Mararthur1 became the champion of the European Poker Tour Sochi 2021

Mararthur1 became the champion of the European Poker Tour Sochi 2021

Exactly one month ago, top reg from Russia Artur Martirosyan won his first tournament at WPT Sochi. Today, the poker player is celebrating a bigger victory as he joined the elite EPT Champions Club. We will talk about this and other events of the series in the full article.

Mararthur1 wins first EPT Cup

Arthur Martirosyan (Artur Martirosyan) received a title to match his skills, and even the largest offline prize. As a reminder, before Arthur the EPT Sochi Champion title was received by:

In 2021, the organizers did not invent anything with the schedule, buy-ins and formats – the series was almost a complete copy of the previous year. The main event still cost ₽175,000 and collected 852 entries this time, which is an excellent result. (considering the deplorable state of offline poker during the coronavirus period)… Recall that the record turnout in the EPT Sochi Main Event was in 2018, when Karmatsky won – then they collected 861 entries.

The main event of 2021 had three entry days, late registration was open before the start of Day 2. Entry statistics are as follows:

  • Day 1A collected 308 entries
  • Day 1B – 365
  • Day 1C – 141

On the second day, 304 participants passed, of which only 127 could leave with prizes. The bubble stage within the walls of Casino Sochi turned out to be protracted – the levels were 90 minutes long. As a result, Vladimir Demenkov was destined to take off. The player from the Russian Federation put 6 bb all-in preflop with kings and lost Q9 – queens came on the flop and river. What is happening can be assessed in the reportage of Roman Paksyutkin.

The final 8-handed table was formed by the fifth game day. Among the participants, in addition to Martirosyan, there were several regulars from Casino Sochi: Roman Gadzhiev, Yuri Brechalov and Anton Smirnov. By the way, the latter was lucky enough to survive the bubble at the end of the second gaming day with one 1000 chip.

The final chip leader was originally Vladislav Naumov. Martirosyan started one of the shortest, but quickly doubled and got a working stack. The fight was for the first prize of ₽24.6 million.

It so happened that it was Naumov who became Martirosyan’s opponent in heads-up for the championship. They started with 14.5 million stacks against 11 million in favor of Arthur. The skating rink went on for almost three hours, and mararthur1 systematically took most of the banks. Last Hand AHearts 9Hearts > ABaptize 6Peakswere exposed preflop.

EPT Sochi Finalists Payouts 2021 Main Event

  1. Artur Martirosyan – ₽24,633,000
  2. Vladislav Naumov – ₽14,957,600
  3. Mukhtar Taizi – ,510,551,800
  4. Fanis Khafizov – ,97,914,200
  5. Yuri Brechanov – ₽6,237,000
  6. Anton Smirnov – ₽4,669,000
  7. Vladimir Bozhinovich – ,23,283,000
  8. Roman Gadzhiev – ₽2,307,900

Let’s be glad not only for Arthur, but also for his opponent. Vladislav also made the final table at the EPT Sochi Main Event 2020 last year, but finished in sixth place (₽3.9M). This year he improved his result by ₽11M.

AT interview for Roman Paksyutkin, Arthur briefly said that not a single opponent at the final table created any special problems for him, and from the moment of heads-up he was sure that he would win. It’s all about the huge experience of playing the final tables with the winner, especially against the background of the rest of the participants.

Artur Martirosyan made 5 entries for $ 175,000 to the Main Event

Thanks to this victory, the total number of prize money for Arthur Martirosyan in live tournaments exceeded $ 1.1M.

EPT National submitted to Egor Turubanov

The most affordable “major” of the last EPT for $ 1100 obeyed the regular who made three entries. This year, the traditional tournament that opens the series has collected 559 entries in three starting flights. Their huge plus is that each of them was played before ITM.

Egor reached the final 8-max with an excellent 3.1M stack, while chip leader Anton Smirnov had four million.

