Manig Loeser – Winner of the $ 600 Monster Stack at

Manig Loeser – Winner of the $ 600 Monster Stack at

For many years, the German hunted for a trophy – twice took second place and three times third in the tournaments of the World Series of Poker.

Finally, Manig Loser is a WSOP champion, only 11 years into this

Manig plays for the US WSOP site under the nickname “Ohio77” – today he has won a $ 600 Monster Stack ($ 104K in prize money). At the finals, he managed to quickly become a chip leader, after which he put constant pressure on his opponents.

The decisive hands passed in a couple of minutes. In 3-max, Loeser pulled out WompDatTHomp in effective stacks of 21 BBs, winning 66> A6s. It was very difficult to resist as the nut flush draw was placed on the flop. It turned out and formed a fairly deep HU with an effective depth of 40+ BB, but already in the second hand the guys decided to go for all the checkers. Mark Liedtke opened pocket sixes from the button and started a 4-bet push 42BB on the German player’s 3-bet, but he couldn’t beat Loser’s pocket queens. The final screenshot is in the title picture.

Today’s WSOP win is far from the biggest of Loser’s career. 2019 EPT Monte Carlo Main Event Champion ($ 678K)

And he received the largest prize for winning the Triton SHR 2017 tournament ($ 2.16M).

WSOP $ 600 Monster Stack Results

  • Manig “Ohio77” Loser (Germany) – $ 104,313
  • Mark “Nostradonkus” Liedtke (USA) – $ 64,460
  • WompDatTHomp (US) – $ 45,626
  • Damian “martillo1978” Alonso (USA) – $ 32,734
  • Jordin “ThLstCrdBndr” Miller (USA) – $ 23,766
  • Justin “LappyPoker” Paw (US) – $ 17,488
  • Craig “mrjanovich” Mason (USA) – $ 13,060
  • Julie “” Polatcheck (USA) – $ 9,865
  • Alexander “alexmdm” Bess (USA) – $ 7,567

Löser modestly noted the winnings with a glass of champagne and posted this moment on your instagram

And I wrote succinctly in the commentary to the post:

World Series of Poker Champion!! Only took me 11 years to get the bracelet  worldpokertour next!

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