Phil Hellmuth beats Daniel Negreanu heads-up for $ 400,000

Phil Hellmuth beats Daniel Negreanu heads-up for $ 400,000

On the night of June 23-24, Phil “PokerBrat” Hellmuth’s long-awaited heads-up took place against Daniel “KidPoker” Negreanu, where $ 400,000 was at stake. The good old poker “by the touch” again won a gallant victory.

The Curse continues to haunt Negreana

Daniel Negreanu (Daniel Negreanu) was rightfully considered the favorite in a fight with an old friend. It was not in vain that he prepared for a duel against Doug Polk for several months, and then played with him a distance of 25,000 hands for $ 200/400 – his one-on-one skill was appreciated by many colleagues. Similar relevant experience Phil Helmut (Phil Hellmuth) was not and all he could oppose in the argument was his past achievements and 15 WSOP gold bracelets.

The last heads-up in the High Stakes Duel was crucial for both players. As a reminder, Negreanu was 0-2 with $ 400,000 at stake ($ 200K on each side). In previous heads-ups, Hellmuth has won $ 100K in April and $ 200K in May.

Prior to the match, KidPoker said:

I am absolutely not worried about my game or decisions. I am very, very confident in all the questions that depend on me.

We know that Helmut’s ego is okay. But if he beats me three times in a row after 3-0 against Antonio Esfandiari, then I’m afraid he might explode.

The third meeting of the High Stakes Duel lasted about five hours and ended with Phil’s victory. During this time, he openly sneezed at the strategy, and also occasionally played to the public, but more on that later. The main thing is that he beat the second opponent dry on the High Stakes Duel show (the first was Antonio Esfandiari).

What kind of curse is haunting Negreanu? He hasn’t won a heads-up poker tournament since 2013. The situation worsened in 2021 after a devastating defeat in the challenge against Doug Polk, as well as a loss to Hellmuth.

Gameplay in the third heads-up Negreanu vs Helmut

We are going to tell you about some of the big giveaways that have been discussed on social media. The full footage of the confrontation between the two legends can be viewed on a paid subscription to PokerGO for $ 14.99. Part of the recording is publicly available on YouTube.

The players received starting stacks of 200,000, and the blinds were 150/300 – the incredible depth provided for a long game. Initially KidPoker seized the lead, but quickly lost it. According to most of the poker players on Twitter, Phil Hellmuth’s actions are best described by a 30-second video:

Helmut’s bluff from 8Baptize 3Baptize.

One of the most spectacular hands of the match occurred in the first hour. Negreanu with 2Drums 2Baptize opened on the button 5x sizing. Helmut raised to 4800 from 8Baptize 3Baptize… Without thinking twice, Negreanu raises to 13,000, but Phil goes all the way and 5-bets 35,000.

None of the players hit the flop TDrums 6Peaks JBaptize – Hellmuth instantly checks and also instantly calls 21,000 from Negreanu. On the turn 6Baptize PokerBrat got at least a flush draw and bet 42,000 into a pot of 112,000. Negreanu parted with his best hand, which he probably still regrets.

Classic episode of “White Magic” by Hellmuth

In the blinds 200/400 Phil opened from the button APeaks JPeaks, and Negreanu spun up to 2800 (7 bb) from ABaptize QPeaks… It was possible to react in different ways in Phil’s place, and he decided to send the cards to pass and tell his opponent about it.

• “Best Fold in Poker History”

• “I’ve been watching poker on TV for a long time. This man plays the best and no one even comes close to him. “

• “That’s why he’s the greatest poker player ever! Legend”

… And other similar comments in English can be found under the video. You can read a more adequate commentary criticizing this fold from the MTT regular in our telegrams.

Key Heads-Up Hand

Despite the fact that KidPoker lost a significant part of the stack in the hand with deuces, he managed to build up the advantage back. The second time he gave it up in an offensive cooler, when the blinds were 500/1000.

Negreanu with 9Baptize 9Peaks opened 2500 and called 3-bet 11,000 from Hellmuth with QHearts 3Hearts… The RNG was clearly on the side of the second and the flop was 3Baptize 3Peaks 2Peaks practically buried Negreanu’s chances of winning the hand. Hellmuth check-raised to 25,000 on the flop, then check-shove on the turn 5.Baptize.

Negreanu asked him to count his opponent’s stack and then started thinking out loud: “What have you got there, Phil? Really stuffed on Ace-Four? “… As a result, he called and doubled his opponent.

Negreanu fought as best he could

After the hand with nines, KidPoker started having problems – the opponent’s stack was four times larger, so doubling was urgently required. First, I managed to equalize the preflop situation by placing 25 bb KK> KK – Negreanu managed to win thanks to a 4-flush board with diamonds.

Emotions for Negreanu on KK> KK” width=”519″ height=”371″ src=””/></p>
<p>After some time, Negreanu doubled again – he had K<img src= 3Drums and he fired 23 bb preflop against ABaptize QDrums Helmut. Here the cards again stood up for KidPoker and the king fell on the turn. True, on the flop 9Peaks 5Baptize QPeaks Negreanu said:

Backdoor Street and King [спасут меня]… I’m not worthy to win today, honestly. You are deserve. Although I still hope.

Last distribution

The stacks were leveled, but after 5 hours of play, the depth became about 30 bb, so the decisions became easier. Daniel limped 6000 from 6Peaks 5Peaks, Phil checked TDrums 6Drums… Flop 2Drums 7Peaks 9Drums came up to both, Hellmuth check-called 6000. Turn 8Hearts made the players clash for that pot – Hellmuth checked his own way, Negreanu bet 12,000 (2bb) and raised to 30,000. After a little thought, he pushed the entire stack 172,000 – PokerBrat even wondered if he should call with the second nuts, but still found the right button.

The players shook hands and Daniel said, “Well played, friend. You deserve to win. ” Phil was also generous with compliments: “You played well too. I think you are one of the best players of all time. “

The match took place about 48 hours ago, and Daniel Negreanu is still radio silent on Twitter. It’s unusual for a player not to comment on a show.

Will there be another meeting between Negreanu and Helmut?

According to the High Stakes Duel show rules, no player can claim the money won until they have won three times in a row. Negreanu has the right to challenge an opponent to heads-up for $ 800,000 (doubling the previous amount), but even before the start of the third fight, Helmut said that he would definitely not accept this challenge.

High Stakes Duel viewers are already trying on who could be Phil’s next opponent. Among the versions soar Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan and Victor Malinovsky.

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