Landon Tice and Bill Perkins kick off the challenge on June 3: 20,000 hands …

Landon Tice and Bill Perkins kick off the challenge on June 3: 20,000 hands …

Who is the 22-year-old kid who accepted Bill Perkins’ 8bb / 100 handicap when the first heads-up comes and who the bookmakers are betting on – all the known details of the Landon Tice vs Bill Perkins match at Pokeroff.

Tice vs Perkins: Challenge conditions and bets on the winner

In February 2021, on the wave of hype around the Polk vs. Negreanu match, businessman, hedge fund founder, regular participant in the most expensive tournaments and cash games, Bill Perkins challenged Doug Polk to play heads-up for $ 200 / $ 400 with a 13bb / 100 handicap. In other words, Doug had to pay $ 5,200 every 100 hands to play against Perkins.

“Since Doug had a 12bb / 100 winrate against Daniel, I want a 13bb / 100 head start! I play HU terribly, I don’t know the fundamental concepts and have been lazy working on the game for a long time. But I’m obsessed with action! ”- said Bill Perkins.

Doug tactfully refused, saying he was tired of poker. A day later, an opponent was found. Landon Tice, 22, accepted the challenge on the following terms:

  • 2 tables
  • 20,000 hands
  • $ 200 / $ 400 with a purchase of $ 40K (the stack can be more, the chips are not withdrawn during the game)
  • Handicap 9bb / 100, or $ 720,000 for the entire challenge

The PokerShares website has started accepting bets on this event with the following odds (as of May 25):

  • x2.12 that Bill Perkins loses less than $ 720K or wins
  • х1.77 for Landon Tice to win more than $ 720K

The first match is scheduled for June 3, start at 04:00 Moscow time. You can also bet on its outcome:

  • x2.11 on Perkins ’win
  • x1.81 on Taisa’s victory

What Landon Tice is criticized for on the Internet

Landon Tice sold a lot of action for this challenge (rumored to be about 90%).

“Let me be clear about something. I am sure that everyone is not indifferent to my challenge with Bill Perkins.

I sell a lot of action games. Really a lot.

I do not rush into action at ultra high stakes.

Nevertheless, I am investing a very large part of my relative wealth, ”Landon wrote in his Twitter.

And the guy is really understandable.

  1. He is only 21 years old, and this is hardly such a game for his bankroll.
  2. Tice has no heads-up game. He is a 6-max cash and MTT specialist.
  3. The 9bb / 100 handicap looks weighty. Tice pays 9 big blinds for 100 hands. That’s $ 3,600 per 100 or $ 720K for the entire challenge. In any case, he is obliged to pay this amount to Perkins. Let’s say Theis plays at $ 48 like Doug Polk. His net profit taking into account the handicap will not be $ 960K, but $ 240K.

This is a positive outlook. But we cannot predict how capricious the variance will be, and we also do not take into account how accurately Landon Tice estimated his skill and the skill of his opponent.

Who is this Landon Tice?

Landon Tice is a 22-year-old child prodigy who “passed poker in 18 months.” This guy’s name first thundered in August 2020 when he beat Doug Polk in HA. At that time, Doug was preparing for the challenge against Negreanu and was ready to give action to anyone at NL400. Doug and Landon skated for about 3 hours, the recording of the stream is available on YouTube. As a result, Theis ended the session in the black by $ 500.

Then Landon Tice came to Joe Ingram’s podcast and told how he got up from micro-stakes cash to high stakes in just 18 months due to the fact that he immediately found a coach, became an active member of the community and worked in solvers every day.

In September 2020, Landon Tice became a runner-up in the $ 1,500 WSOP Online tournament (where he plays under the nickname ActionDealer) and earned $ 29,509. This is what his graph looks like on SharkScope:

Then Landon Tice’s name thundered in the poker media in November 2020. This guy won the $ 1,100 MSPT Venetian Main Event 2020 with 1,123 entries and earned $ 201,529. Moreover, Landon played an offline tournament for the first time and immediately entered it.

As we can see, this guy is serious.

“It doesn’t matter if I win, lose or end up in a draw, I will continue to play poker at a high level and learn to play with my friends as hard as I can,” Landon Tice wrote on his blog.

What do you think will be the outcome of the Tice – Perkins match? Share your guesses in the comments and join the discussion at chat.

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