partypoker banned WPT500 champion David Afework and froze …

partypoker banned WPT500 champion David Afework and froze …

The scandal unfolds on 2 + 2: partypoker was banned for hosting WPT500 champion David Afework. Joe Ingram and Mason Malmouth have already joined the discussion. We understand this unobvious situation and try to understand who is right.

Banned WPT500 Champion David Ifwork Seeks Community Support For 2 + 2

A new discussion emerged on the 2 + 2 forum today, claiming to be one of the biggest online poker scandals of 2021. A week ago, David Ivork won the WPT500 with 2,088 entries.

Before the broadcast began, the only thing known about this guy was that he was an amateur player. But the Briton had to step out of the shadows and ask for help from the poker community. David started a 2 + 2 discussion in which he revealed that he was banned by partypoker and forfeited $ 160,210 of his winnings. We publish the translation of the post that opens the discussion.

Hi, my name is David Ifork and I recently won $ 160,000 on partypoker. It was my biggest victory and the most amazing moment in my life. But today I received an email from partypoker stating that I was disqualified. Room believes that I have transferred my account to a third party.

This is complete nonsense. I played with my account on my Dell laptop in the room I have been living in for several months with my girlfriend (she doesn’t understand anything about poker). And she was the only person who saw me throughout the tournament. I played alone 99% of the time.

I believe that this whole story with the transfer of the account to a third party comes from the fact that I lived for 7 months with a * friend who also plays poker. Therefore, perhaps they saw that we had the same IP. But I am completely honest and do not want to hide the fact that no one has ever played from my account except me. Only I have access to the account, I guarantee it 100%.

The truth is that I played in this tournament, I won. And seeing how partypoker dealt with this situation was the biggest disappointment. I have no words. Getting to the final with some really strong players and winning the tournament was just wow for me. I played better than ever and I was very lucky. Simply look at the final handwhen I ran over Aces, making one card flush by the river. Or remember the hand where I knocked out Jamie Staples when he flopped two pair with KQs and I got a made flush with T6s. It was perfect for me. So much so that after the tournament I still played roulette, bet £ 2,000 and spun to £ 18,000. But all funds were confiscated from me.

When I deposited a few thousand pounds before this win, partypoker never bothered about my account. Because there was no reason for that. Now that I’ve won, and won a lot, they don’t want me to win anymore. It’s as clear as daylight.

Anyway, the reason I am referring to 2 + 2 is because I need community support. And I don’t know how to get the community’s attention to my problem. I have already contacted the UK Gambling Commission to inform them of this situation and to take the first steps to understand the legal framework. Has anyone like this happened to anyone before?

If you feel that you can publicize this situation, I would be very grateful. I will also keep anyone interested in this story informed as it promises to be long.

* Ifwork also added that this friend did not participate in WPT500.

Analysis of the performance of David Ifwork in the WPT500 tournament

The ban with the confiscation of the WPT500 champion thundered out of the blue. The final of this tournament was broadcast live. Both viewers and commentators have a clear impression of David’s performance. This is an amateur player who worked very well. In addition to the two hands that Aifwork remembered in his message, we remembered two more. And they are also not about skill, but about the incredible luck of the Briton.

In 8-max, David Ifwork caught a double with AA vs AK Timo Borchmann. After this hand, David broke into the top 2 with a stack of 53 big blinds. And then he sat quieter than water, below the grass.

In 4-max, David Ifwork collected the rest of Borkman’s stack. On the SB with QTo, he called a raise from Timo, who opened KJo from UTG. Then came the dream flop J-9-8 “rainbow”. David check-raised and called a 26bb shove from his opponent.

On the flop, ifwork check-minraised and got a push

The only thing that viewers could blame Aifwork for was the twisted RNG. So reliably hitting the boards in spots in which you find yourself, as it were, on your own, is a huge success. This position is shared by other participants in the discussion on 2 + 2. Kid-A wrote:

“Is this the same tournament where Jamie Staples finished third? I’ve watched a lot of final tables and (no offense) the thread writer didn’t play like a pro. Hope you can figure this out. It seems crazy that such a huge amount of money was frozen. ”

The community’s top advice on how to resolve a dispute: Hire a lawyer

The mastodons of the poker world joined the discussion. Poker book author and 2 + 2 owner Mason Malmuth suggested hiring a lawyer who is well versed in gambling law and lives in the UK:

“A lawyer like this is expensive but can put pressure on partypoker. I have no idea why the room did this. I suspect they will not want to share the details of your case, but a good lawyer will be able to get this information from partypoker to start a legal dispute. Plus, the whole room might not like the bad ads they might get from this situation. “

Blogger Joey Ingram also joined the discussion. He asked why the room decided that someone else was using David’s account. partypoker indicated in the letter without details that their decision was based on “Incontrovertible evidence”.

Lsaw22 wrote:

Industry standards – do not disclose information about evidence to the player. More detailed information is transmitted to the legal representatives of the player if this method of resolving the dispute is chosen.

In my experience as an agent, 99% of people who open such discussions are inaccurate in their circumstances and actions.

If the author of the discussion did not really break the rules, he should hire a lawyer and file a complaint with the appropriate dispute resolution body. At this point, partypoker will be required to base its decision on inside information that will not be shared with the player.

The confiscation of funds in this amount must be regulated and agreed at a very high level in any company with a solid leadership. Before making such a decision, the company clearly considered the existence of irrefutable evidence that can be used in the event of a complaint. Please understand that partypoker is not really interested in such activities, they do not benefit the company. The company does not store users’ money in its accounts and must inform that a dishonest player was found on the site, who could be caught only after he won a large amount of money.

Perhaps David Ifwork really does not say. The statistics of his game under his real name on SharkScope are not tracked. But according to PokerProLabs, David Afework played a couple of centrolls until May 23, and then started playing tournaments with ABI260.

PokerProLabs: list of tournaments played by David Ifwork under his real name at partypoker

The situation promises to be interesting, since the ending of this conflict is not yet visible.

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