like Niklas Astedt …

like Niklas Astedt …

At the final table of the $ 525 WSOPC Main Event, legendary Niklas “Lena900” Astedt ran over streamer Patrick “Egiption” Tardiff, fell victim to an unavailable 4-max cooler, opened a bluff from a nit opponent and outplayed Yanfei “aoteman1888” Chi heads-up. How events unfolded in the WSOPC Main Event, interesting facts about the finalists – read the review from Pokeroff.

The first half of the game: Astedt crushes the table with a stack and aurka, aoteman1888 gets a stack thanks to the cooler

Niklas Astedt entered the final table with a chip lead of 74.5 big blinds. The plan was simple: push the table and build up the stack. And it worked, and unnecessarily. In 9-max, Astedt with BTN put a push with A2o in an effective stack of 13.4 big blinds, Patrick “Egiption” Tardif (Patrick Tardif) BB called all 10 big blinds with A7o.

David Miscikowski dropped out in 8th place. He was the second aggressive player at the final table after Astedt who was not heavily pressured by money: he opened pocket pairs of Threes and Sevens all over the table. Eliminated by default, pushing a pocket pair of Twos for 15 big blinds from the button.

The most dramatic of all took off Promoking in 7th place… In 8-max he got a pair of Queens for MP, and aoteman1888 got a pair of Kings. Open-raise from Promoking, 3-bet from aoteman1888, push from Promoking, call. This preflop push sparked a debate: Wouldn’t it have been better to call and see the flop? This hand was valued at $ 200K in EV. But even if opponents saw the flop 9-4-4, it was unrealistic to bounce. A few hands later, having survived Michikovski’s departure, Promoking pushed AK from UTG for 7bb, Freedom35 called on the BB with 88.

Fabian Spielmann took 6th place (Fabian Spielmann), also a victim of a cooler. In 6-max, he shoved suited AK to aoteman1888’s button steal. A flush came to the river for a player from China.

Noksukow took 5th place: with a stack of 4 big blinds, he pushed a pair of Nines from CO, it was accepted by Freedom35 on A3s.

Fun fact about Noksukow: One of only two finalists to reach the final table with the same buy-in.

The cooler that turned the game in 4-max: Astedt vs aoteman1888

The entire final table Niklas Astedt pressed on opponents. But in 4-max there was a very unpleasant hand that influenced the further struggle. In the SB vs BB positions, the Swede was dealt 65o vs JTo sssssAK and the flop was 7-8-9 “rainbow”. After this hand, Astedt moved up to the third line in the chip account with a stack of 36 BB.

In 4-max Astedt’s stack dropped to 26.5 big blinds. Here, for the first time in the entire final table, aoteman1888 decided to bluff, who sat all the way quieter than water and below the grass. But that was not the case: Astedt on the river chipped off the opponent by K-high. This distribution should be seen with your own eyes. See it in our telegram channels.

The 3-handed hand that determined the heads-up lineup

Astedt entered 3-max with the shortest stack of 25 big blinds against two players from the Middle Kingdom. The stack dropped to 16 bb, but the Lena900 was not obscured. The heads-up lineup was determined by the hand in which aoteman1888 decided to push 9 ♣ 9 ♥ from the first position (Astedt and sssssAK had equal stacks of 22 big blinds, aoteman1888 – 58 big blinds). The Swede threw out K ♣ Q на on SB, but the Chinese man couldn’t throw A ♠ J ♠ and was eliminated from the tournament. Board 9 ♦ 4 ♥ J ♦ 6 ♥ T ♥.

Fun fact: sssssAK qualified for this tournament from a $ 55 satellite and finished in the top 6 after Day 1.

Astedt went heads-up four times behind on the stack. The Chinese player played fit-or-fold. In general, Astedt was three heads higher than his opponent in both skill and aurka. For example, Astedt made a 72s flush on the river against top pair with a blocker on a flush with a good kicker. In the final hand, aoteman1888 called for a 15bb stack K ♠ 7 ♠ against A ♠ 4 ♣.

Fun fact: aoteman1888 moved to the second day, reached the final and became a runner-up with just one buy-in.

$ 525 WSOPC Main Event Final Table Results:

  1. Niklas Astedt – $ 758,443
  2. Yanfei “aoteman1888” Chi – $ 568,746
  3. sssssAK — $426,499
  4. Allan «Freedom35» Mello – $ 319,829
  5. Noksukow – $ 239,837
  6. Fabian Spielmann – $ 179,853
  7. Promoking – $ 138,870
  8. David Michikovski – $ 101,139
  9. Patrick “Egption” Tardif – $ 75,843

A total of 14,496 entries were registered in the tournament, the prize pool was $ 7,248,000 with a guarantee of $ 5,000,000.

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