Michael Lek told how his account was blocked on the Winning Poker Network

Michael Lek told how his account was blocked on the Winning Poker Network

Professional poker player from Arkansas (USA) Michael Lek lost his WPN account and is outraged that the security service does not even give a reason. The player took to Twitter to publicly call the network to account.

“Write to the security service”

In early May, American Michael Lech, like many other regulars from the USA, went to play The Venom with a $ 5M guarantee on the WPN network, but he could not do it – all his accounts were blocked (on WPN you can play in different rooms under different nicknames). He received a letter in the mail with the following content:

Please be informed that by the decision of senior management, your accounts have been closed. Please contact us at a convenient time to agree on a date when we can temporarily open your accounts so that you can withdraw funds from everyone. After that, they will be closed.

You are prohibited from creating other accounts on the Winning network. If found, they will be closed and the funds confiscated.

The security service did not respond to Michael’s letters and did not disclose the reasons for the blockage. Even on Twitter, the company’s official position is as follows:

We’re sorry you weren’t able to play in The Venom. In accordance with our user agreement, WPN has the right to close any account that violates the rules. You can read the 10th point about the termination of services.

Head of Large Showcase WPN Americas Cardroom Phil Nagy (Phil Nagy) confirmed that the poker network will not publicly disclose the reasons, but that it should be dealt with directly with security.

Michael wrote to the Security Council again and finally received an answer with a slight trolling:

Your account has violated one of the security standards. Due to the privacy policy, we cannot name it. The decision was made by senior management, and their identity is also not subject to disclosure. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

We also invite you to take part in the next The Venom with a $ 1,000,000 first prize. Read more at the link

Thus, it can be said that WPN has exercised its right to block any user without giving any reason. Twitter users were both shocked and wary at the same time. Many asked Michael follow-up questions, which he did not answer.

  • Did Michael accidentally run WPN windows at the same time?
  • Didn’t you collect hand history from different storefronts into one base for playing with auxiliary programs like Holdem Manager?

But there is another version of why the hero was banned, even though she is slightly wild …

Is Vanessa Cade involved and what does women’s revenge have to do with it?

Why on earth could the girl who recently won the Sunday Million and become the new ACR Ambassador be involved? A little history is required here.

Michael Lek and Vaness Kade were previously a couple. It is not known when they started dating, but this is not relevant – at the time of the lockdown around the world in 2020, Michael and Vanessa were living together and grinding WSOP Online tournaments in the summer. In July, Lek won his first WSOP gold bracelet.

Michael Lek on winning the WSOP: “I was a little drunk when I reached the finals”

After some time, the couple, for unknown reasons, lived separately – after winning the Sunday Million, Vanessa launched a stream, where, among other things, she mentioned that “Misses loved ones while she is forced to live alone in Canada.”

Michael Leck and Vanessa Cade

As it turned out, the couple parted ways, and the near complete lack of details prompted some Twitter users to speculate that Cade took revenge on the ex… The poker player immediately stated that she was not related to the case, and Michael himself also said that he did not believe in the malicious intent of any of the WPN ambassadors.

True, the situation does not become less cloudy from this, since Michael Lek is a fairly well-known regular in the English-speaking community, and many colleagues in the shop speak of him extremely positively.

Are there skeletons in Michael Lek’s closet and should security reveal the reason for the lock? Maybe not publicly, but at least personally to the player. Write your opinion in the comments.

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