Partypoker CEO sets up the poker players ‘union’ Global Poker Organ …

Partypoker CEO sets up the poker players ‘union’ Global Poker Organ …

The partypoker CEO believes that poker players need to unite to advance their interests internationally. We will talk about how it will look, and whether the idea has a future, in today’s article on Pokeroff.

Rob Yong: “I will donate $ 1.2M over five years to create an alliance.”

On September 3, Rob Yong tweeted for the first time about the need for a poker player union.

Over the years, I have heard different opinions about a unified voice in questions ^

– On the legal regulation of poker in different countries, the creation of segregations, the introduction of taxes (for example, 5.3% from each bet for German players)

– Relationship with poker rooms
– Popularization of poker

To the question “how do you feel about the initiative?” 64% of the 2381 respondents answered positively – the rest either abstained or chose the option “waste of time”.

These results were enough for Yong to announce the creation of a union of poker players – he will sponsor it for $ 1.2M over five years, and will also devote time to developing the project and finding funding. According to his calculations, it would take $ 20,000 a month to maintain a site with the required number of employees.

Why do poker players need a union?

According to Rob Yong, there has been a trend towards an increase in the factor of luck in poker in the industry for several years. Simply put, they try to turn the game of skill into a casino, thereby reducing the ROI of winning players. Moreover, the influence comes not only from the poker rooms, but also from the states.

According to the idea, all people who are somehow connected with poker should be in the union – players, representatives of rooms, affiliates, streamers, and so on. Thus, poker will have a “common voice” with which you can lobby the interests of all parties at the global level.

In general, it will be possible to indirectly influence poker laws in different countries, as well as regulate the policies of poker sites (rake / tournament structures / schedule, etc.). It sounds like everyone will benefit from this, but at this stage the mechanisms of action are not clear.

Made a little bit of specifics Patrick Leonard (Patrick Leonard), who will help Rob Yong develop the project.

I have spent probably hundreds of hours to imagine how this might / should / should / will work:

– The Union is glad to all participants

– Issues of each member are considered and resolved

– All members must follow the rules of association

– No boycotts or revolutions from the union

– All rooms are invited to make calls daily / weekly / monthly

– Weekly publication of union reports. We show what the poker rooms have done to solve the problems of the union members – we try to work together and create positive PR for rooms

– A weekly list of issues worth discussing in the community.

The idea appeared a long time ago

Back in the summer of 2020, a professional poker player Olivier Busquet (Olivier Bousquet) proposed the creation of a “union of poker players” to defend interests in disputes against tournament organizers and poker rooms. In an ideal world, players were supposed to express the general opinion, and the poker rooms listened to it and adapt to it.

“Union of poker players” – a necessity or an empty phrase?

The idea was supported by many prominent regulars like Patrick Leonard and Ryan Fee. Even Rob Yong himself spoke positively about the initiative (although he, in fact, is on the other side of the barricades).

Do you think there was at least a group in the telegram, where supporters of the idea could communicate? Of course not. And this brings us to the last question of today’s material.

Does the poker union have a chance of success?

You have to face the truth – it is impossible to force people to act against their interests. And, judging by the fact that Rob Yong wants to gather more than 100,000 people in the union, it will be unrealistic to come to a common opinion on many issues.

Keep in mind that there will be conflicts not only in the “players against rooms” format, but also “players against players”, “room against room”, and so on. Different things are beneficial to all participants. If one side wins in something, then it often happens at the expense of the other.

Despite the fact that Rob Yong is serious, he has a good reputation, and he will even allocate colossal money to sponsor the project, it cannot be called a reliable option. There are two reasons for this:

  • Rob Yong is a partypoker ambassador, managing director of the partypoker LIVE brand and owner of his own casino, Dusk Till Dawn. For the time being, he represents the interests of the players with all his might, but there is a certain line that he cannot cross for obvious reasons. Sooner or later, he will have a conflict of interest.
  • Rob Yong has had more than one failed initiative, the loudest of which was FAIRPLAY. The organization was created under the wing of partypoker – its goal was to fight against dishonest players through the exchange of information about them between online and offline operators. Officially FAIRPLAY was created back in 2019 – have you heard anything about the activities of the organization? We don’t either.

It would be great to be wrong once and for all, but at the moment, history shows that no alliance is needed for poker players. Largely because of this, poker rooms do what they want.

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