Poker Player Vanessa “Niffller” Kade Wins The Sunday Million On PokerStars

Poker Player Vanessa “Niffller” Kade Wins The Sunday Million On PokerStars

“Shl% ha That No One Knows” was suddenly the winner of the Anniversary Sunday Million. How Vanessa Cade dragged the main tournament of this season, wiped her nose to her main offender and received a half million dollars, we will tell you in full material.

Who is Vanessa Cade

Until recently, a poker player from Canada Vanessa Cade (Vanessa Kade) was relatively unknown globally – not a media high roller, coaching, WSOP gold bracelets or EPT titles. According to hendonmob, she has a modest $ 143K in career prize money in offline tournaments.

For the past couple of years, the girl has been playing medium stakes and streaming on Twitch, and the overwhelming majority of her viewers are from the United States.

Since December 2020, Vanessa has become a natural celebrity, albeit not in a pleasant situation – she commented on the introduction Dan Bilzerian (Dan Bilzerian) to the GGPoker Ambassador team. The girl called him a sexist who allegedly made millions from poker. In response to this, Bilzerian issued a phrase that only confirmed Cade’s statement: “Be quiet, whore, nobody knows you.”

Dan Bilzerian is the new GGNetwork Ambassador

After that, Vanessa became more active in supporting the female poker audience – firstly, she called GGPoker to account, and secondly, she began to openly talk about the manifestations of misogyny in poker, so that other girls would not be afraid and not keep silent about such stories. You can read more about this in a special material on Pokeroff.

Rudeness and aggression as part of the poker industry: how serious is it?

Returning to the personality of Vanessa, many facts are known about her, of which we single out a couple:

  • Prior to playing poker in 2014, Vanessa worked as a producer for Bioware, Disney and Lucasfilm. She had a wealth of experience in graphic design and programming.
  • Over the past 10 years, Vanessa has lost at least 40 kg. She took up diet and exercise in earnest.
  • Vanessa is in a relationship with a poker player. The guy’s name Michael “Miguel_Fiesta” Lek (Michael Lech), he is an online MTT regular from the USA. In 2020, he won a WSOP gold bracelet in the American online stage.

Vanessa Cade with a boyfriend

Vanessa Cade’s Way in the Anniversary Sunday Million

On March 21, the anniversary Sunday Million 15 kicked off with a $ 12,500,000 guarantee. To collect the prize fund and not get to the overlay, the Stars needed 62,500 entries for $ 215 each and they succeeded. The tournament had 69,876 entries. This Sunday Million was the second most popular in history – only last year’s was the largest when Brazilian AAAArthur won.

The tournament lasted three gaming days, with late registration stretching even over several Day 2 levels, where you could get 8 big blinds for $ 215. And many took advantage of this opportunity! The first day collected 65,013 entries, of which 12,655 players went to Day 2. Next, almost 5,000 more people jumped into the game, because ITM was close (from top 9971).

Vanessa Cade made two re-entrances. Moreover, she admitted that for the latter she had to deposit at PokerStars – the balance was zero (apparently, she prefers to play in other rooms). The girl moved to the third day with 12 stacks out of 65, which has already guaranteed herself a minimum of $ 10,000.

Throughout the third day, the future winner walked with an average stack without incident, but at the pre-final stage in 10-max she seriously “hit” – she had 25bb in the big blind, the opponent on the SB with 8bb limped, she shoved (see the image below). So Vanessa lost a substantial part of the stack, although later good starters began to enter her, thanks to which she returned the stack and was able to go to the final.

There were no bright moves from Vanessa at the final table – she was playing by default. In the top 6, she knocked out the opponent AQo> A7s and got a more “working” stack.

The main provider of action at the final table was a Pole Pavel “Talibenes” Ladnyak (Pawel Ladniak) – During the final, the course of the game was built exclusively around him. He played boldly and aggressively, exerted maximum ICM pressure, which surprised me a lot – he has been rolling a plus in Sharkscope since 2012 on ABI 5. It’s rare to see such a relaxed game from a person whose life will turn upside down from the first prize in the tournament ( unless, of course, he has a millionth make-up). Nevertheless, up to the top 4 Talibenes “watered” with all his might and collected more than half of the chips in the tournament.

