Kirill “Kirill_ur” Teryokhin and Alena “Alohahaloha” Mironenko at a joint …

Kirill “Kirill_ur” Teryokhin and Alena “Alohahaloha” Mironenko at a joint …

Spring aggravation of streams! On April 1, PokerMatch celebrated the third anniversary of the streaming team, and on April 8, the editor-in-chief of Pokeroff will visit Twitch channel poker room, where he will jointly broadcast with the ambassador Alena “Alohahaloha” Mironenko… The broadcast starts at 18:00 Moscow time.

What will happen on the stream of Aloha and Kirill

The presenters were not familiar with each other, so for the first 10-15 minutes they will tell each other and the audience about themselves. Further, taking into account the professional field of activity, there will be a conversation about the poker industry, as well as about recent events in the life of poker rooms.

Viewers will see both the faces of both streamers and their game tables. Alena and Kirill will fight in a special heads-up SNG tournament up to five wins – since our editor-in-chief gained experience in the show “Kirill against“. In parallel, they will play a special Stream Freeroll at the PokerMatch with a reward for knocking out streamers.

For the special activity of viewers on the broadcast, an additional gift from the poker room is planned – a prokomod, through which you can get a branded “trump card” of PokerMatch, where tickets to tournaments or tournament money can drop out.

The culture of “co-streaming”

PokerMatch is the only room that has a team of streamers on a branded channel. Let us remind you that broadcasts take place there daily, and once a week, joint streams are also regularly held, where absolutely different guests are invited.

There were a couple of ambassadors on the air with simple regulars of PokerMatch, and recently the CEO of the poker room also came. Ruslan Bangertwho shared a stream with Olya “Mangusta” Ermolcheva in honor of the first place in the PokerScout ranking.

Who will be at the microphone on stream with Kirill?

Alena “Alohahaloha” Mironenko Is the “youngest” PokerMatch Ambassador, who took over this role a little less than a year ago. Then we interviewed her. Initially, the girl was a full-time streamer.

Alena “Alohahaloha” Mironenko: from streamer PokerMatch to ambassadors

At the end of 2020, the girl left Ukraine and lived in Costa Rica for several months. We learned from her social networks that she now lives in Thailand with a young man and a dog. Want to know more about Alena’s life? – Come to her joint stream tomorrow at 18:00 Moscow time.

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