Landon Tice defeated Bill Perkins in the first heads-up match …

Landon Tice defeated Bill Perkins in the first heads-up match …

Auristic tricks performed by Tice’s parents, unexpected fearless play from Bill Perkins and such different coverage of the duel on streams – we tell why the new challenge promises to be the brightest event in the world of heads-up duels this summer and, possibly, the year.

Bill Perkins vs. Landon Tice’s auristic tricks

Judging by the first meeting between Landon Tice and Bill Perkins, the new challenge promises to be one of the brightest events in the world of heads-up duels. Opponents agreed on the terms of the challenge back in February 2021, but the first heads-up was played only tonight.

Landon Tice vs Bill Perkins: everything you need to know about the new heads-up challenge

It is said that Perkins seriously prepared for the match and even put together a team to work on the game. And judging by the first confrontation, it looks like the truth. Bill Perkins performed well (especially the first half of the match). We do not know how Landon Tice prepared for the duel, but his parents “resorted to auristic tricks” (in fact, they just support their son very strongly).

Landon Tice’s dad bet $ 5K on his son’s victory. We learned about this from Bill Perkins’ Twitter. The businessman immediately shared a life hack on how to cope with the pressure of such a serious auristic reception: he simply bought out the bet.

Bill Perkins:

Landon Tice’s dad bet $ 5K on his son’s victory in the Challenge. I have such conflicting feelings about this that I decided to give his dad a freeroll. Can’t live with a bad aura #HUNL #Poker

With this act, the millionaire, whose fortune in 2021 is estimated at $ 65M, firstly, has caused great respect among Twitter users. And secondly, he showed that he was serious and even took into account the “auristic” aspect of the challenge.

And Landon Tice’s mom wrote a very touching message in support of her son, which he tweeted just before the start of the match:

Landon, your life is a roller coaster. Your skill set is unattainable by anyone else. I am completely confident for you. I have always supported and will support you. You have everything to become the best in any field. We know this. This is your gift. Every day I worry about you, your safety and well-being as much as I worry about your brothers and Tristen. Experiencing is part of raising children, although it is not written about it in the Bible. Learning not to worry is something I work on every day.

Please don’t shut me out of this. If I get nervous, I’ll do it myself. In any case, I promise that I will always support you. If you win, it will be incredible. If not, I know you will have more motivation to grow and become better. But now I just believe in you and that everything will be fine.

The 5 biggest showdowns of the first match Landon “AbsoluteGO” Tice vs Bill “gastrader” Perkins

The match started a little after midnight Moscow time. Viewers expected Perkins to play his usual business-like loose-passive style. But no: the first half of the match, Bill held the lead. Almost immediately, he won several big pots and shot ahead by $ 140K (3.5 buy-ins). The businessman played aggressively, fearlessly, without fear of charging juicy 3-bets and 4-bets preflop.

Here’s what the 5 biggest hands of the evening with showdown look like.

Hand # 1, in which Taisa decided to bluff Perkins ($ 83.5K pot)

Hand # 2, in which Perkins didn’t believe his opponent and couldn’t fold pocket Jacks ($ 84.5K pot)

Hand # 3, in which Perkins lost with pocket Aces to a straight ($ 107.8K pot)

Hand # 4, in which Tice caught four of a kind from the flop and Perkins failed to fold pocket Queens ($ 80K pot)

  • On preflop Perkins opened; Tice 3-bets $ 4,120 Perkins 4-bet $ 10,400 Tice calls. Bank $ 20,078.
  • On flop 6Baptize 7Peaks 7Drums Perkins bet a quarter pot ($ 5,021), Tice called. Bank $ 30,121.
  • On type 9Peaks Perkins moved all-in for $ 24,938 and was called.

Hand # 5, which turned into a meme, Ace-high called ($ 141K pot)

The cherry on top was one of the last hands in which Landon Tice decided to call a two-pot Ace-high on the river. We offer you to look at the river and showdown with your own eyes.

  • On preflop Perkins opened, Tice 3-bet $ 3,800, and Perkins called. Bank $ 7,598.
  • On flop 6Hearts 2Baptize 6Baptize Tice bet two-thirds of the pot ($ 5,016) and was called. The pot is $ 17,630.
  • On type 2Hearts Perkins bet 40% of the pot ($ 7,052) and Tice called. Bank $ 31,736.
  • On river 9Peaks Perkins played two pots ($ 60,000) and was called. Perkins showed a pocket pair of Nines, and Tice only had AKo.

This giveaway immediately turned into a meme that Tice shared with his Twitter followers.

3 different moods: Tice vs Perkins stream review

Challenge was streamed by three channels at once.

ACR на Twitch – podcast style stream. Chris Moneymaker and Robert “bustinballs” Kuhn were behind the commentary microphones. The guys sat, talked, talked about life, joked, sometimes paying attention to the action at the table.

«Solve For Why» на YouTube – stream in * ASMR style. Matt Berkey and Christian Soto, with stunning microphones and soothing tones, have created the ultimate ASMR heads-up stream. In fairness, it should be noted that the guys were good at commenting on the game and analyzing the distribution. So this stream would suit everyone: those who wanted to learn something new about heads-up; and those who like to fall asleep to some video.

* note, ASMR (autonomous sensory meridional response, “brain massage”) – pleasant, relaxing sensations that spread from the scalp throughout the body and are caused by sound and visual stimuli – whispering, rustling and crunching.

Landon Theis on the stream Solve For Why

«joeingram1» на YouTube – the most emotional stream. Joe Ingram is a friend of Landon Tice. Therefore, like no other commentator, he relayed the emotions of Landon’s fans. Shouts of joy, memes on the screen, “rocket explosions” (when Landon won big pots), “dancing coffin carriers” (in cooler spots) – all this was on Joe Ingram’s streams.

Photo from Twitter Joey Ingram

Results of the first match and date of the next meeting

In 3 hours of the first session, opponents played 624 hands. Landon Theis left the + $ 18K tables. The slight advantage is due to the very large last hand with a call on Ace-high. With a $ 720K handicap after the first session, Landon goes – $ 4K per match. But this is just the beginning. There are still 19,376 hands ahead.

The next match will be held on June 4 from 04:00 to 06:00 Moscow time (this is already tonight).

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