Partypoker WPT Online Major Events Digest

Partypoker WPT Online Major Events Digest

Ten days have passed since the start of the World Poker Tour Online and several million prize money have already been raffled off within the series. Find out about the most successful players in the series in today’s material on Pokeroff.

WPT Pro Hunt: partypoker streamer wins ‘hunt for professionals’

On May 14, the WPT Series opened with a special Pro Hunt event – a $ 33 tournament with a $ 30K guarantee and additional prizes with a total value of $ 6,000. The bottom line was that participants received tournament tickets of a random value for knocking out invited streamers and professionals.

Partypoker streamer from Brazil wins 1,788 entries Douglas Souza (Douglas Souza), who broadcast live to 180 viewers at the moment of victory. The prize for the first place was $ 5,700, and in addition he was presented with a ticket to the Main Event for $ 3,200.

Former runner Chris Brewer wins $ 10K High Roller

The 27-year-old American has been a professional jogger for a long time – he ran a mile at a time and even aimed at the national team. But after college, he told his parents that he’d rather take up poker. They did not mind and answered: “Come when you lose everything”… But this did not happen, and now Chris Brewer (Chris Brewer) plays poker at the highest stakes, not only multi-table tournaments, but also cash.

On May 17, Chris celebrated a win in the $ 1,000,000 two-day WPT Online # 05 High Roller event, with a $ 250K prize for the first. And the best result among Russian-speaking players showed Arthur “mararthur1” Martirosyanranked 17th ($ 21K).

Addamo once again smashed the $ 25K Super High Roller

The Australian does not know fatigue and plays almost all tournaments with five-figure buy-ins online. May 20 in the piggy bank of victories Michael Addam (Michael Addamo) The $ 25K WPT # 13 Super High Roller has arrived. The event lasted for two game days, but the final, unfortunately, was not broadcast live.

Michael remained the chip leader throughout the finals and received $ 363K for the win. The best result among Russian-speaking players was again shown by Martirosyan, who conducted a text broadcast in his telegram channels – 2nd place ($ 223K).

Despite such high-profile successes that Michael and Arthur have extremely bad days in which they lose $ 200K +. Read about the worst day in Arthur’s career in our telegrams.

Is Steve O’Dwyer still good online?

Many high rollers, including Russian-speaking ones, believe that the American has been skating in the wrong direction for a long time. Apparently, this is due to the lack of work on the theory, which is inherent in many successful offline players (O’Dwyer has more than $ 30.5M in prize money, according to hendonmob). But this does not interfere Steve O’Dwyer (Steve O’Dwyer) often participate in expensive tournaments and even win.

On May 18, the American brought in $ 81K in the $ 5,200 WPT High Roller Turbo one-day event. There were several online poker mastodons at the final table, including András “probirs” Nemeth, Samuel “€ urop € an” Woosden and Matthias “iambest2” Eibinger.

Ben Rolle prevented Martirosyan from winning the $ 25K tournament

Creator of the English-language training site Raise Your Edge Ben “bencb” Rolle (Ben Rolle) stopped Artur Martirosyan on his way to winning the WPT Online $ 25K Super High Roller event – the Russian had to settle for second place again ($ 234K), and Rolle received $ 381K.

Arthur started heads-up roughly 2-to-1 in chips and wrote on his blog that he had no chance: “I didn’t hit any board, and in the last hand we got the cooler AKs> AQs.”

This event was especially unfortunate for Jason Kuhn and Isaac Haxton, who implemented two buy-ins without ITM. True, the second managed to “get out” the same evening – Isaac won the Turbo High Roller for $ 5200 and received almost $ 78K.

WPT Online will run until the end of May, with more high roller tournaments to come, as well as the $ 3,200 Main Event with a $ 3,000,000 guarantee. The first entry day 1A ended on May 24 – 521 entries were collected, which has already collected more than half of the guarantee. The second entry day 1B will take place a week later, May 30th.

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