New $ 10M Guaranteed Venom Tournament on WPN

New $ 10M Guaranteed Venom Tournament on WPN

Winning Poker Network will once again host The Venom – this time the guarantee will be $ 10,000.00, which will be a new record. Read more about the tournament and satellites in today’s article on Pokeroff.

The Venom $ 10M GTD Quick Reference

  • Date: from 23 July to 4 August
  • Bay-in $ 2650
  • $ 10,000,000 guarantee
  • Unlimited re-entries
  • Starting stack 187.5 BB
  • Levels of 20 minutes
  • Late registration 18 levels

The multi-day tournament will have four starting flights, this time not in PKO format. They will last 28 levels, then all survivors will move with their accumulated stacks to Day 2.

In total, 4 The Venom events took place in the history of PokerKing, after which five players became millionaires. This time, there will be two millionaires at once – WPN guarantees that the payments for the first and second place will be at least $ 1,000,000. Up to this point, The Venom’s largest guarantee has been $ 8M.


  • Day 1A – July 23, 08:00 UTC
  • Day 1B – July 25, 08:00 UTC
  • Day 1C – July 30, 20:00 UTC
  • Day 1D – August 1, 08:00 UTC
  • Day 2 – August 2, 20:00 GMT (game will last about 11 hours)
  • Day 3 – August 3, 20:00 GMT (game will continue until the final table is formed)
  • Day 4 – August 4th, 11:59 p.m. EDT (final table)

How to play The Venom for free

Over the next three weeks, half of the PokerKing tournament lobby will be inundated with satellites at The Venom. The ways to qualify for the $ 2,650 tournament are a carriage and a small cart. And if you’ve played The Venom before, then all the methods are already familiar to you.

Venom Blitz Cyclones Steps – special tournaments in the Blitz Poker format (fast poker). Your goal in them is to get 5000 chips and go to the next level (there are 9 of them). You can start from any level, the cost of the first is $ 0.11, and the last one is $ 880. If you pass the ninth level, you will receive a ticket for $ 2650. In the lobby you can find freerolls for steps 1 to 5.

Venom On Demand Steps – a similar ladder of 9 levels, but in the format of classic On Demand tournaments. Starting July 19, freerolls with tickets to the first level at $ 0.11 will begin at PokerKing.

Venom On Demand Skips refers to the last ladder, but consists of five steps instead of nine.

Venom Fever – promotional mega satellites, where you can get either directly or through steps / skips / cyclones / special sats. They are already giving away direct tickets to the target tournament. According to WPN, the total guarantee will be 886 tickets at $ 2,650.

The closest satellite VenomFever MEGA will be held on the night of June 30 to July 1, at 01:00 Moscow time

Updating software at PokerKing

Before the large-scale tournament, the poker room managed to update the game client. Update list:

Inherited bankroll – the ability to transfer money from your account to a third party in the event of a sudden death.

New sounds when you win the pot or open a new Blitz table (fast poker). Also, when a jackpot is dropped in special Sit & Go tournaments, the sound will play even if the table is minimized.

Blitz Poker – there was an option to disable animations. Buy-in size will be saved when opening a new table (automatically filled in the dialog box)

Multi-day tournaments – if the player passes in Day 2, then he loses the opportunity to play in other starting flights

Additional security measures will be applied to users who are found to have prohibited programs while playing

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