Katzper Pizara and Georgios Sotiropoulos – won WSOP Onli bracelets …

Katzper Pizara and Georgios Sotiropoulos – won WSOP Onli bracelets …

WSOP Online is picking up steam and after a stormy Sunday we congratulate two World Series of Poker bralette winners in one roundup. Meet the Polish regular and streamer Katzper Pizara and the Greek player Georgios Sotiropoulos, for whom this is the second bracelet in the trophy collection.

Katzper Pizara won a WSOP bracelet right on the stream, but was literally one step away from relegation

Streamer GGPOKEROK Kacper Pyzara won perhaps the biggest win of his life yesterday – he became the $ 315 WSOP Bounty Deepstack NLH champion (there were 2,989 entries in the tournament). And he did it live in front of six hundred spectators.

Kacper Pyzara

There were many famous players in this 2,989 entry tournament. For example, Negreanu and Yurasov used three rounds each (this is the maximum) and did not even get a bounty.

Katzper Pizara admitted that he himself was literally one step away from relegation on Day 1. Somewhere in the second hour of the game, his stack dropped to 1,000 chips (2.5 big blinds) from a starting point of 40,000. But I managed to get ten all-ins and recover.

In heads-up, Katzper Pizara came out against 🇷🇺 Evgeny “pro_nl” Kochubei with a slight chip lag: 53bb against 65bb. The future champion pulled off a couple of good spells and pulled a coin in the final hand. In the depth of 20BB, the Polish player played a minraise – call allin and at the end of the hand he accepted chat congratulations … and for another 7 hours he streamed his standard session on GGPOKEROK.

Now Katzper plans to translate all his social networks into English and gather the coolest poker community.

Payouts to $ 315 Bounty Deepstack NLH finalists (including bounty):

  1. Kacper Pizara (Poland) – $ 79.8K
  2. Evgeny “pro_nl” Kochubei (Russia) – $ 53.1K
  3. Moti «rtm6789» Ohio (Israel) – $ 32.2K
  4. Baoyang “baoyang666” Xu (China) – $ 29K
  5. Takao “shimizu9” Shimizu (Japan) – $ 16.8K
  6. Takahiko “tanyaodora3” Nishiyama (Japan) – $ 14K
  7. Martina “Dopierdole” Tsiklaminova (Slovakia) – $ 10.5K
  8. Arkady “Kamsky” Tsinis (Ukraine) – $ 8K
  9. Vicente Delgato (Spain) – $ 9K

George Sotiropoulos won the WSOP Flip & Go in 2.5 hours

Nobody went through poker that fast. It took Georgios Sotiropoulos less than three hours to make every poker player’s dream of winning a WSOP bracelet come true.

It’s all about Event # 6: FLIP & GO NLH with 6,368 registrations, where the first half of the “Flip” tournament was an all-in shooter (no longer than 5 minutes), and the second “Go” was a freezeout (lasting 2 hours 31 minutes and 12 seconds).

The buy-in by WSOP standards is democratic, only $ 200, but even in such a tournament, the top reg high stakes gathered at the final table, as if in Super MILLION $ for $ 10K:

  • Victor “limitless” Malinovsky took 5th place.
  • Chris Moorman took 4th place.

This is the second WSOP bracelet in the career of Georgios Sotiropoulos. The first trophy (pictured) he won in the € 1,100 NLH Turbo tournament at the WSOP Europe in Germany in 2015 (€ 112K).

Georgios Sotiropoulos

In the final hand, the Greek had to worry. In almost equal stacks of 14 BB, the finalists were exposed in the default hand (push with BU with KTo – call on BB with A6o), flop with a king, but on the turn justice prevailed and the high hand won.

By the way, this tournament also featured a dipran of the GGPoker streamer; Easterdamnz took third place. We wrote about him last year:

GGPoker streamer “Easterdamnz” nearly dragged into partypoker’s Powerfest

Payouts to # WSOP2021 Event # 6 Finalists $ 200 FLIP & GO NLH:

  1. Georgios G Manousos Sotiropoulos (Greece) – $ 117K
  2. Yen-Liang “yao_poker” Yao (Taiwan) – $ 90.3K
  3. Michelle “Easterdamnz” Van Elsacker – $ 69.8K
  4. Chris Moorman (UK) – $ 53.9K
  5. Viktor Malinovsky (Poland) – $ 41.6K
  6. Ervan Pesso (France) – $ 31.1K
  7. Quentin HilltopHood Russia (France) – $ 24.9K
  8. Marcus Prince (Germany) – $ 19.1K
  9. Wing “esviagra” Tat Jung (Canada) – $ 14.8K

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