Poker Brat once again shows an explosion of emotion at the World Series …

Poker Brat once again shows an explosion of emotion at the World Series …

The main topic of today is the classic behavior of the legendary Phil Hellmuth with obscenities and insults. True, then I had to apologize and try to translate everything into a joke, but most of my colleagues did not appreciate the attempts.

Hellmuth is eliminated from the WSOP tournament

Phil played five tournaments in the World Series of Poker and made the final table three times. The typical headline last week was “Helmut Chasing 16 WSOP Bracelets”

  • $ 25K HORSE – 6th place, $ 95K
  • $ 10K PLO8 – $ 5th, $ 81K
  • $ 10K Stud 7 – 4th place, $ 57K

Phil started the last seven-stud final with a huge stack, but lost most of it in one hand against future winner Anthony Zinno. Hellmuth had a pair of queens from start to finish, and Villain caught a flush by the river and got paid.

Anthony Zinno

Helmut’s hand: ABaptize QHearts / QPeaks JHearts 5Peaks 9Drums / 7Peaks

Zinno’s Hand: ADrums QDrums / 6Drums 2Peaks 5Drums 8Hearts / TDrums

Hellmuth complimented on third street and called Anthony Zinno’s raise.

They bet-called on fourth street. Helmut bet on fifth, Zinno raised.

On 6th and 7th streets, Hellmuth chose the check-call line.

“If I don’t win the tournament, I’ll burn this damn casino.”

As soon as Zinno showed Hellmuth the flush on the river, he got up from his chair and exploded in his own style. It turned out so toxic that it was enough for a whole video clip for craftsmen.

Phil Hellmuth’s quote after departure:

  • Ah #fuckin ‘, fucking, river
  • Only one ace remained there. Bl% be! Why did he play so x% evo and was rewarded for this shit? People like him will constantly overplay their hands against me. That’s why I win all fucking tournaments.
  • Damn it, what the fuck is going on here? Fucking a tambourine on the river.
  • I play like a fucking genius, I come here every day. If I don’t win the tournament, I’ll burn this damn casino

In the next hand, Hellmuth received cards and aggressively folded them towards the dealer. Then he got up from the table again and walked around the poker room, swearing for another ten minutes.

When Phil was eliminated from the tournament, left the Rio casino and calmed down, he tweeted: “On the left is my emotional state, and on the right is what will prevent me from losing weight this week. Well, at least I eat sweets, but I do not drink “

Bracelets do not grant rule immunity

Not only did Hellmuth insult his opponent several times after the deal, but he also crossed the line when he mentioned the casino. Colleagues in the shop did not appreciate this behavior.

Chance Cornuth: Such behavior is not permissible for the most recognizable person in our “sport”. The only worse thing is that he always goes unpunished …

Lex Weldhus: Hellmuth’s POSITIVE book is the biggest bluff in poker history.

Ryan Riess: Obviously, Hellmuth crossed the line and such behavior should be unacceptable in the future.

John Juanda: The tournament director went to sleep at that moment? Or has the WSOP updated the rules so you can insult other players?

Paul Smith: Hey WSOP organizers, ask yourself – what would you do if absolutely unknown player behaved like this? Your inaction against individuals violates the rules of the game and spoils the competition.

Norman Chad: Did Phil Hellmuth cross the line yesterday at the $ 10K WSOP Final? Absolutely, unconditionally. Even all the bracelets in the world will not justify this behavior at the table. It’s time to stop, buddy.

Helmut apologized

First, Phil congratulated Anthony Zinno on winning the tournament: “You played well during those 15 hours that we sat at the same table. Unlike the “foul-mouthed Poker Brat”, you always behave nobly. “

By the way, Zinno has just begun to seriously study seven-card stud, which we wrote about in our telegram channels… The American also said that he does not hold a grudge against Helmut: “He is the only person who will find a way to make the herd tournament interesting for everyone.”

Helmuth’s answer to the situation:

Yes, I’ve gone too far. But I will say three things.

1) Anthony Zinno knows me and loves it when I bomb

2) Everyone who watched the moment on the stream knows what I said: “This is a joke. I’m afraid they’ll charge me for it later, but if I don’t win the tournament, I’ll burn this damn casino. ” This is cut from the video you all watched.

3) I did not throw cards at the dealer. I threw them too hard on the table.

It was too much anyway. For a long time, many have encouraged my behavior, but now I have gone too far.

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