Neymar Jr’s Chip Chase and Neymar Jr’s Chip Chase – terms of new promotions on …

Neymar Jr’s Chip Chase and Neymar Jr’s Chip Chase – terms of new promotions on …

From April 14th to May 7th, there are two promotions on PokerStars: Neymar Chip Run and Neymar Gold Chip. Anyone can take part in them. We will tell you about the conditions of the promotions and what prizes you can win.

Important! To participate in both promotions, you need to enter the “Tasks” tab and press “Start” for two missions separately.

Neymar Gold Chip with $ 850K Prize Pool: Promotion Terms

From April 14 to April 23, the first part of the Neymar Jr’s Golden Chip promotion takes place. To receive a gift, you need to play at least one distribution of money. Each of the chests has a fixed prize: a ticket to the Golden Chip Freeroll, as well as a cash prize depending on the level of the chest (except for the blue chest, there is no money in it).

  • Bronze Chest – $ 1.50
  • Silver Chest – $ 3
  • Gold Chest – $ 15
  • Diamond Chest – $ 30
  • Black Chest – $ 80

Also in any chest you can find a gold chip. The probability that you will get the chip is 0.06%. Gold token gives access to a unique chest Neymar Jr X PokerStars giftbox… It contains an exclusive merch signed by Neymar himself, as well as a VIP offer from the room. What – the room knows him.

Neymar Jr’s Golden Chip Freeroll tournaments start every day until April 23 at 22:02 UTC. The freerolls have added $ 12.5K and $ 100K prize pools (these will take place on April 16 and 23) in the form of SCOOP tickets. Final prizes will be announced upon completion of registration for each tournament.

Chasing $ 1M Chips with Neymar: Promotion Terms

This promotion will run through May 7th. The bottom line is to play for real money (no matter, cash, MTT, Spins or SNG) and get chests. Each chest will contain a token. The chip has 1 to 4 steps. You toss a chip, knock out the number of steps – you move towards the main chest.

The field consists of 41 sectors. You get to the sector with the ball, you win an instant prize. The amount of the prize depends on your personal status. The probability of falling out is 80% for a smaller prize and 20% for a larger one (indicated in brackets):

  • Blue Chest – $ 1 ($ 5)
  • Bronze Chest – $ 2 ($ 10)
  • Silver Chest – $ 5 ($ 20)
  • Gold Chest – $ 15 ($ 60)
  • Diamond Chest – $ 40 ($ 150)
  • Black Chest – $ 100 ($ 400)

Well, if you get to cell 41, you can win a special prize of up to $ 20,000 (you don’t need to stand on cell 42). The size of the prize depends on your personal status:

84,9% 15% 0,1%
Blue $2 $10 $250
Bronze $4 $20 $500
Silver $10 $40 $1,000
Gold $30 $120 $5,000
Diamond $80 $300 $15,000
The black $200 $800 $20,000

Chests must be opened within 7 days of receipt.

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