May The Venom and changes in the PokerKing client

May The Venom and changes in the PokerKing client

Satellites to the largest tournament of the Winning Poker network – The Venom, which will be held in May, have started on PokerKing. At the same time, the room has been updated, making the game safer and more enjoyable for players. You will find all the most important information in our article.

How has PokerKing improved its client?

In an effort to make the gaming process for their players as comfortable as possible, the Winning Poker network and the PokerKing room, in particular, carry out updates every month. So, in 2021, the most important changes were:

Introducing Run it Twice for cash and MTT

Although it may seem surprising, in the 2020s, not all rooms have the ability to lay out more than one board. At the same time, if Run it Once, Twice or Three Times for cash can be found in most clients, MTT until March 2021 remained everywhere with only one board.

And so the network decided to break the pattern and introduce RIT for cash and MTT at once. Now, in order to be able to select the number of board layouts, players need to enable the function by going to Settings -> Playing Tools -> Run It Twice.

The choice of RIT during the game appears if all participants in the distribution have it enabled in the settings. If this condition is met, then during the game it will be like this: one player goes all-in, the second chooses RIT, the first agrees and only then the board is laid out twice.

Hiding lobbies and nicknames of players in the cache

To combat bumhunters, PokerKing changed two things at once for cash tables in the room: it hid data about people at the table and in the queue and made it impossible to see the nicknames and stacks of players when watching the game before the big blind was posted.

Previously, you could see the list of people at the table and in the waiting list in the lobby to the right of the table list when you clicked on the limit of interest. Now, instead of the list, the room displays information about the current promotion or the series currently running. For example, the screenshot below contains the announcement of The High Five – a series for representatives of the “420” subculture.

The emergence and expansion of hotkeys functionality

For those who multitable or are engaged in other things in parallel with the gaming session, the room has added 18 positions for hot keys.

The basic ones are Fold (F1), Check / Call (F2) and Bet / Raise (F3). The rest of the actions, including separately for Blitz Poker (analogous to ZOOM), can be put on the keys, the right mouse button and the wheel, that are convenient for the player. However, for now, you cannot use the left mouse button and the numeric keypad (Numpad) for hotkeys.

You can find the hotkey setting in Settings -> Playing Tools -> Hotkeys.

Improvement of the filter system and design

There were many small changes in this direction, but they made the room more attractive.

First, the lobby filter system has been improved. Players can select several sorting options – the top line contains the type (No Limit, Fixed Limit, Pot Limit, Venom, Satellite and others), and the bottom line contains the limit / buy-in (play money, micro, low, medium, high) …

Secondly, there is a new design for the buttons and deck. For those who love beautiful design, the developers of PokerKing have added 8 options for action buttons, six new deck styles in three color schemes (two, four and full color) and new backgrounds for individual tables. You can find them in Settings -> Table Design.

The Venom Schedule: Format Change

From April 30 to May 12, PokerKing will host the next The Venom – this time with a $ 3M less guarantee than in January-February. The upcoming tournament will take place in three gaming days.

$2,650 The Venom PKO $5M Gtd

  • Four days starting on April 30 and May 2, 7 and 9 at 20:00 Moscow time.
  • Starting stack – 300K chips (187.5 BB).
  • Late registration – 18 levels, 20 minutes each.
  • Unlimited re-entry.
  • Rebaev and add-it is not.
  • The duration of Day 1 is 28 levels. All surviving players with accumulated stacks go to Day 2.
  • Day 2 starts on May 10 at 20:00 Moscow time.
  • The duration of Day 2 is 8 hours.
  • Day 3 starts on May 11 at 20:00 Moscow time.
  • Duration of Day 3 – until the final table of 8 people is formed.
  • The final table will start playing on the night of May 12 – May 13 at 00:00 UTC.

If a player passes in Day 2 of several Day 1, then he will play with the largest stack, and the received bounties are accumulated.

Satellites in The Venom

There are three types of satellites to qualify for on entry days:

VenomPKO Fever – Direct satellites for $ 32, $ 55, $ 95, $ 109, $ 215, $ 207.50, $ 290, $ 630 and $ 880 – they have been running since April 9 and are guaranteed from 1 to 5 tickets for $ 2,650.

VenomPKO Blitz Step – a ladder of nine MTT satellites with buy-ins from $ 0.11 to $ 890. You can enter each step-sat directly and from there get to the next step. The Venom PKO ticket is only raffled at Step 9.

The VenomPKO Step On Demand – ladder from Sit & Go, with the same buy-ins. what Blitz Step has. Here you can also enter any “step” and from there get to the next one, but the ticket to The Venom is raffled off only at Step 9.

Step satellites can be accessed through The VenomPKO Skip:

  • $ 0.25 Skip 1 – 2 tickets guarantee in Step 3.
  • $ 1.40 Skip 2 – 2 tickets guaranteed to Step 5.
  • $ 12 Skip 3 – Guaranteed 2 Step 7 tickets.
  • $ 95 Skip 4 – guaranteed 2 tickets to Step 9.

The satellites start every day, so you can start the selection path now.

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