Pokerdom’s birthday – holiday tournaments, promotions and bonuses for …

Pokerdom’s birthday – holiday tournaments, promotions and bonuses for …

From August 7th to August 29th, Pokerdom will celebrate its birthday with special tournaments and races, as well as giving away additional prizes. Read more about the room’s plans for August in this article.

Bonuses for players worth more than ₽1M

The holiday at the Pokerdom will begin on August 7 with the distribution of prizes at the cash tables. To get a random prize, it will be enough to be on that day at any limits of Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha H / L, Five-card and Six-card Omaha. At a random moment, the room will distribute one prize to each active player. Among them will be:

  • Money for playing cash;
  • Tournament money;
  • Tickets for holiday events.

If, at the time of the distribution of prizes, a person is at the cash table in a sit-out, then he will not receive anything.

Sunday tournaments with a total guarantee of ₽5M

From August 8, tournaments under the name “Pokerdom is 7 years old” will begin in the room. Their start time and structure have not yet been announced, but other details are already known:

  • Micro Main with a buy-in of ₽7.77 and a guarantee of ₽1,000,000 starts on August 8th. Rebuys and add-ons will be available in it;
  • Mini Main with a buy-in of ₽777 and a guarantee of ₽1,250,000 starts on August 15th. Re-entry will be available in it;
  • The Main Event with a buy-in of ₽7,777 and a guarantee of ₽1,500,000 starts on August 22. Re-entry will be available in it;
  • The high roller with a buy-in of ₽77,777 and a guarantee of ₽1,750,000 starts on August 29th. Re-entry will be available in it.

During the week before each Sunday, satellites will be held – their winners will be automatically registered for the corresponding tournament, and it will be impossible to refuse registration. If a person wins more than one entrance to the event, then he can use them for re-entry or exchange them after the end of the promotion in case they were not useful for re-entry.

The winners of each Sunday will receive trophies – physical Cups, which will be delivered to them by mail.

Three races for kesheviks at ₽500K

From August 9, weekly Lucky races will start in the room for regulars in Hold’em cash tables with limits of ₽2.5 / ₽5 and higher, in each of which there will be played for ₽117K:

  • The first race – from 9 to 15 August;
  • The second race is from 16 to 22 August;
  • The third race is from 23 to 29 August.

Points to the leaderboard of each race are awarded for collecting combinations with sevens: a set gives 3 points, a full house of sevens – 8 points, and four of a kind – 12 points. At the end of each week, TOP-17 players will receive prizes from ₽1.5K to ₽54K – you can see the full list in the table below.

A place Prize
1 ₽54К
2 ₽33.5K
3 ₽23К
4 ₽15К
5 — 6 ₽10К
7 — 8 ₽6К
9 — 12 ₽3К
13 — 17 ₽1.5K

Holiday draw from Pokeroff

In honor of the birthday, not only the room, but also Pokeroff will distribute gifts. In the coming days after the publication of this article, 11 tickets for holiday tournaments will be raffled off on the Pokeroff Telegram channel:

  • 1 ticket – at ₽7.77 Micro Maine ₽1,000,000 Gtd;
  • 10 tickets – for ₽777 Mini Maine ₽1,250,000 Gtd.

The drawing will be carried out through a randomized bot – you just need to click above the button under the correct post and then send your nickname to the bot on Pokerdom. If you send someone else’s nickname or write yours incorrectly, you will not receive a ticket.

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