finals, he was in the red by $ 14,471, but then increased his profit to $ 11,292 based on the results of 2,576 tournaments with ABI $ 165.


Daniel “Rock Pitbull” Bertholdi (Daniel Bertoldi) is a Brazilian who has played 687 tournaments with $ 140 ABI on GGPOKEROK by May 9th by $ 28,628. The WSOPC finals allowed him to cut his negative result to $ 8,171.


TooStonedMonkey Is a Canadian who only started playing at GGPOKEROK in January 2021. Prior to the WSOPC finals, he was $ 1,393 in the red in 212 tournaments with a $ 25 ABI. After the final table, the profit is $ 14,555.

Xdao – Chinese with experience of playing at GGPOKEROK – 1 month. During this time, he played only 6 tournaments with ABI $ 140 and was in the red by $ 1,192 – the final brought his profit to the level of $ 11,404.

Skinny Pete – Indian, during 131 tournaments with ABI $ 55 at GGPOKEROK, smoothly going into negative territory. His schedule for the WSOPC finals froze at $ 6,478, and then shot up – now the profit is $ 2,484.

Ren “Pearblossom” Koller (Ran Koller) – Israeli, Double Stack finalist at the WSOP 2019. He is the most profitable regular in this list: along with the WSOPC final, Ran played 2,873 GGPOKEROK tournaments with an ABI of $ 270 and has a profit of $ 145,716.

Octopus – an unknown player from Andorra. On his account in GGPOKEROK – 1,404 tournaments with ABI $ 50. Until the end of March, it was in the red by $ 9,247, but – as often happens in MTT – from the beginning of April it caught an upstreak and began to climb. The WSOPC finals pushed him to a peak profit of $ 12,057.

The future winner of the tournament, Jonas Makoff, reached the final with the third stack – the Russian was the chip leader for most of the final stage of the game. Heads-up Makoff evened the stack with Shepel and hand after hand began to take chips from his opponent.

The final hand of the event turned out to be dramatic – Jonas with a stack 2.5 times more than Alexander’s, exposed with AKs and got a call from QJs. On the flop, Shepel caught the queen and was in front before the river. Luck turned away from him at the last moment – the king came to the river, and Makoff became the winner of the tournament, receiving the second WSOP-C ring of his career. The first went to him for winning the WSOPC San Diego 2012.

A place Player Country Bounty Prize payout
1 Jonas “LobyPewis” Makoff Canada $40,694 $30,446
2 Alexander “leeel” Shepel Russia $13,805 $30,369
3 Stefan “C3H5N3O6” Lechner Austria $4,029 $22,140
4 Daniel “Rock Pitbull” Bertholdi Brazil $4,612 $16,121
5 TooStonedMonkey Canada $4,467 $11,738
6 Xdao China $4,321 $8,547
7 Skinny Pete India $3,022 $6,223
8 Ren “Pearblossom” Koller Israel $3,926 $4,532
9 Octopus Andorra $3,213 $3,300

Makoff’s other poker accomplishments

If you look only at the GGPOKEROK chart, you get the impression that Makoff is a completely inexperienced player. In over nine months, he played just 94 tournaments with an ABI of $ 490, and was down $ 11,078 before the WSOP Circuit finals. Now his profit is $ 59,660, and the chart looks pretty funny.

But in fact, Jonas is an experienced regular, whose career began back in 2008. The Canadian’s main income for a long time came from PokerStars, FullTiltPoker and partypoker, where he played and plays under the nicknames “donut604” and “clowndick”. Macoff’s exact profit is unknown, but he has more than $ 4M in prize money, including 14 ITMs with a one-time payment of more than $ 25K – three of them exceed $ 100K:

  • $ 121,716 – for 1st place on Super Tuesday, 2014;
  • $ 117,785 – for 1st place in FTOPS Event # 16, 2014;
  • $ 110,695 – for 2nd place in the Progressive Super-Knockout at SCOOP 2016.

Interestingly, from 2013 to 2018, Jonas under the nickname “T3amEdward” tried to conquer 888poker and, although he managed to get more than $ 185K in prize money there, he could not succeed. Makoff did not win a single major tournament in the eights and ended his relationship with the room in the red by $ 14,664.

Despite the fact that the main place of activity of Jonas is online poker, he also occasionally shows success in offline. In particular, he has 12 ITMs with over $ 25K in prize money – and only three of them are tournament victories.

The largest one-time payments Makoff received in diplomas at the WSOP in 2015 ($ 113,764) and 2017 ($ 263,532). His total offline prize money as of May 2021 – including WSOP Online 2020 – exceeds $ 1M.

Jonas McCoff at the 2017 WSOP.

What does Jonas do outside of poker?

Makoff has repeatedly stated publicly that he is an adherent of a healthy lifestyle. For example, in an interview with PocketFives in 2016, he argued that fresh air and vitamin D work wonders:

If you get up in the morning, immediately sit down at the computer and play until the evening, then return to bed again, then you quickly burn out. It is very important to make time for sports or other activities outside the home.

By 2021, Jonas’ attitude towards fresh air and outdoor activities has not changed. Judging by his Instagram, he often continues to get out of the house to the mountains or to the water bodies, taking his family with him – before he went mainly with friends, wife, nephews and nieces, but recently he himself became the father of his daughter Hezl Lynn and now travels with her.

Jonas and Hezl Lynn Macoffs, August 2020.

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