Private freeroll Pokeroffru Telegram Freeroll at PokerMatch for subscribers …

Private freeroll Pokeroffru Telegram Freeroll at PokerMatch for subscribers …

On January 22, at 19:00 Moscow time, a private freeroll for subscriber (paid subscribers) Twitch Pokeroff will take place at PokerMatch. The prize fund is 11,000 hryvnia (about $ 400). In parallel with the tournament, our editor-in-chief Kirill “Kirill_ur” Teryokhin will broadcast live at the same time. We invite everyone to participate!

How to register in the Pokeroffru Telegram Freeroll tournament?

The tournament is closed, only paid subscribers of our Twitch channel… No “leftist” participants are expected – there will be less than 100 people, so for a victory you can get a solid piece of the $ 400 prize pool.

Do you want to participate? Subscribe before January 20, 12:00 Moscow time and wait for our moderator to write to you in Twitch’s private messages – you will need to say your nickname for PokerMatch so that we can add you to the tournament.

Linking your PokerMatch account to Pokeroff is not required… But if you are not registered yet, then create an account with the POKEROFF promo code to receive a registration bonus. Read more in the room overview.

Freeroll structure

Starting stack – 15,000 chips (75 BB), levels of 5 minutes. We will not play too long 🙂

Will I get something else for subscribing to the Pokeroffru Twitch channel?

A paid subscription to Twitch (subscribe) costs $ 4.5 (₽319) for the first month and $ 4.99 (₽399) for the following.

Honorary Subscriber Status will give you:

  • Access to private draws specially for subscribers. We are giving away $ 100-200 for each stream either in cash, or $ T, or in the form of tournament tickets. From 100 to 300 people participate in such raffles, and today we have less than 50 subscribers. It turns out that in such raffles the chance of winning is several times higher.
  • Special nickname tag in chat… Some people asked us about special avatars with the Pokeroff logo. So – this is even cooler!
  • Accessing our emoticons with Rakebackman… Their free version can also be add to telegram, but only you can use them in twitch chat!

Disclaimer: we at Pokeroff do not insist that you sign up for a paid subscription. And without it, you can participate in our raffles for stream viewers, as well as in weekly freerolls at PokerStars / partypoker / PokerKing and other rooms. For us, subscribers are those who express gratitude for our work, but we, in turn, want to give them additional value.

Join the life of Pokeroff

Telegram Is our main site. All the movement here: the latest news in the style of LifeNews, memes, vidos, stream announcements and, of course, raffles of money and tournament tickets.

Chat in a telegram – here you can chat with like-minded people, ask a question about the distribution, share the joy of skidding, complain about an unscrupulous room, or simply express gratitude to our site. Go to us, we are already more than 900 people!

Twitch channel – a place where you can chat with our streamers: Stas, Yana and Kirill. In addition, in 2021 there will be even more broadcasts with SVschool trainers Andrey “STiger” Novak and Artem “veeea” Vezhenkov.

YouTube channel – here we publish the best moments from our streams, as well as Russian-speaking and English-speaking colleagues a couple of times a week.

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