promotions, leaderboards, races and tournament series

promotions, leaderboards, races and tournament series

Leaderboards, races, streaks and the juiciest tournaments – all together in our new article so you won’t be looking anywhere else.

How did the poker world remember February 2021?

  • 888poker updated tournament schedule: the tournament grid was streamlined, the structures were smoother, the add-ons were removed – it turned out beautifully.
  • partypoker adds daily Omaha tournaments – now in the room you can upload a full-fledged evening session to MTT and on four cards every day.
  • Players continue to face problems with deposits and cashouts – we have collected two guides on how to replenish and withdraw money from an account through various payment systems and cryptocurrency.
  • Chris Moneymaker becomes WPN Ambassador – he says, they say, you want to spend more time with your family at home, and now you can express whatever you want, without bluntness.

What promotions have poker rooms prepared for players in March?

There will be a lot of tournament poker in March. Very democratic at Pokerdom, with different buy-ins at partypoker and iPoker and very expensive at GGPOKER. By the way, GG increased the prize pool of all their shares by $ 2.3M. The Sunday Million is also celebrating its birthday. Everything in order.

partypoker: WPT500 Series at the beginning of the month and the Irish Poker Open at the end

From March 7th to 23rd, partypoker will host the WPT500 with two mains:

$530 WPT500 $1M GTD

  • Flights every day from March 7th to March 14th at 23:05 GMT (the last entry day in turbo format is March 15th at 20:05 GMT)
  • Day 2 kicks off on March 15 at 23:05 UTC
  • Final day March 16 at 23:05 UTC

$530 WPT500 Knockout $1M GTD

  • Flights every day from March 15 to March 21 at 23:05 GMT (the last entry day in turbo format on March 22 at 20:05 Moscow time
  • Day 2 kicks off on March 22 at 23:05 UTC
  • Final day 23rd March 23:05 UTC

All days except Turbo have the same structure:

  • Starting stack – 500K chips (100 BB).
  • One re-entry without rebuys and add-ons.
  • Late registration – 10 levels of 12 minutes each (2 hours of playing time) / 10 levels of 7 minutes in Turbo (1 hour 10 minutes of playing time).
  • The stack at the last level of late registration is 25 BB / 31.25 BB in Day Turbo.
  • The first day ends when 15% of the field remains. All survivors automatically go with their accumulated stacks on Day 2.

And from March 26 to April 7, partypoker will host the Irish Poker Open. The schedule includes 25 events with buy-ins ranging from € 22 to € 5,200. The first flight of the € 1,100 Main Event € 1M GTD kicks off on March 28th. You can qualify for this event through satellites: € 0.01> € 1.10> € 11.00> € 1,100 Main Event.

And, as always, daily races for cash, SNG, Spins and Spins Ultra players continue to operate in the room.

$ 24,000 Daily Race Prize Breakdown

  • NL2 (PL2) – $ 250
  • NL5 (PL5) – $ 500
  • NL10 (PL10) – $ 900
  • NL25 (PL25) – $ 1753
  • NL50 (PL50) — $2150
  • NL100 (PL100) — $3000
  • NL200 (PL200) — $3900

In the race for CIS players, there are changes in the distribution of payments (the prize fund remains the same).

Distribution of prizes in the race for SNG players (prize pool T $ 5,000 on weekdays, T $ 10,000 on Saturday and Sunday)

Distribution of prizes in races among SPINS and SPINS Ultra players (prize pool of T $ 8,500 for each discipline, the distribution of prizes is the same)

Partypoker also continues to run the promotion “Legend of the week» with a prize pool of $ 60K weekly.

There are 5 leaderboards in total, each counting the results of two tournaments:

  1. The Double Jab & The Deuce с бай-ином $2,20
  2. The Headhunter & The Five Diamond с бай-ином $5,50
  3. The Terminator & The Ocean’s с бай-ином $11
  4. The Predator & The Clásico with Bai-inom $ 22
  5. The Gladiator & The Masters $ 55 buy-in

Legend of the week prize breakdown

GGPOKEROK: $ 2.3M increase in prize money and new Flip & Go race

The prize fund of all shares on GGPOKEROK in March will increase by $ 2,300,000.

