Poker Player Sells Vintage Video Games for Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

Poker Player Sells Vintage Video Games for Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

In his 15-year career, Sean Deeb has won enough poker money for a comfortable old age, so he now focuses more on family. In today’s article, we will tell you how a poker player turned his hobby into a way to make money.

Sean Deeb is not only good at mixed games

In American poker skills Shawn “shaundeeb” Diba (Shaun Deeb) has no doubt that he has won over $ 7.5M in live tournaments and four WSOP bracelets. He’s doing just as well online, with seven WCOOP titles and five SCOOP titles. At one time, Hiro was an outstanding player who could even skip his son’s birthday to play WCOOP.

Sean Deeb missed his son’s birthday to win WCOOP

As it turned out, Shawn’s specialty is not only mixed games like five-card draw, HORSE, but also … video games. For example, Contra on Dandy, popular in the late 80s, opened the world of video games to the poker player, which he is still passionate about.

I’ve always loved games. When Fortnite came out, everyone in poker was hooked on it. We had a whole group of 10-15 poker players, of which a couple had never even played at all. We played since the morning, it was fun. Constantly swearing, betting and all that stuff … I love gambling and video games – this combination is perfect for me

How Sean Deeb started selling nostalgia

A few years ago, Deeb came to New York for a ride and met Nelson Luffy. They quickly became friends and realized that they were united not only by their love of poker, but also by video games.

We met quite by accident at the casino. Nelson had just started playing poker, and we immediately became friends. Now we are constantly spending time together. He is one of my closest friends.

Nelson Laffey

An important fact for our history is that Luffy is a big fan of collectibles for nerds. Sean calls him a collectible expert for games like Magic the Gathering, Pokermon, and more. Luffy had an idea a couple of years ago for a startup – he came to his best friend, offered to “open a business” and asked for a lot of money to buy a bunch of things.

As it turns out, those things were vintage video games on SEGA, NES, and other consoles from the past millennium. Deeb wrote a substantial check, and Luffy went on a mission – he bought old 80s and 90s video games that he could find. The main criterion is the original unopened boxes. The result was a collection of 100 titles that included Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, Double Dragon, Deja Vu, and so on.

An example of a game from the collection of Sean Deeb and Nelson Luffy.  Super Mario on Nintendo 64 - Now Selling The Box For $ 85K

Chuika did not disappoint Nelson Luffy – it was not in vain that he spent several years and a tidy sum to collect a collection of vintage video games. Over the past year, the demand for them in the US has allegedly increased to the skies and collectors are willing to pay for “brand new” copies in the factory box.

Nostalgia merchants display their lots on a dedicated collectible video game platform Goldin Auctions… Let’s take a look at a few examples of what they offer.

The game is on sale right now 1991 Sonic The Hedgehog – a week before the close of trading, they are already ready to give $ 130K for it. Goldin Auctions claims it will be the most expensive SEGA game in history.

In April 2021, a factory copy of Super Mario Bros on the NES (Dandy, if we speak more familiar to our ear) was sold for a record amount – $660,000… The exact same box is now being sold by Dib and Luffy – at the time of publication, someone is already ready to give $ 400K for it.

Sean Deeb admits that he is a little upset with the sale of his favorite games, but his head understands that the decision is correct.

It’s sad, of course, to get rid of games, but now the market is so overheated that we are going to sell everything and buy even more copies in the future.

It’s like a boom in the industry and I’m glad that part of my capital is tied to games. Plus, if we make a little money out of them, it’ll be great. If we lose, it’s okay … But I think we will get rich.

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