Poker Missions at RedStar Poker “Score and Win” in honor of the European Championship …

Poker Missions at RedStar Poker “Score and Win” in honor of the European Championship …

Exactly on the dates of the UEFA Euro 2021 European Football Championship, RedStar Poker will host a themed promotion with generous prizes.

Score & Win – complete simple missions and get prizes

From June 11 to July 11, look for a new promotion in the game client of the poker room Score and Win… You are required to choose your favorite football team (this does not affect the final result) and complete the poker missions, divided into “rounds”. There are four missions in each round – you will receive prizes for each of the first three, and if you complete the fourth, you will receive an additional instant prize.

The first two rounds look like this (there are 7 of them in total):

Round Mission name What need to do
1 Score&Win #1 Reach the flop 5 times at cash tables NL10 and above (Heads-up does not count)
Score&Win #2 Play 3 Twister tournaments of € 1 or higher
Score&Win #3 Win with a flush at showdown at cash tables of NL10 and above (heads-up are not counted)
Score&Win #4 Win 1 Twister tournament of € 1 or higher
2 Score&Win #1 Win with pocket suited AK at showdown at cash tables NL10 and above (heads-up not counted)
Score&Win #2 Play any satellite with any buy-in
Score&Win #3 Win 2 Twister tournaments in a row of € 1 or higher
Score&Win #4 Get pocket 99s at cash tables NL10 and above (Heads-up does not count)

Score & Win instant prizes for completing the fourth mission in each round

Prize Validity
Ticket to the € 100 Main Sunday Sweat tournament 14 days
Ticket for € 50 7 days
Ticket for € 20 7 days
Ticket for € 5 7 days
Ticket for € 1 7 days
Ticket for € 0.5 Wild Twister 7 days
Ticket to the Score & Win Freeroll € 2021 13.07.21

For completing each of the first three missions within one round, you will be awarded € 0.20 BB Free Blinds. As far as you can tell, this is 20 euro cents, which you can use in a cash game. They must be spent within 7 days, after which they burn out.

IMPORTANT! To start a round, you need to register for it each time in the Missions tab. All missions can only be completed once.

Frirolly Score & Win

During the promotion there will be several special Score & Win freerolls with a prize pool of € 2021. You can enter the tournament no more than once a week – a ticket to it will drop out with some probability as an instant prize for completing a round.

Score & Win freeroll schedule:

  • Monday June 14th 08:15 PM UTC
  • Monday, June 21st 08:15 PM UTC
  • Monday June 28th 08:15 PM UTC
  • Monday July 5th 08:15 PM UTC
  • Monday, July 12th 08:15 PM UTC

If you manage to complete three full rounds, then you will be given an additional ticket to the closed tournament €5,000 Golden Trophy Freeroll, which will be held on Tuesday, July 13 at 20:15 UTC.

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