Partypoker’s biggest PowerFest events in 2021 at a glance

Partypoker’s biggest PowerFest events in 2021 at a glance

The most important partypoker tournament series this spring has come to an end. In this post, Pokeroff will talk about the results of the biggest PowerFest events this weekend.

How partypoker PowerFest kicked off: Foxen won the $ 5,200 High Roller

Main Event Surprise Finale and Four-Piece Deal

The Main Event with real names, unsurprisingly, became the most successful tournament in the PowerFest series – 1703 entries were collected in three entrance days. Thanks to this, the $ 1,000,000 guarantee in the $ 1050 event was more than beaten. Login statistics by day:

  • Day 1A — 521
  • Day 1B — 792
  • Day 1C — 390

On the second day, 255 people crossed, each of whom claimed a payment of at least $ 2,157. The final turned out to be quite international. The original chip account looked like this:

  1. Diego Cuellar – 147.7 BB
  2. Miguel Lopes – 97 BB
  3. Chanracy Khun – 64 BB
  4. Jamie O’Connor – 53.5 BB
  5. Karolis Sereika – 48 BB
  6. Diego Ventura – 24.5 BB
  7. Jorma Nuutinen – 18.9 BB
  8. Willem De Troyer – 16 BB
  9. Erik Tamm – 15 BB

The $ 267K first prize was at stake. You could watch the fight live with Russian commentaries by Dmitry Shakhov and Fyodor Truntsev.

Despite the solid stack depth and slow structure, the final table lasted literally three hours. The players acted mainly on the map, and the future champion did exactly the same. Diego Cuellar (in the main photo). The Peruvian played cautiously, and therefore his chip-leader stack moved minimal.

The tournament ended unexpectedly for both spectators and commentators – in the top 4 players, with stacks from 45 to 50 BB, expressed a desire to make a deal. As soon as all four of them have ticked the required box, Diego Cuellar was declared the formal winner, although the prize money was approximately equal.

Interesting fact: Five years ago, the Peruvian played low-limit tournaments under $ 10.

Payouts to $ 1,050 PowerFest Main Event Finalists

  1. Diego Cuellar – $ 173,866 *
  2. Jamie O’Connor – $ 168,660 *
  3. Chanrasi Khun – $ 161,316 *
  4. Carolis Sereika – $ 151,489 *
  5. Diego Ventura – $ 56,114
  6. Eric Tamm – $ 42,868
  7. Miguel Lopez – $ 33,266
  8. Jorma Nuutinen – $ 26,440
  9. Willem De Troyer – $ 20,684

The $ 109 Main Event mini-version also more than outbid the warranty. Player under nickname won attitude problems and received $ 58,306.

The Big Fifty Knockout

It was one of the most important tournaments on the PowerFest schedule and it went well. The fact is that there was a solid $ 500,000 guarantee for a modest $ 55 buy-in, so it was stretched out for a dozen days of entry.

The player under the nickname was declared the winner of the 3-day event «Croatian ..»who received $ 27,358 + 9551 in bounty form.

Second Chance: Ustimov Receives $ 28K After Deal

Especially for those who did not make it to the Main Event or left the race too early in the second game day, the organizers held the Second Chance for $ 1050 with a $ 150K guarantee.

Not many people wanted to take advantage of the “second chance” – only 146 registrations were collected and a small overlay was formed. The biggest prize went to a regular from Bulgaria George Sandev (Georgi Sandev), who shared heads-up with By Victor “papan9_p $” Ustimov.

Joao Vieira is the champion of the two-day Super High Roller Event

The Portuguese managed to excel at all spring series and the victory at PowerFest was a pleasant addition. Joao “Naza114” Vieira (Joao Vieira) brought in $ 10,300 in the last high roller event. Unfortunately, the tournament could not beat the guarantee of a million dollars – only four registrations were not enough.

The final line-up was not particularly interesting, but there was one curious character on it – the representative of the top management of partypoker Rob Yong decided to try his luck against the high rollers. Overall, it worked out well (4th place, $ 80K).

For Joao, the final table was relatively easy. Initially, he went with a middle stack, but was able to break into the chip leader after Linus “LLinus_LLove” Löliger paid him a set from the flop and doubled. After that, the Portuguese did not give up the position and as a result received $ 249,791 for the victory.

Kamel Mohammad wins expensive PLO tournament

Over the last March-April, the Ukrainian won several major titles in the Omaholic Series at GG, and finished the spring marathon with a victory at the PowerFest $ 5200 High Roller Omaha.

According to Sharkscope, the prize of $ 71,631 is the best result Camela Mohammad at partypoker, at least under your real name. He received this amount after a deal with opponents in 3-Max, among which was the world famous PLO specialist Ola «Odd Oddsen» Amundsgaard (Ola Amundsgaard).

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