PokerStars Announcer Returns to Standup

PokerStars Announcer Returns to Standup

An almost permanent commentator on PokerStars and a joker by nature – this is how you can briefly describe the hero of today’s material. Joe Stapleton wants to return to stand-up, and we decided to prepare for you an introductory material about his life – past and present.

Who is Joe Stapleton?

The 38-year-old American now lives in New York. His face and voice are familiar to any English-speaking poker player, but Joe himself basically does not want to play professionally – not because of a lack of talent, but because he is “not interested”. But his lack of interest hasn’t stopped him from commenting on virtually every offline and online PokerStars event over the past 12 years.

James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton are the classic poker commentator duo

In addition to commenting, Joe works as a host of poker shows, and has also done video blogs and other content for his employer for a long time. He is loved for being “close to the audience” – a few years ago he said:

I prefer it when things are done in a relaxed way. I like to come to work in an alcoholic T-shirt and slippers. When I worked in Monte Carlo, it was quite the opposite – this is clearly not the place for me.

“I flew to London to work”

Joe Stapleton has worked on various poker projects since 2009. 2011 was especially memorable for him when Black Friday happened:

At that time, the second season of The Big Game was filming and Black Friday happened. Many people suffered from this and lost their jobs.

It didn’t affect me that much, but there was a long period of uncertainty. It so happened that I lived in Los Angeles, and flew to work in London a couple of times a month.

Hartigan and Stapleton, 2013

The constant flights were difficult, so Joe was offered to move to London, where he lived for three and a half years. In 2015, the commentator returned to New York, and since 2016 has been living in Los Angeles.

How Stapleton’s life changed after COVID

Stapleton said COVID has made a big difference in his life, and for the better.

  • In the summer of 2020, he signed an official working contract with PokerStars for the first time. Prior to that, he worked on a project-contract basis. Thanks to this, he found stability in life.
  • Joe is no longer a “lonely person” to the core. In 2018, he got a girlfriend and their relationship has grown stronger over the years.

We do not plan to have a dog or children. I am not yet ready to bear responsibility for another living creature and barely have time to take care of myself and my “immature” girlfriend. But I’m happy.

  • Joe moved from his apartment to his own house. Largely due to a long-term contract with PokerStars

The coronavirus pandemic has seriously changed my attitude towards life. I have learned to feel grateful when all my basic needs are closed, because now everything is very uncertain in the world, and I got around the problems that affected many people.

  • In 2020, Stapleton had problems with his vocal cords. The reason may have been the streaming marathons of the Stadium Series, SCOOP and other series, which had to work on the air for 10 hours five days a week.

Work on the film “Cold Settlement”

A new film will be released on September 16, 2021 “Cold Settlement” (Card Counter) where the poker will be. He is already predicted to be successful at the level of “Rounders”, as the executive producer is Martin Scorsese. It turned out that the hero of today’s material also had a hand in the poker theme of the film.

I was first contacted to just give my opinion on the poker scenes to keep the balance between mainstream and real poker swag.

I made a few comments about the script, and the director and writer agreed that I should be on set.

Stapleton admitted that he was very worried on the set, but the producers of the film listened to his advice and made many changes to the script based on his recommendations. Plus, he was treated like a “rock star” when filming.

Return to standup

Joe first tried joking on stage in 2015 during the European Poker Tour offline stage in London. It turned out to be a cute video, where Hiro made sarcastic jokes about the PokerStars professionals, and they threw tomatoes at him.

Since then, after returning to the United States, he has performed many performances, mostly to small audiences in bars. But despite this, Stapleton is very afraid of the stage, and in general earns practically nothing from stand-up.

If you compare the income from commenting and stand-up, you get a round chart in the form of a pac-man with a closed mouth. Almost all of my earnings come from PokerStars.

We can say that this fact was in the hands of Stapleton, since due to the pandemic, most comedians were forced to adapt or lost their jobs. Unlike them, his bankroll was not damaged. For the last year Joe has been working on new material and is ready to present it at the end of August.

I do not plan to tell the whole talk about how our life has changed due to the pandemic. Perhaps for the first time in history, a huge number of people had an identical experience – we were all sitting at home, watching Netflix and getting fat. And we all hate wearing masks.

Does it even make sense to talk about it? Or is it too strange to ignore this topic? I thought for a long time how to solve this headache

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