Participants in the final of the WSOP Online Main Event at GGPOKEROK

Participants in the final of the WSOP Online Main Event at GGPOKEROK

Two players from Russia are vying for the title of champion of the Main Event of the online version of the WSOP 2021. Let’s take a look at who Nikita Kuznetsov and Alexei Vandyshev will play against.

Who will fight for the champion title

On the night of September 5, Day 2 of the largest tournament of 2021 began, where 720 survivors moved to after 27 starting flights.

The game day lasted over 10 hours. By about 11 am on September 6, we found out the names of the contenders for the $ 2.5M main prize – among them are quite famous regulars under the Russian flag. The game will continue on September 11 at 20:00 Moscow time live on the YouTube and Twitch channels of the poker room.

According to the GGPOKER rules, the tournament blinds will roll back to 300 / 600K and ante of 75K to increase the average stack to 40 bb.

Chip account:

  1. Edson Tsutsumi Jr – 100.7 bb
  2. Aleksei Vandyshev – 90.4 bb
  3. Joe “assisup4rent” Serok (Joe Serock) – 75.9 bb
  4. Vспен «COVFEFE-19» (остад (Espen Jorstad) – 32.6 bb
  5. Christina Do Yunaa – 26.5 bb
  6. Nikita “Ebaaa11” Kuznetsov (Nikita Kuznetsov) – 22.4 bb
  7. Dawid Smolka – 21.9 bb
  8. Renan “legal” Meneguetti (Renan Meneguetti) – 21 bb
  9. Dimitrios Farmakoulis – 15.1 bb

WSOP Online Main Event Prize Payouts:

  • 1st place – $ 2,543,072
  • 2nd place – $ 1,907,034
  • 3rd place – $ 1,430,073
  • 4th place – $ 1,072,405
  • 5th place – $ 804,190
  • 6th place – $ 603,057
  • 7th place – $ 452,229
  • 8th place – $ 339,123
  • 9th place – $ 254.308

A few words about each of the applicants

Edson «CrownUpTsu» Tsutsumi

Maine’s chip leader is a high stakes regular from Brazil with modest hendonmob results – just $ 100K per career and one BSOP High Roller title for 4,000 reais (~ $ 770).

Edson has been playing online for about five years – according to PocketFives, he won in the region of $ 770K in his career, as well as one SCOOP 2019 title. Any place behind the finals will automatically become his best cash.

Alexey “Fiat” Vandyshev

Only a dozen blinds are inferior to the Russian chip leader, but he boldly compensates for this with a huge experience of the game – FiatErudito over $ 700K in profit on PokerStars since 2010. One of his latest drifts is first place in April SCOOP 2021 at $ 1050. The prize money was $ 155K.

At GGPOKEROK, Aleksey performs under the nickname “Ha KoJleHu”, but until now there have been no high-profile achievements.

Joe “assisup4rent” Serok

The only player of the final nine with 15 years of experience to play and win money in the “real” WSOP Las Vegas Main Event (2009 and 2011). Looking at Joe’s impressive profile on hendonmob, you might think that he is one of the favorites for the final – not only does he have $ 4.1M in prize money in offline tournaments.

But if you look online, Hero is not that impressive anymore. At GGPOKEROK, Joe played literally 150 tournaments near zero – apparently, he created an account to play the WSOP online.

Joe “floes” Serok has stopped playing at PokerStars since the end of 2020. Apparently, after 7 years of a minus game, he realized that he was not good (the peak of the schedule was 2013).

Espen “COVFEFE-19” Yostad

The most media representative of the nine finalists. Espen, originally from Norway, currently resides in London and plays high-stakes MTT under the nickname hymn2ninkas на PokerStars и COVFEFE-19 on GGPOKEROK. Previously, he was the Ambassador of Unibet.

Unfortunately, Yostad’s results are hidden, but we know for sure that the WSOP Online Main Event 2021 Final is the most important moment of his career. The player has spoken about this more than once in 8-hour stream, which he led with friends.

Christina “Yunaa” Doo

The wife of the world famous regular from Canada – Mother “GoLeafGoEh” Leah (Mike Leah). Christina has been playing Hold’em for years, but she began to devote less time to poker after the birth of her child. Since May 2021, the girl has been developing her own business of exchanging clothes for newborns. He writes about himself that he loves good food, wine and sunsets.

At GGPOKEROK, Yunaa rather “occasionally plays” tournaments of $ 500 and above. There is no distance as such – only 300 tournaments minus $ 30K. But her 26.5 bb could make her a millionaire.

Christina is glad that she was able to improve her husband’s last year’s result – in 2020 Mike made it to the top 130 of a similar event.

Nikita “Ebaaa11” Kuznetsov

If it were not for the short stack, Nikita could be considered the main contender for victory – Perm has been literally pouring drifts since October 2020. There was also a “pick” won in Sochi in an Omaha event, and a $ 25K drift in a BHS event at GGPOKEROK.

Just three days ago, Ebaaa11 won $ 130K in the $ 1050 WCOOP tournament. He should have a rich win in current tournaments, plus he is in the upstream.

David “INSERTC0IN” Smolka

The most unremarkable player from Poland, about whom only one fact is known – in April 2021, he won the $ 5250 GGSF-38 Bounty Hunters Main Event at GGPOKEROK (prize money $ 293K).

Renan “legal” Menegetti

A very serious mid-stakes regular from Brazil. At GGPOKEROK the distance is still unrepresentative, but on PokerStars the schedule is xrenanx182 speaks for itself.

Dimitros Pharmaculis

Greek playing GG under the flag of Albania. Another participant in the nine finalists, about which Google knows literally one fact – the player travels offline series and even won a trophy in the PCA 2016 Win The Button event ($ 29K prize money). We didn’t find any big achievements online – except perhaps the distance of 200 tournaments at GGPOKER, played in minus $ 200K.

Comparison of WSOP Online Main Events 2020 vs 2021

The $ 5000 buy-in tournament collected 4092 entries in almost three dozen starting flights and didn’t beat the $ 20M guarantee… The overlay was $ 563K.

A similar tournament last year became the largest in the history of online poker and hit in the Guinness Book of Records – there were 5802 registrations, and the prize fund was $27,55M. The title of champion went to Stoyan Madanzhiev from Bulgaria.

The 2020 WSOP Online Main Event is 38% bigger than 2021.

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