Mararthur1 wins $ 1.4M in the $ 100K Super High Roller Bowl

Mararthur1 wins $ 1.4M in the $ 100K Super High Roller Bowl

Less than a week has passed since our first roundup of SHRB events in Cyprus, and once again we have a lot to share about the most expensive series of the year. In this episode, we will finally talk about the successes of our players.

Santi Zhang wins on third try

Santi Zhang (Santi Jiang) is also known as He Jiang Xia – we literally know about him that he plays expensive cash at Triton Poker events and already won a short deck event at partypoker MILLIONS Sochi in March 2020.

At the Cypriot Super High Roller Bowl, Santi made it to the finals in three of the five tournaments played – the long-awaited victory came on the third try in a $ 100K short deck event. In heads-up, he defeated American Seth Davis, which we’ll talk about at the end of the article.

Santi Zhang

SHRB Europe # 05 Finalists Payout: $ 100K Short Deck

  1. Santi Jiang – $ 756K
  2. Seth Davies – $ 504K
  3. Timofey Kuznetsov – $ 336K
  4. Paul Phua – $ 231K
  5. Ivan Leow – $ 168K
  6. Chris Brewer – $ 105K

The best cash in Arthur Martirosyan’s career (+ bonus)

The sixth SHRB event for $ 100K attracted 35 entries, and one of the best tournament players from the Russian Federation won – the prize for the first place was $ 1,400,000. Up to this point, Martirosyan had only $ 1.3M in prize money in offline tournaments. In his telegram blog, he wrote:

Thank you all for the congratulations) I tried to show the A-game, I think I succeeded, XY was beautiful and interesting!

On the final day, Mararthur1 moved with a 100bb chip lead, and started heads-up against David Peters 7-to-1. The opponent doubled up three times and even went ahead on the stack, which brought intrigue.

Final table

SHRB Europe # 06 Finalist Payout: $ 100K NLHE

  1. Artur Martirosian – $ 1.4M
  2. David Peters – $ 910K
  3. Johan Guilbert – $ 560K
  4. Selahaddin Bedir – $ 385K
  5. Viacheslav Buldygin – $ 245K

Literally two days after the biggest drift in his career, Arthur won $ 10K Super MILLION $ for the second time in the regular Sunday week – the prize for the first was $ 325K. Thanks to this, his prize money only on GGPOKEROK approached $ 16.8M. For the final hand of Martirosyan’s heads-up versus Samuel Woosden, see our telegram channels Pokeroffru.

Do you think Arthur finished the $ 10K tournament from his phone?

Tony G.’s take in shortdeck

In the first SHRB Europe review, we paid a lot of attention to the “old school” and in particular Tony G, who won the $ 25K Short Deck event. And so the Lithuanian again leaked into our review by hook or by crook – this time he won the shortdeck tournament for $ 100K.

To get the biggest prize in his career, $ 1.17M, Tony G. had to not only beat Paul Phua in heads-up, but also move him AKs> AA as much as possible through the mud (the river reached a flush of clubs).

He naturally apologized to his opponent for what had happened:

Sorry, this is something incredible! Guys, what were my chances? I am the best! More precisely, the luckiest one. It’s just the worst badbeat I’ve seen in my life

SHRB Europe # 07 Finalists Payout: $ 100K Short Deck

  1. Tony G – $ 1.17M
  2. Paul Phua – $ 728K
  3. Danny Tang – $ 416K
  4. Santi Jiang – $ 260K

Tony G

Seth Davis kicks off after Zhang’s defeat

The most modest $ 50,000 tournament in terms of turnout – only 14 players came and made 5 re-entries. Not surprisingly, the streak is nearing completion, and many of the participants have already kicked out of the Main Event for $ 250K and headed home.

Among the participants in the $ 50K NLHE tournament were Cary Katz, Phil Ivey, Christoph Vogelsang. American won Seth Davis, who lost to Santi Zhang in the heads-up of the fifth shortdeck tournament. This time, hitting the fourth final table of the series, the high roller from the USA coped with the main task. Unfortunately, we do not know how the game went – there was no video or text broadcast from the tournament.

SHRB # 08 Finalist Payout: $ 50,000 NLHE

  1. Seth Davies – $ 435K
  2. Jake Schindler – $ 362K
  3. Nikita Badziakouski – $ 152K

Seth Davies

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