It’s funny that two foreigners among Russians from the 9-max stage were knocked out by the future winner. First, François Najjar presented Egor with his 22 bb stack in AK> AT. Then the guest from Serbia Vladimir Bozhinovic finished the game in 8th place, he got cooler KK> QQ.

When there were three left in the tournament, an ICM deal was made, and $ 21,700 and the champion’s cup were left for the final match. It took two and a half hours for Vyacheslav Balaev to take off in third place, after which Yegor Turubanov and Anton Smirnov left for a break. Half an hour later, they decided to make another deal, leaving $ 11K and the cup to finish the game.

It should be noted that this is already Yegor’s second major achievement within the walls of Casino Sochi. In 2020, he finished fifth in the EPT Sochi Main Event.

EPT Sochi 2021 National Finalists Payouts

  1. Egor Turubanov – $ 83,100
  2. Anton Smirnov – $ 75,600
  3. Vyacheslav Balayev – $ 58,750
  4. Alexander Mayorov – $ 36,250
  5. Nikita Kuznetsov – $ 28,550
  6. Alexander Shkudov – $ 22,350
  7. Sergey Albitsky – $ 16,550
  8. Vladimir Bozhinovich – $ 11,350

Enlight wins the high roller tournament

EPT Sochi 2021’s only high roller event gathered a record 105 entries and lasted three days. The buy-in was ₽371,000 (or roughly $ 4,900) and the total prize money was ₽35.6M.

Several well-known regulars from the Russian-speaking community got to the 8-max final: Gia Shulukhia (SHR SPF Grand Final champion), Andrey “drupa-lucker” Chernokoz, Vahe Martirosyan, Victor “Enlight” Kudinov (Skylimite cash regular) and Yegor Turubanov (champion EPT National, if you forgot).

We played for about 7 hours, of which almost an hour was spent on heads-up between Gia and Victor. Left alone, the players divided by ICM, and Gia got a little more. They left $ 4000 and the cup to finish the match, Kudinov won.

There are no particular emotions. It’s nice to win the cup. There is no mandrage, a little tired. […]

First of all, a trip to Sochi is communication with friends, and in the second it is a skating rink. […]

And of course, I really wanted to win the cup, I really like its design. Overall, the EPT is a decent streak, so I wanted to get the cup from here.

Payouts to EPT Sochi 2021 High Roller Finalists

  1. Victor Kudinov – ₽7,434,700
  2. Georgy Shulukhia – ₽8,054,200
  3. Vahe Martirosyan – ₽4,134,900
  4. Evgeniy Starinkov – ₽3,350,900
  5. Anatoly Stolkovsky – ₽2,691,500
  6. Andrey Chernokoz – ₽2,103,500
  7. Egor Turubanov – ₽1,657,000
  8. Alexander Tomovich – ₽1,265,000

Lydia Belyaeva issued a $ 1,100 NLHE Best-Cash

Another Sochi regular, Lidia Belyaeva, distinguished herself in the first Starzovsky series in 2021. The girl won $ 40,470 for first place in $ 1100 NLHE Event # 17, which collected 249 entries. According to her, this is the largest prize in a long-term career.

Lydia reached the final as a chip leader, but then she stopped developing – she lost a lot of chips, the cards did not come in. Fortunately that “Two chip leaders hacked to death”, and the pagejumps were overridden by themselves. Then Lydia managed to unwind and reach the heads-up, where she shared with Yusif Mehdiyev.

Among the $ 1,100 NLHE finalists were Russian poker stars Alexander Denisov and Maxim Lykov, who took 4th and 5th places, respectively.

Payout to Finalists # 17 $ 1100 NLHE

  1. Lydia Belyaeva – $ 40,470 *
  2. Yusif Mehdiev – $ 45,000 *
  3. Anton Roshchin – $ 24,250
  4. Alexander Denisov – $ 19,650
  5. Maxim Lykov – $ 15,550
  6. Vadim Gabriel – $ 11,810
  7. Timur Khamidullin – $ 8620
  8. Mikhail Zavoloka – $ 6300

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