What changed:

  • Spin & Gold leaderboard increased by $ 1.26M + new $ 200 limit added
  • AoF prize pool increased by $ 500K
  • $ 120K Increased Leaderboards for Cash Players in Hold’em and Omaha
  • Rush & Cash Race Increased by $ 100K
  • GGCare prize pool increased by $ 90K
  • The prize fund of the leaderboard has increased by $ 30K in 6+
  • Added a new $ 160K Flip & Go leaderboard

Race rules for cash game players with payouts

$20.000 Holdem и $20.000 Omaha Daily Leaderboard Daily

$ 20K will be played every day in races among Hold’em and Omaha players. Points are awarded based on the number of raked hands played. Every day from 09:00 to 11:00 Moscow time “happy hour”: points are multiplied by x1.5.

$ 21,000 Holdem Leaderboard Daily Prize Breakdown Table:

Omaha Leaderboard Daily $ 21,000 Prize Breakdown Table:

Rush & Cash Payout Race Rules

$40.000 Rush&Cash Daily

The race is divided into two disciplines (Hold’em and Omaha) and seven limits. Points are awarded for actions (maximum 10 points per distribution):

  • 1 point – call,
  • 2 points – bet / raise,
  • 3 points – insurance,
  • 10 очков — Cash Drop.

Every day from 09:00 to 11:00 Moscow time “happy hour”: points are doubled for each action (maximum 20 points per distribution). Leaderboard scoring time is from 11:00 to 10:59 Moscow time.

Distribution of prize money in the Rush & Cash Daily promotions:

$ 50K Spin & Gold Daily Race Rules With Payouts

The leaderboard is divided into 8 positions (depending on the buy-in size). Points are awarded depending on the place occupied in the tournament and the size of the buy-in. Every day from 09:00 to 11:00 Moscow time “happy hour”: all points are multiplied by x1.5.

Leaderboard scoring table $ 30.000 Spin & Gold Daily

Prize Allocation Table $ 30,000 Spin & Gold Leaderboard Daily

$ 10K Short Deck Leaderboard Daily Race Rules With Payouts

The leaderboard is divided into 9 positions depending on the buy-in size. Points are awarded based on the number of raked hands played. Every day from 09:00 to 11:00 Moscow time “happy hour”: points are multiplied by x1.5.

$ 10,000 Short Deck Leaderboard Daily Prize Table

New! $5.000 Flip&Go Daily

In the Flip & Go leaderboard, points are awarded as follows.

  • +1 point for each registration in the tournament (if you registered for 10 stacks, you will receive +10 points).
  • Points are multiplied depending on the first starting hand: for a straight flush of three cards, a bonus x4 buy-ins; for a set – x3, for a flush – x2, for a straight – x2. For example, you made 9 buy-ins and your first hand got three cards of the same suit (flush). In this case, you will earn 9 x 2 = 18 points.

The leaderboard is divided into 9 positions depending on the buy-in size. Every day from 09:00 to 11:00 Moscow time “happy hour”: points are multiplied by x1.5.

$ 5,000 Flip & Go Daily Prize Breakdown Table

And from February 28 to March 7, GGPOKEROK hosts Super Million $ Week with a $ 30M guarantee.

PokerMatch: Mega KO tournament with casino boss # 2 with a guarantee of about $ 178,500 and $ 71,400 in gifts

The boss of the casino is back. The second part of the crazy (in the best sense of the word) tournament at PokerMatch starts on March 6 at 21:00 Moscow time. Buy-in 2,500 UAH ($ 90). Levels for 10 minutes, maximum 4 entrances per player.

The last tournament was held on February 20. The tournament was attended by 1,496 players, the prize fund was 6,732,000 UAH (about $ 240K). Each participant of the tournament received free spins in the amount of $ 100, someone got tickets to a new tournament with the Casino Boss. The winner earned $ 23K and the bubble boy won UAH 25,000 ($ 892).

And now at PokerMatch you can see the opponent’s cardswith whom he lost at showdown.

Pokerdom: Mini-Series “Forward in the Galaxy!”

From March 1 to March 7, a series with very democratic buy-ins is held at Pokerdom: 70 tournaments in NLH, OFC and five varieties of Omaha with buy-ins from ₽10 (~ $ 0.14) to ₽100 (~ $ 1.35) and guarantees from ₽2K ( ~ $ 27) up to ₽200K (~ $ 2.7K). All events will start from 16:00 to 23:00 Moscow time. ₽1M total series warranty (~ $ 13.5K). A leaderboard has also been added to the series, in which the top 25 players will receive prizes from ₽400 to ₽32K.

