PokerStars support and Ramon “easyjay” Rincon can’t agree …

PokerStars support and Ramon “easyjay” Rincon can’t agree …

Top reg Ramon “easyjay” Rincon followed all PokerStars rules and regulations for half a year to withdraw $ 300K, but nothing came of it.

Who is Discussion Author Ramon “easyjay” Rincon

Ramon “easyjay” Rincon – 36 years old, 17 of whom plays cards. Poker pro, former hyper regular who moved to Spin & Go. Easyjay even ran a blog at Pokeroff. In a word, he is not a random person in the industry.

Why store $ 300K in the room

As the author himself says discussionsFirstly, the money is liquid, that is, it can be freely transferred from one account to another within the room without paying a commission. Secondly, when withdrawing money, relations arise with the tax authorities: withdraw money – file a declaration. Thirdly, keeping money on PokerStars, according to the author, was safe.

ToS PokerStars: money can be withdrawn, but unrealistic

At the beginning of 2021, Ramon moves from Russia to Spain. Spain is a separate pool, which uses a separate software for the game. It is not allowed to play in Spain on a regular international PokerStars client. However, per 5.12 ToS (the PokerStars Software License Agreement), individuals who are or reside in certain jurisdictions are prohibited from making deposits and playing real money games. But you can withdraw funds from your accounts.

This is a very important rule. You cannot play in the international client, but you can go into it and put money on withdrawal without a VPN. Legally it is possible, in fact not.

How not to go crazy with a PokerStars support: the story of Ramon “easyjay” Rincon

In early 2021, Ramon moves from Russia to Spain for political reasons. For the first time, he logs into PS under a Spanish IP without a VPN and sends a confirmation selfie with the date, documents and a sign: “I’m in Spain” (I was not hacked). PokerStars replies, “Thank you.”

A month later, Ramon enters the cashier and bets 4,000 on the withdrawal (he did not specify the currency in the blog). Withdrawal approved in an hour. A few weeks later, Ramon bets on a withdrawal of 6,000 – the money is frozen. The security service asks for clarification of the conclusion. Ramon replies that he has written before. Attaches a selfie again and explains that he is not going to play. He left the money in the client to draw conclusions, buy-in to EPT events, or eventually play when he was in a country where it was legal.

This answer suits the security service, and the money goes to the account.

But then payments are unlinked from the account. The thing is that Ramon is a regular of the withdrawal button, not a deposit, he wins and withdraws money. Payments remained linked to the account only because I made deposits of $ 10 once a year.

To link payments back, you can log into the room via VPN. This is done by other players who do not have $ 300K in their account. Ramon decides not to risk it and turns to the support with a request to bind the payments back to him, since he does not want to enter the client from under the VPN, so as not to run into a ToS violation.

And then the trash begins.

Stars send an automatic reply that they do not answer such questions by e-mail. Therefore, contact “Here” – and they send a link on the page with a 404 error. There is no live chat either.

Then Ramon writes to the security service, they say, he does not work there, he does not answer there, I want to withdraw the money, what to do.

The security service responds with a letter containing the following phrases: “If you do not agree with our terms, then you are violating them”, “we confiscate the balance of funds”, “the use of any methods to circumvent our restrictions is prohibited and leads to the closure of the account.” And in addition: “You want to play in a regulated jurisdiction. Go to the website and create a new account. ” This is despite the fact that the author of the post wrote three times that he is not going to play in the room.

But the security service offers a solution to how to restore access to the account, you need to log into the client not from Spain (from any other jurisdiction) from the same device as now, and respond to the letter from the security service “I AGREE”.

Ramon comes to his villa in Bulgaria. Fulfills all conditions. Writes a detailed letter in which he outlines the situation from and to with dates, links, etc. Five times he writes that he is not going to play at PokerStars, but is going to withdraw money. Not guilty of anything, did not violate any rules, etc. Help withdraw money.

And here PokerStars offers two ways again:

  1. Return to Russia. Why is not clear, given that two conclusions were approved.
  2. The Stars remembered that Ramon had an old account in Bulgaria. He is offered to unfreeze it, he agrees. But if in 2014, when Ramon opened a PS account in Bulgaria, he had no problems transferring funds from an international platform to a Bulgarian one, then in 2021 he was denied transferring money to a Bulgarian account.

Summary of the history of Easyjay and PokerStars

  1. The Bulgarian PokerStars account is unfrozen but empty.
  2. PokerStars EU account is suspended, has no connection with wallets (and they cannot be returned back, since Ramon is not in his jurisdiction).

In short, for a whole month Ramon corresponded with the support, strictly followed the instructions of the security service, went to Bulgaria (during the lockdown), spent a lot of time and money, and everything only got worse:

The case took on the image of a vicious circle. I write: “What should I do”. They answer me: “Write to us.” I write to them: “What should I do to withdraw”. They answer me: “Write to us.”

And once, in one of the letters, Ramon was frankly trolled:

«Thank you for writing to us. We at Stars Support certainly wish that you and your family are in the best of health ! Unfortunately…»

PokerStars sent their best regards to Ramon’s family and wished them good health. “Easyjay took it as trolling.” The GT branch hasn’t been updated since July 8th. As soon as the matter gets off the ground, we will inform you.

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