PokerStars SCOOP Champions in the First Five Days

PokerStars SCOOP Champions in the First Five Days

On April 4th, the historic SCOOP (Spring Championship Of Online Poker) series kicked off at PokerStars with a total guarantee of $ 100M. Millions of dollars will be raffled off every day throughout April. In this article, we have collected for you a report on the brightest victories in the first five days.

Mamonov outplayed Holz on the opening day of the series

On the very first day, SCOOP celebrated a kind of “achievement” in its history – more than $ 1 billion in prize money were raffled off.

Out of 18 events (6 tournaments in three price categories), only three finished on the first night. And in one of them a prominent reg from the Russian Federation immediately distinguished himself Maxim “MAMOHT_T” Mamonov (Maksim Mamonov). He won the $ 2,100 Sunday Cooldown SE event, beating world-renowned Fedor “CrownUpGuy” Holtz (Fedor wood).

The first prize in the 7-max final was over $ 88K.

For Maxim, this was only his second victory at SCOOP. He got the first one back in 2015, and in an exotic $ 27 NL Draw tournament.

Omaha4rollz – Another Holz offender

The very next day, after Holtz lost to Mammoth, he had a second chance to win.

This time he made it to the final of the $ 10K High Roller, where the roster spoke for itself. Participants included Simon “C. Darwin2” Mattson, John “apestyles” Van Fleet, Arthur “mararthur1” Martirosyan, Michael “imluckbox” Addamo and others.

Fedor was close to victory – judging by the live broadcast with the cards open, he had a great time, thanks to which he played quite actively. But heads-up against a Hungarian Laszlo “omaha4rollz” Buytas Fedor started with a 2-to-1 chip gap, and it all came to an abrupt end when Buytas caught one of three outs.

Bantamweight final for Andy “BowieEffect” Wilson

An interesting final table came out in the three-day $ 2,100 Sunday High Roller event. Several regulars from the Russian-speaking community took part in it at once: Alexey “ale6ka” Boyko was the original chip leader, and Artyom “veeea” Vezhenkov was the second stack. Unfortunately, neither one nor the other was destined to win.

Briton Andy “BowieEffect” Wilson became the proud owner of the SCOOP title and the prize of more than $ 150K (including the bounty). Anyone who watched the broadcast of the tournament with open cards saw that he did not have to make difficult decisions – the first half of the final he disciplinedly pressed the fold button, and then premium starters began to visit him more and more often.

The most important hand of the final for Wilson was a preflop position against another Briton ¿¿TONEECHO ?? at the top 5 stage – AQ> AJ for a giant chip leader stack. BowieEffect was supposed to just crush the opponents, which he managed to do in an hour of play.

Talal Shakerchi won the HORSE tournament

The Briton, who considers himself a “recreational” player, has earned his fifth SCOOP title in a very long career. On the night of April 6, he played for the final of the $ 2100 HORSE tournament, which was also attended by Mikhail “mikleler” Semin.

Let us remind you that Talal «raidalot» Shakerchi (Talal Shakerchi) was one of the richest men in the UK (five years ago he was in at least the top 1000, now it is unknown), and is also very active in poker. His biggest career achievement is winning the 2016 SCOOP Main Event, where he received $ 1.46 million. It is unlikely that after such a victory he will be particularly happy about the $ 35K prize money.

Despite the fact that Talal plays a lot on PokerStars, he does not hesitate to criticize the poker room when he sees fit.

Talal Shakerchi: “PokerStars Take Too Much Rake”

Montenegrin Dejan “dejanlc357” Kalajurdjevic won three titles

This is who really “made a rustle” on SCOOP in the first five days. Dejan Kaladurdevic became the first ever player from Montenegro to hold the SCOOP title. Moreover, in five days he won three expensive tournaments! The incredible release of the Dispa brought him almost a couple hundred thousand dollars.

On the first day of the series, April 4, Deianu submitted a $ 530 Kickoff, where there were more than a thousand participants. The prize for the victory was $ 78k.

A few days later, on the night of April 7, he dragged $ 530 NLHE into another kilopolyana for 1000 entries [8-Max, PKO, Freezout) — там приз составил $64k.

Менее чем через сутки он выиграл третий титул турнире $1050 Deep Stacks и получил $52k. В этот раз участников было значительно меньше, но большая часть из них явно была регулярами. 

Zaya занёс турнир по NL 5-Card Draw

Андрей «Kroko-dill» Заиченко (Andrey Zaichenko) имеет многолетний опыт игры в смешаные и лимитные игры. За его плечами уже три титула SCOOP, последний из которых он выиграл в ночь с 6 на 7 апреля. Ему покорилось событие по пятикарточному обмену, а приз составил более $5,5K.

Зая также был относительно близок к победе и в дорогой версии аналогичного турнира по $1050 — там он занял 7 место из 57 ($1194).

Leqenden добавил четвертый титул в копилку

Leqenden постоянно мелькает в самых дорогих турнирах PokerStars уже долгие годы. Два дня назад он победил в быстром 6-макс турбо турнире Win The Button по $1050. Игра шла менее 4 часов. О ходе финалки ничего неизвестно, потому что данное событие не стримили.

* Аналогичные турниры Win The Button категории Mid и Low также покорились русскоговорящим игрокам. Россиянин taglagfack выиграл $34K за победу в турнире по $109, а Jeka3200 выиграл $11,8K за победу в турнире по $11.

Limitless одержал дерзкую победу в турнире SCOOP $10K

Виктор Малиновский (Wiktor Malinowski) показал хайроллерам, как правильно не бояться денег. Кэш-регуляр скайлимитов внедрил три патрона в дорогую версию SCOOP Super Tuesday по $10K и всё-таки вырвал победу. В хедз-апе ему противостоял швед C.Darwin2.

Почему победа Виктора была дерзкой? Потому что финалка завершилась быстро (всего три часа), и потому что Лимитлесс иногда позволял себе неординарные мувы против сильных оппонентов, среди которых был Кристоф «26071985» Фогельсанг, Тимоти «Tim0thee» Адамс и многие другие.

Пример дерзкой раздачи от Виктора за финальным столом $10K Super Tuesday.

Адриан Матеос воспользовался магией «VAMOS»

Для победы в килополяне одного скилла не хватит — тут обязательно нужна удача. Испанец Адриан «Amadi_17» Матеос (Adrian Mateos) прибегнул к секретной магии VAMOS — так можно окрестить ауру латиноамериканских комментаторов, которые стали свидетелями, как Адриан имел в одной из раздач на флопе шанс 0,3% на победу и поймал свои ауты.

Произошло это в турнире SCOOP-13-M $1050 NLHE [Super Tuesday], who subsequently submitted to the protagonist of this column.

* Interesting fact: Last year Mateos won one SCOOP title in a similar tournament.

ZapahZamazki went hunting

On the night of April 8-9, Renat Lyapin won the $ 1050 PKO hold’em tournament – the prize money was $ 84K including the bounty.

It is interesting that he could have won a similar tournament, but for $ 11 – 14,595 entries were collected there, and Hiro managed to take 2nd place (!)

Recall that Renat is very fond of serial tournaments, and last year he managed to win the title of the best player in WCOOP 2020.

This is just the beginning of SCOOP 2021 and we still have a couple of weeks of almost continuous action ahead of us with a “weekend” on Fridays. We will follow all the events, so subscribe to more operative reports from the fields that we publish in the telegram channel @pokeroffru

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