PokerStars has compensated players for the canceled Sunday tournament …

PokerStars has compensated players for the canceled Sunday tournament …

Last Sunday’s main event at PokerStars was not the Sunday Million, but the $ 11 Sunday Storm. The room celebrated the 10th anniversary of the tournament with the players and guaranteed $ 1,000,000 – unfortunately, everything ended in failure and the event was canceled. But PokerStars managed to get out of the situation with dignity.

Great expectations from Sunday Storm 10th Anniversary

This week the standard guarantee of the PokerStars micro-limit Sunday weekend has been increased several times (the usual guarantee is ~ $ 150K). The winner would be the proud owner of $ 100,000.

There were two reasons for increasing the warranty:

  • Sunday Storm 10th Anniversary
  • MicroMillions series. Sunday Storm is the main micro-stakes tournament, so a special version of it was due to take place this week.

This was no sign of trouble as PokerStars hosted a generous freeroll satellite to the Sunday Storm with a $ 100,000 ticket prize pool.

Unfortunately, from the very start of MicroMillions, half of the events were held with overlays, which we wrote about in our telegram channels to Pokeroffru… Unwittingly, a small fear crept in that Starza’s impressive $ 1M guarantee was unlikely to be beaten, as it would require 100,000 entries.

Users believe that the reason for the unusually low turnout at the MicroMillions series is the emergence of worthy competitors of PokerStars both in regular tournaments and in freerolls and serials.

Briefly about the tournament: huge overlay and technical problems

The jubilee Sunday Storm kicked off at 21:00 UTC on Sunday. Late registration was announced 3 hours 15 minutes, and about 5 minutes before its completion, the tournament froze. At first it was suspended for about 20 minutes, then continued for a short time, but in the end it was decided to cancel.

Last Sunday was a huge blow to both the pocket and the reputation of PokerStars:

  • The overlay was nearly $ 354,000
  • There is an opinion among the players that the room “did not want to pay the overlay” and made a problem. This is, of course, far from the truth, since PokerStars paid out full guarantee… But technical problems, no matter how professionally they are solved, do not like the players.

What compensation did the Sunday Storm Anniversary players receive?

All players who were in play when the tournament was canceled received a payout. Since the ITM zone had not yet been reached, the tournament was used to pay compensation. rule No. 10, paragraph 2.

  • All players received rake back ($ 1 from the $ 11 buy-in)
  • The prize fund was divided in half. 50% is equally distributed among all participants who were in the game, and the remaining 50% is distributed depending on the size of the stack.

The player under the nickname received the largest payment harveyspector1 from Canada – $ 209. His nickname is a nod to the main character of the series “Force Majeure” (Suits in English).

Harvey Specter from the TV series Force Majeure

Despite the dissatisfaction and conspiracy theories among players, PokerStars should be given credit – tens of thousands of participants received their compensation in a matter of hours without any fuss with support.

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