When there were four left in the game, the deal began. The stacks were like this:

  • Talibenes — 915K
  • Niffller — 231K
  • Transylvanian — 130K
  • PanchoVetin – 106K

Everyone wanted to share, except for the Bulgarian PanchoVetin… For some reason, the player was not embarrassed by the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of pagejumpers, so the game continued. Then suddenly the chip leader disconnects from the game and the heroine of our material once again showed good manners and sports spirit – as soon as Talibenes folded cards and went into sit-out, Vanessa started using her time bank and asked the PokerStars team of technicians to suspend the tournament until the opponent returned to the game. Fortunately, this did not have to be done, he returned a minute later.

After another 10 minutes, perhaps the most important placement of the final happened – Vanessa got KK on UTG, she opens and gets the expected push from the SB from Talibenes with ATo. She had 34bb in her stack – instacall and doubling.

Then the game ended in less than an hour and Vanessa took the first prize. The last deal was a regular coin:

Deals in the finals of this anniversary Sunday Million have taken place, which is an incredible rarity. This has happened only three times in the past 11 years. Another feature of this SM – three players under the Russian flag got to the final table at once, and Belarusian VladHunter21 became the bubble boy of the final table.

Payouts to 15th Anniversary Sunday Milion Finalists

  1. Vanessa “Niffller” Cade – $ 1,514,920
  2. Pavel “Talibenes” Lyadnyak – $ 1,035,358
  3. PanchoVetin – $ 707,639
  4. Transylvanian — $483,652
  5. Konstantin “peu3ep” Nikulin – $ 330,563
  6. malinga — $225,930
  7. ikkedus – $ 154,416
  8. kefirchik – $ 105,537
  9. Vvlankov – $ 72,131

Vanessa Cade’s emotions after winning

When the girl got to the final table, she couldn’t believe this was real life.

Further, regardless of the result of the final table, she invited everyone to alcohol stream.

And with the following message I already celebrated the victory:

I just won a 69,876 tournament and got $ 1.5M.

It’s impossible.

This is the best day of my life.

Nothing beats this.

All the pain was not in vain. The dream has come true.

After that, Vanessa launched the promised alcostreamwhere I drank tequila and received congratulations. Unfortunately, she was alone at home with the quarantined cat. The broadcast lasted as long as nine hours, and the girl managed to share many personal experiences and joys.

The first ten minutes after the victory, I just sat and cried. If you’ve watched my streams, you’ve seen that the past couple of years have not worked out for me. And now two years of disappointment disappeared in an instant.

Hell, I don’t know how to celebrate such an event when I’m alone. It’s good that I have you guys

The entire $ 1.5M prize will go to Vanessa. She did not plan to sell shares and this time she did not lose.

Vanessa drank tequila from her throat and called her parents. They were very happy for their daughter, although for the past 6 years the mother strongly disliked the path she had chosen. The fact is that the daughter was gifted as a child and has an IQ above average.

Mom thought that over the years I could become a sought-after doctor or a lawyer, but instead I played damn cards … And I didn’t really win.

The moment when the winner showed the balance at the PokerStars box office broke the chat.

During the stream, PokerStars also sent a special congratulation. The message sounded like this:

Attention! Message from PokerStars Support:

I lost weight, improved my health, got a contract with Americas Cardroom, and now became a millionaire.

Congratulations, Vanessa. Absolutely deserved.

For the past few months, Vanessa has been hard at work, learning Spanish and working on poker theory with coaches.

About her performance in the finals, Cade spoke like this:

Trying to be as objective as possible, I can say that I played perfectly. It couldn’t have been better

Vaness Cade’s win is one of the most emotional poker experiences in recent years. After the conflict with Bilzerian and GG, she has a lot of fans, and now they are probably in the thousands. And by the way, now Cade can boast that she really became a millionaire thanks to poker. Moreover, unlike Dan Bilzerian, she can confirm this.

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