Partypoker Irish Open champion Pavel “MountainRose” Veksler shares life hacks …

Partypoker Irish Open champion Pavel “MountainRose” Veksler shares life hacks …

The € 1,100 Irish Open Main Event at partypoker ended today with the champion Pavel “MountainRose” Wexler. Immediately after the victory, Pavel went to visit Dmitry Shakhov and Fedor “Lorem” Truntsev and for an hour answered a variety of questions about distributions, lifestyle and even a little philosophy. We publish the most interesting answers. But first, some information about the main event of the Irish Open.

Partypoker € 1,100 Irish Open Main Event: Attendance and Structure

The Irish Open Main Event was held with three entry days. The tournament started on March 28, and already during the first flight, we managed to fill 822 entries with a guarantee of € 1M. By the way, future champion Pavel Veksler jumped on the first day of March 28 and moved on to the second day with 24 stacks.

In total, 1,880 entries were registered in the tournament – with such attendance, one could aim at a guarantee of € 2M. The minimum ITM was provided by 280 players.

The main feature of the Main Event Irish Open was that the tournament was as close as possible to an offline event. Three starting flights, three entrance days, levels on the first day for 25 minutes, on the second day for 30 minutes, and at the final table for 40 minutes. Pavel joked that the only thing missing was the half-hour evening lunch break. Perhaps it will be added to the next episode, but this is not certain.

Stoyan Obreshkov, the regular offline tournaments around the world, went heads-up against Pavel. Opponents made an ICM deal, leaving $ 10K and a trophy for the final game. The heads-up lasted about 40 minutes. After him, Pavel answered several questions from commentators and viewers. The full video is available on YouTube (interview starts at 06:05:00).

About how the ending was

It turned out actually, in a good way, boring. I just won one coin – the second and it worked out well. Nothing special.

Heads-up split

When we went heads-up, I wrote to Stoyan: “Do you want to see the numbers?“He didn’t mind seeing the numbers back in 4-max. I wrote, we played five hands. Then Stoyan replied that he was busy and agreed to look at the numbers. I didn’t understand what it was. We played for about three minutes, and only then he decided to look at the numbers. I said that you have 28 minutes (note: to make a decision – this was written in the client). He thought, said that it suits him. The difference was $ 255K and $ 224K + $ 10K for the former. We shared, and he suggested that we continue in 10 minutes. He said:

“I’ll go dance with my wife.”

By the way, you can see Stoyan’s dance with his wife on his page in facebook.

The importance of winning the Main Event Irish Open

The largest cache win at the Irish Open is probably the biggest win in my career. But this victory probably doesn’t change anything for me. There was no goal for another $ 100K or $ 200K to win – and here it is. Of course, I’m very happy. Very cool, best cache. Over the past six months – a year, there have been many top 20s, where the first was $ 700K, and the top 12 was given $ 30K.

About plans, how to spend the winnings

Please note that I do not plan to follow the example of Mararthur1 or Feruell and deposit a lot on other sites. Maybe I’ll shoot some $ 10K, $ 25K mains if there are good guarantees.

How the Irish Poker Open “returns”

By the way, the Irish Poker Open was the first offline series I participated in in 2012. I had a $ 10K bankroll and played my own $ 3,500 Main Event and $ 1,000 Side Event and lost. And somewhere else, half of the remainder went to expenses: hotel, flights, food. Not that I am a big deal, but I came back with $ 2K. Only 9 years have passed, and I brought the Irish Open into a plus. I return interest. Probably even beat inflation.

About myself

I was born in Crimea. When I was 9 years old, we moved to Israel. He lived there for 20 years. He studied at the university, served in the army, and began his poker career. When in the summer of 2016 they closed online in Israel, I went to Ukraine, rolled from there, received a passport by birthright. I am currently traveling, but based in Ukraine. I have a passport there, an address …

About freerolls

For those who ride freerolls, I want to say that I also skated freerolls. I played one freeroll in 2009-2010, there were 800 people, I won and made $ 160. As the “classics” said: “Everything starts with everything.” Start with freerolls. See how much you want to invest in it. My opinion: whoever in poker is ready to put a lot of effort, he should succeed.

Taking a break from poker

On non-poker days, I hang out with my friends. Now we are going to the beach in Tulum (Mexico). And I play Hero 3. I even took a coach for 10 hours for 10,000 rubles. An interesting game: you have to think a lot. Sometimes I write to some friend, and he replies: “No, you have to think too much.”

Heroes of might and magic 3

About partypoker tournaments

In general, in the tournaments at the Party it works out well. On other sites with varying success. Maybe it’s all about structure and limited re-entries. I really like that people can’t re-enter. In general, the roster is very good in any tournaments. Even in a tournament with a buy-in of € 1,100 for 200 entries, I was a couple of times behind the final and there were always 2 – 3 rather weak guys. And this is very nice.

How a pot of water helps to carry tournaments

When Stoyan went to dance bachata with his wife, I went to the shower to freshen my head. Because Stoyan said the heads-up would be long. Just in case, I decided to cheer up. On normal days, when the sessions are average, I usually don’t do anything special. And in the long Sunday sessions of 10-12 hours, I prepare a pot of cold water (there is no cold water here), put it in the refrigerator and shower myself every 3-4 hours so that my brain cools. Because he is very “seething with the action.” It’s such a small thing that adds ev and improves the quality of my game. I read that “€ urop € an” generally takes an icy shower.

You should never sit at the computer for these five minutes. Lie on the couch, breathe, put a cold blindfold on your eyes. Or you can do push-ups, stand in the bar, like Ti0.

And on Friday, the Powerfest series kicks off at partypoker. Register and drag tournaments like Pavel Veksler.

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