Larry Flynt and Phil Ivey were rivals in a super expensive private ke …

Larry Flynt and Phil Ivey were rivals in a super expensive private ke …

If you have read our material about the legendary Phil Ivey, then you know that he treated the bankroll purely as an instrument and was not afraid to lose it. Because of this, he was even nicknamed No Home Jerome, because he had to sleep on the street several times.

But since he became a legend, did he somehow manage to put together a multimillion-dollar fortune? There is a bike about this on the net.

In the late 1990s, Phil Ivey was practically unknown, since at that time he did not have a single tournament victory. He preferred cash and maintained an aggressive bankroll management.

In 1999, young Ivy was lucky enough to get an invite to the most expensive game of his life at $ 2000/4000 stakes with a minimum bid of $ 200K. Ivey was rumored to only have $ 600K (literally 3 stacks), but that didn’t stop him.

The game was organized by the late Larry Flynt, who was called the “King of Porn” – he was the publisher of the magazine Hustler and the owner of the casino of the same name. He is credited with the quote:

My two favorite things in the world are women and poker, but in reverse.

Flint was playing a private game at his home in Los Angeles, away from prying eyes. There were three rules:

  • Those who play better than Flint are not invited.
  • The game was played exclusively by seven-card stud.
  • The room had a freezing temperature – so Flint liked it, who moved in a wheelchair after the assassination attempt in 1978. The players were advised to wear thermal underwear.

Phil Ivey is said to have come as close as possible to ruin in that game. That would send him back down to the $ 5/10 stakes to rebuild his bankroll, but it didn’t. The exact amount, how much he won, hardly anyone knows. It is known that Ivy came to play with Larry Flynt for at least a couple of years.

Old school regular David Oppenheim also played there and admitted that he once left over $ 2,000,000.

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