PokerStars requires proof of income source – what should I do?

PokerStars requires proof of income source – what should I do?

More and more stories from Russian-speaking reuglers appear on the network, whose PokerStars accounts have been “checked” for months or have been blocked. The support is increasingly citing “verification of the source of income” and “suspicious transactions to other players” as the reasons. The massiveness of the cases is worrisome.

Why does PokerStars ask players to prove their source of income?

It’s all about the unknown requirements of the UK regulators, on the license of which the former poker monopolists are now guided. The room conducts routine checks among its players without any algorithm – do not think that this is only for those who “recently registered”, “actively rolls”, “withdraws a lot” or “deposits a lot”. This is a whole campaign against money laundering and it can affect everyone.

As part of the verification, players are asked to:

  • Re-verify identity – scan of the passport and payment for the apartment. This is not a problem for most honest players.
  • Confirm ownership of accounts of payment systems, from where you made deposits and where you sent money (Webmoney / Skrill / Neteller and so on). For this, screenshots with personal data in PDF format are enough.
  • Confirmation of the source of income – salary statements, data on investments, inheritance, rental income, and so on. This point becomes a stumbling block, which is why many CIS players lose their accounts on PokerStars.

Many PokerStars players work unofficially… How, in this case, indicate the employer’s official address? How to confirm your salary if you receive it “in an envelope”? But in letters PokerStars is asked in plain text to provide confirmation of the last three payments from your employer and bank statements.

Someone makes poker at PokerStars… In this case, PokerStars is ready to accept a bank statement, from which it will be clear that you have withdrawn your poker winnings. Agree, it’s rather strange when this is asked from a plus regular with 10 years of experience? There are also such cases.

Someone makes money in other rooms… It seems that the logic here is simple – you take screenshots with the history of cash-outs from the poker room and attach bank statements to them about the receipt of funds on the card. But the problem is that the bank statements will not say “888poker / partypoker / Pokermatch money”, so PokerStars security refuses to identify them as poker winnings.

Affected Player Stories

User under nickname verhovniy told on the forum Gipsyteam about how the other day he lost an account with a 10-year history.

I confirmed my identity and residence permit, but there was a problem with the confirmation of income. Since 2016, I only make money with poker, I play mainly at the poker house cash Omaha

The user was frozen for verification in July 2020. For a whole year he corresponded with the support of the room, where $ 4000 was stuck – the user tried to prove that he was making money with poker, but as a result he was banned from PokerStars and at the time of publication of the material he could not withdraw money.

FiveTo_One hasn’t played on PokerStars since December 2020, and at the end of January 2021 PokerStars decided to check the provenance of his earnings. His support hell lasted within six months – it took 30 letters and an uncountable number of clarifications in the certificate of income from the place of former work.

Gipsyteam user with nickname Satan waited over 8 monthswhile his account is verified. He provided PokerStars with a 3-month salary and bank statement, but did not return access to the account. After the player threatened to contact an independent dispute resolution service with gambling operators, he was answered within a few hours. The user will be withdrawn all the money, but the account will be blocked, since the source of income has not been confirmed.

If your account is frozen and you are unable to pass the PokerStars income verification check, try contacting a UK Independent Dispute Resolution Service. IBAS – several users wrote that the request helped them get things going.

Lack of support staff

Not all users who were touched by the verification of the source of income were blocked. But the very fact that there are many negative scenarios is alarming – PokerStars has long been not the most reliable place to store your bankroll, and this has been proved once again. Ramon “easyjay” Rincon.

The crazy story of a regular unsuccessfully withdrawing $ 300K from PokerStars

The problem lies not in the nature of the test, but in its execution. It’s no secret that PokerStars took the path of “optimization” of costs and seriously reduced the staff. Many offices with hundreds of employees have closed. Among those laid off were the professional support representatives that PokerStars was famous for for many years – these people solved problems of users quickly and painlessly.

The PokerStars office is now decentralized and each region has its own support team. Communication problems arise not only with the players, but also between the departments of the company. Because of this, victims often write not only to [email protected], but also duplicate emails to [email protected] just in case – it turns out that this makes sense.

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