Limitless Heads Up NLHE Against CrownUpGuy

Limitless Heads Up NLHE Against CrownUpGuy

“Like the good old days,” people say when they watch the battles taking place on the high stakes. A couple of negative words, and a “spark” arises between the players. And a month later they sort things out at the tables of $ 100/200 …

Why will Holtz play with Malinowski?

Our first reaction, like many others, was surprise – this is not MTT, where is Fedor going ?! But then we figured it out a little and it became a little clearer where the legs of the conflict grow from. 2020 Wiktor Malinowski was active in the media space. He went to podcasts, gave interviews, constantly skated at the highest rates and, as they say, was “heard”.

In the summer, Phil Galfond hosted the Legends Showdown, an invitational event for professionals, where the participants rolled heads-ups for € 50/100. Initially, Victor was announced among the participants, but later he refused – the game was, in his opinion, too cheap.

I would not be able to take what is happening seriously and would flood stack after stack

But in order not to look like a “coward”, Limitless mentioned in podcast by Joe Ingram (Joe Ingram) that he would be happy to play with the winner of this show, and at any limits above. And he, sitting in trendy pajamas from D&G, said:

Well, if it is someone like Fedor … There are a couple of good players among the participants, I don’t know about the rest. In general, I can offer them heads-up, where I will be drunk. Seriously speaking, I will not give up my words.

At the time when these words were spoken to the whole world (August 2020), Fedor did not react to them, at least publicly. Now it became clear that Fedor was probably just preparing all this time.

Challenge accepted

If you follow telegram channel Pokeroff, then you probably know that throughout February Victor played a challenge against another high roller – Stefan “Stefan11222” Burakov… Limitless managed to lose a substantial amount of money and many, quite suddenly, almost dubbed him a “fish”. But Victor did not lose an ounce of confidence, but, on the contrary, extended the challenge with Stefan to 50,000 hands.

On February 25, Fedor Holz tweets a video with a quote:

Hello, Victor! I see Stefan unwinding you in the heads-up challenge. How are you there? I’m sorry.

Before Stefan zeroed you in, I want to go back to your suggestion when you challenged me on Joe Ingram’s podcast. Well, you said that you are ready to play with me at any rate, whenever you want, and even drunk. Okay, let’s go – I challenge you!

Malinovsky did not reach into his pocket for a word and invited at the tables not only of Holz himself, but also of his students.

Hey, Fedor, I’m sitting here day and night, waiting for you. You know where to look for me. What are you just talking about? Take your two best students, I will skate at the same time against the three of you at two tables with each, as many hands as you want. You only scatter words. Be careful with your desires. I’m here, I’m waiting anytime. Just join. Write to me and we will play

This was the beginning of the epic match that awaits us. The event was quickly picked up by GG’s marketers and put on a cool video, where Holtz said: “I agreed to the match because I love challenges. I can’t wait to get his money. “

Challenge conditions

The game starts on March 5, and the full conditions of the match are still unknown. We will tell you point by point everything that is known at the moment.

  • Heads-up will take place at whatever limits Fedor Holz wishes. It is unlikely that he will actively use this right, because at least the first four meetings will be held at $ 100/200
  • The place of the battle is the GGPOKER room. You can bet on the outcome of the match directly in the game client.
  • The entire challenge will be held live with open cards. In at least the first four sessions, the opponents agreed to play 400+ hands. At the time of publication of the material, the total number of distributions remains unknown.
  • Victor is obliged to drink alcohol while playing. There will be a separate control for this – players will call Zoom with cameras.
  • Fedor will not get a handicap (bb / 100) from Victor. The game will be on an equal footing.

Who will be streaming?

It is reliably known that all broadcasts with open cards and exclusive interviews will be held on YouTube channel GGPoker… In addition, Doug Polk and his team volunteered to watch at least one or two matches – it is not known whether he will broadcast throughout the entire challenge.

  • Friday March 5th, 20:45 UTC
  • Monday March 8, 08:45 PM UTC
  • Wednesday March 10th, 08:45 PM UTC
  • Friday March 12, 20:45 UTC

Are you interested in this challenge or similar competitions are no longer interesting? Write your opinion in the comments, or join our chat in the telegramwhere you can discuss this and other news.

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