KO Series, WPT Montreal, WCOAP and MILLIONS Online at partypoker – how to get …

KO Series, WPT Montreal, WCOAP and MILLIONS Online at partypoker – how to get …

Put together a complete guide on how to qualify cheaply for the main series tournaments at partypoker.

partypoker is changing tactics on MTT and satellites

In 2020, due to the overlapping schedule of episodes in other rooms, parties were forced to adapt to competitors and publish the WPT WOC schedule later than others, and even completely redrawn it on the fly and postponed the Main Event.

In 2021, the Party showed all of their cards: users already in the first half of January know which tournaments to play almost until March. And if any changes are made to the schedule, then the ticket guarantee in mega-satellites is only increasing for now.

The partypoker feature is a huge grid of satellites for almost every event. partypoker is one of the main providers of stories like “I won $ 20K from one cent” or “I got a ticket to the promotion – I entered a $ 10K tournament.”

For example, Alexander Shtykalenko grind centrolls and qualified for the WPT Russia live streak, winning a package worth ₽300K.

Lilian Figeredo from Brazil won $ 13K from a freeroll in Summer 2020. The girl did not play WPT tournaments very successfully, flew out, got a ticket to the Second Chance freeroll, in which she won a ticket for $ 109, and then became top 3 in the 6-Max Warm Up tournament and earned $ 13,153.

Lillian Figueredo

And there are such stories on a partypoker wagon and a small cart. And there is a high probability that any of the readers of Pokeroff could become one of the next heroes of such a story.

Main Event KO Series

When: January 16-18

Main Event buy-ins: $11, $109, $1050

The KO Series will run until January 20, Day 1A and 1B will run on January 16 and 17. In each of the events, you can qualify through satellites.

  • $ 11 Micro Main Event $ 50K GTD – $ 1.10 Satellites with 10 Ticket Guarantee
  • $ 109 Mini Main Event $ 300K GTD – $ 11 Satellites with 5 or 10 Tickets Guaranteed
  • $ 1,050 Main Event $ 1M GTD – $ 109 satellites with 5 or 10 tickets guaranteed (this satellite can be accessed via Feeder for $ 11 with 5 or 10 tickets guaranteed)

The final satellites are night, starting either at 23:05 Moscow time, or at 01:05 Moscow time.

Everything you need to know about the KO Series at partypoker

WPT Montreal

When: From January 17 to February 1

Buy-ins in Main Event: $33, $320, $3200

WPT has 42 events with buy-ins ranging from $ 33 to $ 25,500. Micro-stakes and low-limit players, don’t skip this paragraph. As always, it will be possible to qualify for each of the tournaments via a satellite. For example, the $ 109 Mini Omaha $ 20K GTD tournament can be qualified via satellites for $ 16.50 (2 GTD tickets) or $ 33 (3 GTD tickets).

The main events of the series are presented in three buy-in categories. From January 25 to 27, it will be possible to enter the $ 33 Micro Main Event and $ 320 Mini Main Event.

  • $ 33 Micro Main Event $ 30K GTD – Qualifying via satellites for $ 4.40 with 5 tickets guarantee or $ 6.60 with 10 tickets guaranteed
  • $ 320 Mini Main Event $ 200K GTD – Qualified via satellites for $ 44 with 5 tickets guaranteed and $ 66 with 10 tickets guaranteed

The starting days of the $ 3200 Main Event $ 2M GTD will run on January 17th and 24th. The ladder of satellites for this tournament is as follows:

  1. Central roll (25 tickets € 3.30 GTD).
  2. €3,30 Phase 1.
  3. €33 Phase 2.
  4. € 320 Mega Satellite (50 tickets at € 3200 GTD).

The phases stop when 10% of the field remains in the tournament. How many chips by this moment you have time to fill, with such a stack you will proceed to the next phase. Unlike the ladders of satellites in other events, the final selection phase is not closed. It can be entered directly for € 320

WCOAP (World Championship Of Amateur Poker)

When: from 23 January to 7 February

Main Event buy-ins: $ 11 and $ 109

The Amateur Poker Association (APAT) and partypoker have signed a partnership agreement. As a result, the World Championship of Amateur Poker (WCOAP) will be online for the first time in 12 years.

What is the trick of the tournaments in this series? APAT focuses on events for amateurs with democratic buy-ins without re-entry. There are 32 events scheduled with buy-ins from $ 5.50 to $ 530

Two Main Events kick off on February 7 at 22:15 UTC:

  • $ 109 Main Event $ 150K GTD – Qualified via satellites for $ 11 with a 3-ticket guarantee
  • $ 11 Mini Main Event $ 20K GTD – Qualified via satellites for $ 1.10 with a 10 ticket guarantee


When: from February 21 to March 1

Bai-in: $ 5300 and $ 1100

MILLIONS Online returns to partypoker in February. The event will be held in two buy-ins: for $ 5300 with a $ 5M guarantee and for $ 1100 with a $ 1M guarantee. You can qualify for both tournaments via satellites.

$ 5,300 MILLIONS team ladder:

  1. Central roll (5 tickets $ 5.50 Phase 1 guarantee).
  2. $ 5.50 Phase 1 – 10% of the field goes to $ 55 Phase 2.
  3. $ 55 Phase 2 – 10% of the field goes to Final Phase.
  4. Final Phase – 10 tickets guaranteed for $ 5,300 MILLIONS Online Main Event 1A. Starts on the night from Sunday to Monday at 00:00 Moscow time.

$ 1,100 MILLIONS team ladder:

  1. Central Roll (10 tickets guaranteed for $ 1.10 Phase 1).
  2. $1.10 Phase 1
  3. $11 Phase 2
  4. Final Phase – 20 tickets guaranteed for $ 1,100 MILLIONS Online Main Event 1A. Starts on the night from Sunday to Monday at 00:00 Moscow time.

Phases 1 and 2 can be entered directly with a buy-in. 10% of the field goes into the next phase. What stack you will be able to fill, with this and continue the game in the next phase. The final phase can only be reached through phase 2.

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