BestPoker и RedStar Poker: Bounty Hunter Series €1M GTD

From February 26 to March 7, a knockout series is taking place at the iPoker rooms (RedStar and BestPoker). The schedule includes 84 tournaments with buy-ins from € 10 to € 1000. All Hold’em events (only two 6+).

Обзор Bounty Hunter Series на iPoker

TigerGaming: leaderboard in cash with prize payouts every two hours

In March, at TigerGaming, players can participate in a very unusual promotion – the High Hand leaderboard, for which rewards are paid every two 2 hours. To participate, go to “My Missions” or “Contests” and click “Opt in” in the “High Hand” tab.

Points are awarded for collecting certain combinations on the flop and subsequent streets at tables where there are at least three active players. The older the combination, the more points are given for it:

  • Set or three – 3 points
  • Straight – 4 points
  • Flush – 5 points
  • Full House – 8 points
  • Four of a kind – 16 points
  • Straight Flush – 32 points
  • Royal Flush – 50 points

Every two hours, the top three players will receive $ 125, $ 50 and $ 25. In just a month, TigerGaming will distribute $ 20K for this promotion.

Also, leaderboards in cash, CIS and Windfalls continue to operate at TigerGaming, as they did last month.

Vbet: Bull’s Eye KO Series with € 165K guarantee

From February 27 to March 7, a mini-knockout series “Bulls Eye” will be held at Vbet. The schedule includes 135 PKO events with buy-ins from € 1.10 to € 60 with a guarantee of over € 165K, as well as a € 5000 TM leaderboard. Every day at least 13 tournaments. The download starts at 13:00 Moscow time until 00:00 Moscow time. Winners of tournaments with buy-ins from € 11 will receive medals, and with events from € 33 – cups.

The juiciest events of the series:

  • € 60 Main Event € 20K GTD, starting March 7 at 20:00 UTC
  • € 33 Bull’s Eye Opener Event € 7K GTD, kicks off on February 27 at 20:00 UTC
  • € 55 Bull’s Eye Event # 23 € 10K GTD, kicks off on February 28 at 20:00 UTC

Another € 5K will be played on the leaderboard. The prizes will include 25 players. For a win – € 1000, the minimum prize is € 33. Points will be awarded for registrations, knockouts and re-entries depending on the buy-in of the tournament (- -).

from € 1.1 to € 5.5 from € 11 to € 22 from € 33 to € 60
check in 4 8 12
Knockout 4 8 12
Re-entry 2 5 8

PokerKing: Online Super Series и Bigger Online Super Series

The OSS Cub3d series continues at PokerKing. Until March 7, the OSS is held here – a tournament series for players with medium buy-ins. And from March 8 to 14, BOSS will be held – a series for high stakes players. There are three events in the schedule with a $ 1M guarantee in each:

  • March 7th 21:00 UTC – $ 630 OSS # 123
  • March 14th 20:00 UTC – $ 2,650 BOSS # 43
  • March 14th 20:00 UTC – $ 630 BOSS # 44

PokerStars: юбилейный $215 Sunday Million $12,5M GTD

The legendary flagship of the PokerStars Sunday Million is celebrating its birthday. The event will be a three-day, classic no-knockout event with a buy-in of $ 215. Start on March 21 at 20:00 Moscow time. The winner and runner-up will receive $ 1M each. On the first day, you have to play 18 levels of 20 minutes each. Late registration 24 hours after the start of the tournament, you can re-enter up to 5 times.

The second day starts on March 22 at 20:05 Moscow time and ends at level 50 (on this day and until the end of the tournament, levels are 15 minutes each).

The final day starts on March 23 at 20:05 Moscow time. Carnival Series

Between February 21st and March 7th, PokerStars.ES is running a streak with over € 10M guaranteed. Tournament buy-ins from € 5 to € 250, most tournaments with € 30, € 50 and € 100 buy-ins, half of the tournaments in the PKO format. As always, almost all Hold’em tournaments, only 10 events in regular Omaha.

The main event of the series with a buy-in of € 250 (1 re-entry) and a guarantee of € 500K starts on March 7th. PKO format, levels of 12 minutes. The tournament is two days long, Day 2 will have to finish on March 8, so warn your lady of the heart so that this does not become an unpleasant surprise for her.

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