Malinovsky and Watson lost the most in cash in July 2021

Malinovsky and Watson lost the most in cash in July 2021

Let’s sum up the most expensive cash game on the Internet in July.

Disclaimer: we rely on data from the resource, which tracks NLHE hands in poker rooms. This review does not take into account the results of the game in PLO / PLO5 / Shortdeck and so on – a lot of such a game took place in July at GGPOKEROK, which we wrote about several times in our telegram channel. [1, 2, 3]

Rahul Birrazhu on horseback again

The player from India, whom we told you about in more detail in the June highstakes review, has again made a round sum of money. Despite the fact that we rather considered Rahul to be “the amateur with a bottomless bankroll,” he has been proving for the second month that he knows which buttons to push.

Rahul Byrraju has topped the NLHE’s Most Profitable Player Rankings in July. Please note that there are no players from PokerStars in the top 30 of the most positive and negative players – all expensive games of $ 10/20 and above have been transferred to GGPOKEROK and PokerKing.

Player Room Arms Won bb/100 EV bb/100
Rahul Birraju GGPOKEROK 2250 $262,987 46,4 39,6
aliveness PokerKing (WPN) 8566 $174,007 14,7 14,7
sebypoker999 PokerKing (WPN) 3755 $127,290 19,5 19,5
Burundos 254 PokerKing (WPN) 7821 $124,183 12,5 12,5
CWestmoreland PokerKing (WPN) 20548 $118,651 13,5 13,5
hehekafei GGPOKEROK 91 $117,440 120,7 113,8

All four players from the top 5 who played at PokerKing traditionally have no “home limit” – they roll everything from NL2K to NL40K ($ 200/400). The exception is CWestmoreland, he still mostly grind limits up to NL5K with an enviable win rate, so he made his way to the list of the best thanks to discipline and distance.

CWestmoreland player chart at stakes from NL2K to NL15K

But the opposite of this player was hehekafei, whom we added to our top rather as a bonus – a person entered 6-max at NL100K, won a stack there, plus a little more, and decided to “take profit”.

Victor Malinovsky and Mike Watson are the main sponsors of the month

The second negative month in a row for Viktor “Limitless” Malinowski – he played stakes from NL5K (minus 20 bb / 100) to NL100K, where he left the most. In total, in 6-Max games, Victor lost $ 346K in July, but was able to win back $ 87K in heads-ups.

Player Room Arms Lost bb/100 EV bb/100
Victor Malinovsky GGPOKEROK 8182 -$258,273 -15,2 -9,3
Cancel GGPOKEROK 315 -$189,944 -358,4 -301,7
Mike Watson GGPOKEROK 30 -$120,600 -402 -81,6
PilotedCrusher PokerKing (WPN) 3445 -$116,594 -23,8 -23,8
Roman Gerold GGPOKEROK 14102 -$110,737 -10,8 -7,5

Cancelo left a couple of stacks at NL20K, one at NL40K and a little bit at the limits NL200-NL5000. An exemplary sponsor.

Cancelo Adventures on GGPOKEROK

But the protagonist of the July anti-rating is, of course, Mike Watson (Michael Watson). An old school MTT player from Canada flew into 6-Max at NL100K, unsuccessfully placed himself in the first 30 hands and, apparently, left the table on tilt. This is evidenced by its EV bb / 100. It didn’t go wrong.

Mike Watson

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