Lithuanian Tamashauskas won his first WSOP bracelet in O …

Lithuanian Tamashauskas won his first WSOP bracelet in O …

Omaha coach and member of the GGPoker streamer team Fernando “JNandez87” Habegger could not win a bracelet in his signature discipline, but he pleased his many equity holders.

Only Europeans got into the TOP-3 bracelet PLO tournament: Lithuanian, Hungarian and Austrian

267 entries were registered in the tournament, the prize for the first place was $ 268,926 – the most poker pro from Lithuania earned only in 2019 at the WSOP $ 1,500 Millionaire Maker – $ 464K for the 4th place. In total, Vincas Tamashauskas earned over $ 1M in online and live tournaments.

The final hand against the Ben Lekatos’ runner-up tournament: the Hungarian player defended the BB deep 30 BB, check-raised his two-sided on the flop, made a straight on the turn, but for some reason checked it on the board with a flush draw. The Lithuanian played a check-behind and happily called the river all-in with a full house.

And the most satisfied with the results of this tournament should be the equity holders. Fernando Habegger, a member of the GG Omaha Squad team, sold 60% of the action (no keff and no more than 5% in one hand). All shares were sold out. Even Minton invested in his colleague: he bought 5% for $ 250 and won $ 7K.

Payouts to WSOP $ 5,000 PLO Championship Finalists

N Player Country Payouts
1 Vincas «owner» Тамашаускас (Vincas Tamasauskas) Lithuania $269K
2 Ben Lakatos Hungary $ 194.4K
3 Fernando Habegger (JNandez87) Switzerland $140,6K
4 Ben Wilinofsky Canada $101,6K
5 David “MPEW299” Wang Australia $73,5K
6 Florian Fuchs HoldemKing17 Austria $53,1K
7 Hernando Guzman Mexico $ 38.4K

There are no seats two days before the start of the WSOP Heads Up Championship

To get the bracelet and $ 370K for the first place, you need to beat seven opponents. True, the line-up in this tournament is very tough.

The classic $ 10K WSOP heads-up tournament with a 128-player cap kicks off Saturday at 10:00 p.m. EDT. There are some familiar faces among the participants of the tournament:

From the ru-community, Yurasov, Boyko, Bodyakovsky, Malinovsky, Martirosyan, Ponyakov, Filatov, Shalamov, Emelyanov, Kudinov are registered in the tournament.

The remaining 80% of the participants are regulars from the most expensive tournaments, such as Super MILLION $, and a couple of no-names.

A third of the players put up for sale a stake in this event. Many were sold out. Holtz set 28% with an immodest odds of x1.15 – not a single slice was left. Shalamov put 50% without keff – they also grinded everything.

This tournament will be broadcast on Sunday 4th September. Start 20:00 Moscow time. The semi-finals and the final will be shown.

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