Martirosyan wins $ 5,200 SCOOP Afterparty Main Event

Martirosyan wins $ 5,200 SCOOP Afterparty Main Event

One of the strongest Russian regulars caught a successful segment in the tournaments. Artur Martirosyan has won over $ 300K on PokerStars and GGPOKEROK over the past few days.

Nice start at the WSOP-C and second place in the $ 5,250 High Roller

The first week of the May WSOP Circuit at GGPOKEROK went well for Arthur: he managed to score $ 5K High Rollers in the WSOPC event (4th place, $ 82K), and also won three side events.

  • 3 мая — WSOPC $1500 Deepstack Special, $23,6K
  • 4 мая — WSOPC $1500 Deepstack Special, $24,5K
  • 4 мая — WSOPC $840 Bounty Warmup, $19,4K

The other day, he shared another dipran in the high roller side event of the WSOPC $ 5,250 Bounty Hunters SHR – in which the Russian made three entries and took second place, losing to the Austrian Marius Girs (Marius Gierse).

Winning the SCOOP Afterparty Main Event after a deal with Nikita Bodyakovsky

Throughout the first half of May, a series of tournaments with the self-explanatory name SCOOP Afterparty was held at PokerStars – additional events after the main spring series of the room with a $ 100M guarantee. Yesterday, May 18, Main Event 52-H $ 5200 NLHE was completed with a buy-in of $ 5200 and a guarantee of $ 1.5M.

The three-day tournament had 327 entries and a prize pool of $ 1.63M. The final day, when 9 players remained in the game, Arthur Martirosyan started as a chip leader, and by a wide margin (222 bb). The closest pursuer was a high roller from Belarus Nikita “fish2013” Bodyakovsky (114 bb).

The final table game lasted four hours, with the top two stacked players in the bottom two, even though there were a number of world-famous stars like Daniel “Oxota” Dvoress and Jonathan “apestyles” Van Fleet among the opponents.

Martirosyan held the chip lead until the 4-max stage, but then gave a third of the stack to Bodyakovsky, making an unsuccessful bluff.

Arthur and Nikita reached heads-up with 28M against 58M, respectively, and the Belarusian immediately asked “Do you want to play?” – the Russian did not refuse the deal and therefore they divided it roughly equally, leaving $ 15K for the final game.

Heads-up was played for exactly half an hour, and at the tenth minute the decisive distribution occurred.

The blinds are 200 / 400K, Arthur has 71 bb, Nikita has 127 bb.

mararthur1 opened by QDrums QHearts from the button, Nikita defended KBaptize 9Drums in the big blind.

Flop: 3Drums 5Peaks 9Baptize – fish2013 checks, Arthur bets 5 bb, fish2013 raises to 12 bb, Arthur raises to 22 bb, calls

Turn: 8Hearts – the pot is 55 bb, Nikita checks, Arthur shoves 49 bb, gets called and doubles.

After doubling, mararthur1 left no chances for the opponent and finished it off in 15 minutes.

Payouts to SCOOP Afterparty Finalists $ 5,200 Main Event

Name Flag Pay
Arthur “mararthur1” Martirosyan Russia $ 265K
Nikita “fish2013” Bodyakovsky Belarus $ 267K
«Urwijn69» Netherlands $172K
Dante «dantegoyaF» Goya Brazil $130K
Diego «Die Ventura» Ventura Peru $ 98K
«mrG01R4NG» Malta $ 74K
Jonathan “apestyles” Van Fleet Canada $56K
Daniel “Oxota” Dvoress Canada $42K
Ярго «bungakat» Алавяли Estonia $ 33K

“I absolutely don’t care about the result”

An experienced reader knows that the news of someone’s drifts in multi-table tournaments should be taken with a grain of salt, because the six- or seven-figure prize money can hide no less spending on buy-ins. Of course, luck decides a lot, but another important factor is the ability to cope with unsuccessful segments.

This also applies to Arthur “mararthur1” Martirosyan. Despite the seemingly abundance of victories, he experienced a small downstream. In his telegrams he told how he dealt with it. Over the past couple of years, the poker player has been playing events with buy-ins of $ 10K / $ 25K / $ 50K on a regular basis, and has long considered tournaments below $ 5000 a “cheap game”.

Arthur recently wrote that he survives negative coils of variance with ease, focusing on improving the game, working in solver and psychology.

I feel that I am getting better every day, the game does not stand still and those who do not move with it begin to lag behind, it is necessary to work on the game at any time, the downstream or upstream is not important, each of us has a lot of gaps and a lot of everything to improve their game, and those who use it all to the maximum become really strong players

Previously, I did not devote much time to this, but I realized that I had lost a lot, despite the average lousy wounds, now I have absolutely no difference in the result that was formed due to the negative round of variance, the focus is only on getting better, doing my own the game is better

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