Long Ma, Connor “blanconegro” Drinan …

Long Ma, Connor “blanconegro” Drinan …

What kind of ROI did the champion of Kilopolyana get for $ 500, in what disciplines did the champion of the 20-game tournament play for the first time, how many years the champion of the high-roller tournament played without victories – the most interesting facts and stories of the winners of the WSOP 2021.

Long Ma beat Event # 4: $ 500 The Reunion with fantastic ROI

The most attended WSOP 2021 event was the $ 500 The Reunion. The idea behind the tournament was to bring together poker players from all over the world and “light the fire of live tournaments.” The organizers succeeded: 12,973 entries were registered in the tournament. There were so many players that the $ 200 Daily Deepstack side event had to be canceled due to a lack of dealers.

The tournament was won by Long Ma, a 35-year-old manager of an electronics company from Dallas. Before this skid, he could not get into the money in any tournament for two months. But now it boasts an ROI of 10.2620%.

Event # 4 Finalist Prizes: $ 500 The Reunion:

A place Name Country Prize
1 Long Ma USA $513K
2 Giuliano Lentini USA $317,5K
3 Max Tavepholjalern USA $241,8K
4 Alex Vazquez USA $ 185.3K
5 Michael Eddy USA $142,8K
6 Anthony Cass USA $110,8K
7 Jugal Daterao USA $86,5K
8 Derrick Stoebe USA $67,9K
9 Adrian Buckley USA $53.7K

Connor “blanconegro” Drinan wins Event # 5: $ 1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better

Winner of over $ 11.4M in live tournament prizes, Connor “blanconegro” Drinan won the $ 1,500 PLO8 tournament with 607 entries. In an interview after the victory, the 32-year-old poker pro modestly said that he was just playing his usual game and it worked out well.

This is Drinan’s second WSOP win. He won his previous bracelet in last year’s $ 10K WSOP Online at GGPOKEROK (+ $ 1,423,000).

Event # 5 Finalist Prizes: $ 1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better

A place Name Country Prize
1 Connor Drinan USA $ 163.3K
2 Travis Pearson USA $100,9K
3 Robert Mizrachi USA $71,6K
4 Sandy Sanchez USA $51,6K
5 Micah Brooks USA $37,7K
6 Carl Lijewski USA $28K
7 Kris Kwiatokowski USA $21,2K
8 Curtis Phelps USA $ 16.3K
9 Michael Moed USA $12,7K

Tyrell Cornell Wins Event # 6: $ 25K High Roller First Win In 13 Years

The WSOP High Roller event attracted 139 entrants. Representatives of four countries met at the final table. The best was 33-year-old San Diego poker pro Tyler Cornell.

I feel amazing. I went to this for a very long time, and finally won the tournament. True, until the last hour of the game I did not feel victory.

Tyler Cornell has been involved in live poker since 2008. During this time, he earned $ 920K, but never won. Cornell achieved his best career record during the 2020 WSOP Online, finishing in 8th in the Main Event. Despite winning, Cornell has no plans to roll the entire loadout. He will go home and return to Vegas for 4-5 tournaments.

Event # 6 Finalist Prizes: $ 25K High Roller

A place Name Country Prize
1 Tyler Cornell USA $ 833.3K
2 Michael Liang USA $515K
3 Adrian Mateos Spain $318,9K
4 Jonathan Jaffe USA $286,2K
5 Mustapha Kanit Italy $216,8K
6 Mohammad Arani USA $166,1K
7 Paul Newey Great Britain $128,7K
8 Adam Hendrix USA $100,8K

Yaswinder “Jesse” Lally Wins Event # 7: $ 1,500 Dealers Choice 6-Handed – First Time Playing Two Events

There were 307 entries in the 20-game tournament. Tournament winner Jesse Lally, 58, flew in from Vancouver. He works in the sales of alcoholic beverages. Happy in marriage for 37 years, father of two children: daughter 25, son 18. He got acquainted with poker in the 1990s: Stud was the first game.

In an interview after the match, he said that he had not played poker for 20 years, and played in Badacey and Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo for the first time. The future champion also had a moment when the stack dropped to 900 chips (from a starting point of 25,000).

Event # 7 Finalist Prizes: $ 1,500 Dealers Choice 6-Handed

A place Name Country Prize
1 Jaswinder Lally Canada $97,9K
2 Andrew “AJ” Kelsall USA $60,5K
3 Ray Henson USA $40K
4 Ian O’Hara USA $27,1K
5 Adam Kipnis USA $18,8K
6 Christopher Lindner USA $ 13.4K

Michael Perron won a $ 1,000 KO turbine – game lasted 16 hours

1,640 players participated in the one-day freezeout. Prior to this tournament, Michael Perron’s best result was sixth in the WPT Choctaw Main Event ($ 118K). In an interview, the champion said that winning a tournament at the WSOP is no match for playing at the WPT:

The game developed so rapidly that there was not even much time to think.

Michael Perron was not planning to play this tournament, but was going to play the $ 1,600 tournament at the Wynn. But a friend persuaded him to dive into this turbine.

Event # 7 Finalist Prizes: $ 1,500 Dealers Choice 6-Handed

A place Name Country Prize
1 Michael Perrone USA $152,2K
2 Pierre Calamusa France $94K
3 Jeremiah Fitzpatrick USA $69,5K
4 Scott Podolsky USA $51,8K
5 Paul Dhaliwal Canada $39K
6 John Moss USA $29.7K
7 Paul Jain USA $22,8K
8 Badr Imejjane USA $17,7K
9 Gabriel Ramos USA $13,9K

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