Mario Mosböck – how an Austrian athlete left football for poker

Mario Mosböck – how an Austrian athlete left football for poker

The poker community knows a lot of cases when representatives of other sports gave up their careers to play cards. This usually happens after they manage to achieve success in their chosen business and reach the point where they begin to want something new. But sometimes athletes come to the professional poker game much earlier than one would expect: this is exactly what happened to the hero of our today’s article – the Austrian footballer Mario “livinmydream1” Mosböck, also known as “Mosi”.

Mario has been playing football since 2003 – when he was 7 years old, he became a graduate of FC Ratzersdorf (Ratzersdorf). In 2006, the guy moved to FC St. Pölten ”(St. Pölten), where he spent three years, and then entered the sports academy of the same name. From there in 2014 he returned to FC St. Pölten ”- initially Mario played for the second team of the third regional league, but already in the 19th round of the 2014/15 season he made his debut in the first team of the second top Austrian division in the match against FC Horn (Horn).

In the 2015/16 season, he moved to the Austrian Bundesliga, where he was used only twice – one in each of the next two seasons.

Mario Mosbeck during a Bundesliga game.

In August 2017 Mosbeck moved to the second division club Wiener Neustadt (Wiener Neustadt), where he played twice in the 2017/18 season.

From 2015 to the end of 2017, its value on the football market rose from € 50K to € 100K, but then dropped slightly – to € 75K. Mario had every chance of becoming a sought-after player with a high price, if in the last months of 2017 he did not realize that his career as a football player had lost its former attractiveness and left the club. Mosbeck explained the solution as follows:

At the academy, the biggest goal is to become a professional footballer. If you achieve this, everything will be great and fun. But here’s the thing: even when I began to achieve certain success, I was not really happy.

When you are a footballer, you have the illusion that you are working towards goals that are mostly related to some kind of success – you want to achieve mastery, advance in leagues, then get into the Bundesliga.

For a while, I thought to myself that if I play in a higher league, it will be a success – and I will love it, if I score enough goals – it will also be a success, and it will give me pleasure. I made the mistake of focusing on these things because they didn’t make me happy. When you strive so hard to achieve a goal, and then you succeed, the first thought is: “So what now?” This is very sobering.

When Mario left the club, he did not know what he really wanted to do, what to choose as his life’s work, so he went on a trip around the world. In 2018 alone, Mosbeck visited the United States, Cyprus, Spain, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Croatia, the Bahamas and Costa Rica, some of which he visited several times.

Mosbeck with his sweetheart in Vietnam.

It is noteworthy that during these trips, Mario not only played poker in each of the countries visited, where it was possible, but also joined the ranks of FC Hofstetten-Grünau (Hofstetten-Grünau), where he has not yet played a single match …

Mario’s Poker Career: A Successful Match of Interest and Skills

Having been familiar with poker from his youth, Mosbeck didn’t take it seriously until 2018. However, on his journey around the world, Mario discovered the game from a new angle:

What I love the most about poker is that it brings a cool new experience while also having a sporty character. When you participate in a tournament, you always get results. You can get better, you can exercise, and it will produce noticeable results.

It is the ability to regularly see the fruits of their efforts that has become the basis of a strong relationship between Mario and poker. Only in live tournaments from 2018 to 2020, the footballer showed the following results:

  • 2018 – 15 ITMs, including 5 finals, with a total prize money of $ 266,607;
  • 2019 – 12 ITMs, including 2 finals, with a total prize of $ 221,191;
  • 2020 – due to the pandemic there was only 1 ITM – 5th place in the Deep Freeze Aussie Millions Poker Championship with a prize payout of $ 24,572.

At the same time, he has not yet won a single live tournament, but he distinguished himself online – from April 2018 to May 3, 2021 Mario played:

  • According to PokerProLabs: 2,234 tournaments on PokerStars under the nickname “livinmydream1”, of which he won 9, including the $ 1,050 Main Event SCOOP 2021, winning the title and prize money of $ 838,908. The exact profit of Mario is unknown here, the total amount of his prize money is $ 1,279,726.
  • According to SharkScope: 1,615 tournaments at GGPOKEROK under real name. On May 3, he won the WSOPC ring here in the $ 400 Double Stack Million event for $ 129K. Notably, with an ABI of $ 429, he has a profit of only $ 2,341, with a total of over $ 1M in buy-ins.

While playing poker, Mario took part in the creation of Pokercode together with his close friend Fyodor Holtz – at the time of the article’s publication, the former footballer is a coach and is the head of Grindhouse. He also teamed up with Holz and Mariella Taner to create Fly First For Less, a travel agency that helps people save on first class flights.

Fedor Holtz and Mario Mosbeck.

How Mario plans to develop further in poker and football is still unknown. According to tracker sites, Pokercode’s Twitter and Mosbyck’s Instagram, he spends most of his time playing online poker in the spring of 2021 and is not traveling yet. Apparently, he continues to live in Austria, which he adores:

The more I saw the world, the more I appreciate what we have in Austria. There is no country more beautiful than it. There may be beautiful beaches or countryside elsewhere, but they do not improve the quality of life. So I think right now all the best is right here.

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