Josh “PumpkinKing” Manley raised over £ 1,500 for charity …

Josh “PumpkinKing” Manley raised over £ 1,500 for charity …

Josh “PumpkinKing” Manley spent 24 hours live. But not just for the sake of hype, but for the sake of a good cause – the poker player collected donations to donate to a fund for the study of myeloma (blood cancer).

Who is Josh Manley

32 year old poker player from Brighton joined to the 888poker streamers team on June 1st. Josh “PumpkinKing” Manley (Josh Manley) has been playing online poker professionally since May 2020 and is currently an ABI15 grinder.

The Briton loves to chat, listen to punk music and discuss distributions with chat on the stream. Perhaps that is why he was invited to the 888poker Stream Team, as it was unlikely that the decision was made based on his statistics. Now Josh has a little over 1,100 followers on Twitch, which is very modest by the standards of English-speaking streamers.

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Charitable collection in memory of a friend

On August 3, Josh launched the Myeloma Mammothon charity fundraiser, in which all the funds raised went to the Myeloma Research Foundation (blood cancer). On his own behalf, he promised to conduct a 24-hour poker stream, and transfer all the money and donations won to a charitable foundation.

The streamer wrote that some time ago his close friend died, who had been fighting the disease for 6 years. Stream marathon was in memory of her. Medicine still has the means to prolong life, but it is still impossible to cure myeloma.

No sooner said than done! From August 9-10, Josh spent 24 hours on the air. His donation raised £ 1,254 and he won £ 263 more. During the broadcast, the streamer played tournaments up to $ 20 at 888poker, PokerStars and partypoker, as well as NL10 cash.

Three times the original goal!

Together we raised £ 1,517 for this chic and long-running stream! Thanks to everyone who supported and donated.

I didn’t think you could feel so good after a 24-hour stream. Time to get a good night’s sleep.

Will you meet on the same day in a year? 😉

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