promotions, leaderboards, races and tournaments

promotions, leaderboards, races and tournaments

Leaderboards, races, lotteries, series – a traditional selection of promotions in one article. And don’t look anywhere else.

How did the poker world remember May 2021?

  • PokerKing hosts the second-ever $ 2,650 The Venom in PKO format, and it was bigger and better than the previous one.
  • WPN hosts PKOSS series… And everything would be fine if the servers did not fly on the second game day. The network paid out the ICM prize money to the players, but the players were not happy.
  • BestPoker has closed… Entain, the owner of partypoker, bought out Enlabs (which included Bestpoker and Optibet) and decided to close the rooms. July 31st was the last working day. But the rooms promised return.
  • Players have changed their nicknames at partypoker… Jans “Graftekkel” Arends seems to have outdone everyone in neiminge.
  • Scandal of the month – a story with a teamplayer ban on Vbet… A group of players was banned after complaints on suspicion of teamplay, but due to a software bug in the network, the guys were able to return to the tables again. Commentary from the head of the network.

What promotions have poker rooms prepared for players in June?

Summer is traditionally off-season in poker. Against the background of April and May, shares in June do not look so attractive and juicy. Partypoker, GGPOKEROK and RedStar will have regular promotions, Pokerdom has returned to the weekly race for its daily tournament players after the break, and 888poker has added weekly Sunday events with original prizes.

partypoker: World Cup of Cards and regular daily races

New episode at partypoker in June. Usually the World Cup of Cards is held live in Canada, but this was the first time it was moved over virtual cloth.

So far, we only know that the $ 1,100 Main Event with a $ 1M guarantee will take place with three flights on June 20, 27 and 28. You can qualify for this tournament in satellites.

The final satellites, with a 20-ticket guarantee for $ 1,100 each, will take place on June 6 and 13. You cannot buy-in directly to them. You can register only through $ 22 Phase 2. (every odd hour starts from 15:00 Moscow time to 03:00 Moscow time).

You can try to qualify starting from the center roll:

Center Roll ➡ $ 4.40 Phase 1 ➡ $ 22 Phase 2 ➡ Final Phase.

  • The centroll has a guarantee of 5 tickets at $ 4.40.
  • Phase 1 ends when 20% of the field remains in the tournament.
  • Phase 2 ends when 10% of the field remains in the tournament.
  • The final phase begins with the final stacks from Phase 2.

The daily races for SPINS, SPINS Ultra, CIS players and the weekly Legend of the Week race remain unchanged.

Distribution of prizes in the race for SNG players (prize pool T $ 5,000 on weekdays, T $ 10,000 on Saturday and Sunday)

Distribution of prizes in races among SPINS and SPINS Ultra players (prize pool of T $ 8,500 for each discipline, the distribution of prizes is the same)

The Legend of the week promotion also remained unchanged.

There are 5 leaderboards in total, each counting the results of two tournaments:

  1. The Double Jab & The Deuce с бай-ином $2,20
  2. The Headhunter & The Five Diamond с бай-ином $5,50
  3. The Terminator & The Ocean’s с бай-ином $11
  4. The Predator & The Clásico with Bai-inom $ 22
  5. The Gladiator & The Masters $ 55 buy-in

Legend of the week prize breakdown

The promotion also continues at partypoker Hot Tables: random drops from 1 BB to 500 BB at cash tables and fastforward.

GGPOKEROK: main races and leaderboards remain unchanged

In June, GGPOKEROK will give out $ 800K less in shares than in May. But this is only due to the fact that June is 1 day shorter than May. The room also announced a new $ 45K weekly promotion, but there are no details yet. As soon as they appear, we’ll update the post.

$ 50K Spin & Gold Daily race rules

The leaderboard is divided into 9 positions according to buy-ins (6-max and 3-max tournaments participate in the same classification). Points are awarded depending on the place occupied in the tournament and the size of the buy-in. Every day from 11:00 to 12:59 Moscow time “happy hour”: all points are multiplied by x1.5. Prizes are paid in Spin & Gold tickets.

Important! In 6-max tournaments, the number of points is increased by x1.5.

Table of scoring and distribution of prizes in the leaderboard $ 50,000 Spin & Gold Daily

$ 50K Daily AoF Leaderboard

For each all-in with showdown at a table with three or more active players (players must not sit in a sit-out), one point is awarded. Every day from 11:00 to 12:59 Moscow time “happy hour”: all points are multiplied by x1.5. Prizes are paid out in cash dollars.

$ 50K Prize Breakdown Table AoF Leaderboard Daily

$20K Holdem и $25K Omaha Daily Leaderboard Daily

Points are awarded based on the number of raked hands played. Every day from 11:00 to 12:59 Moscow time “happy hour”: points are multiplied by x1.5. Prizes are paid out in cash dollars, which can only be used for cash games.

$ 20K Holdem Leaderboard Daily Prize Breakdown Table:

Omaha Leaderboard Daily $ 25K Prize Breakdown Chart:

$40K Rush&Cash Daily

The race is divided into two disciplines (Hold’em and Omaha) and seven limits. Points are awarded for actions (maximum 20 points per distribution):

  • 1 point – dog,
  • 3 points – call,
  • 5 points – bet / raise,
  • 5 points – insurance,
  • 10 points – cash drop.

Every day from 11:00 to 12:59 Moscow time “happy hour”: points are doubled for each action (maximum 20 points per distribution). Prizes are paid out in cash dollars, which can only be used for cash games.

$ 40K Rush & Cash Daily Prize Breakdown:

$5K Short Deck Leaderboard Daily

The leaderboard is divided into 9 positions depending on the buy-in size. Points are awarded based on the number of raked hands played. Every day from 11:00 to 12:59 Moscow time “happy hour”: points are multiplied by x1.5. Prizes are paid out in cash dollars, which can only be used for cash games.

$ 5K Short Deck Leaderboard Daily Prize Breakdown

$5K Flip&Go Daily

Points are awarded as follows:

+1 point for each registration in the tournament (if you registered for 10 stacks, you will receive +10 points).

Points are multiplied depending on the first starting hand: for a straight flush of three cards, a bonus x4 buy-ins; for a set – x3, for a flush – x2, for a straight – x2. For example, you made 9 buy-ins and your first hand got three cards of the same suit (flush). In this case, you will earn 9 x 2 = 18 points.

The leaderboard is divided into 4 positions depending on the buy-in size. Every day from 11:00 to 12:59 Moscow time “happy hour”: points are multiplied by x1.5. Prizes are paid in tournament dollars.

$ 5K Flip & Go Daily Prize Breakdown

PokerKing: Nano Online Super Series (NOSS) specially for micro stakes players

From May 30th to July 3rd, PokerKing hosts NOSS. The schedule includes 200 tournaments with buy-ins up to $ 5.50 in NLHE, PLO, PLO8, Stud. Initially, the announcement was a Main Event with a buy-in of $ 0.99, a $ 100K guarantee in the multi-flight format, but this event is not in the lobby. The network may have decided to drop it due to issues with multi-day tournaments.

A series of PKO (Progressive Knockout) tournaments will take place from 9 to 23 May. There are over 200 events scheduled with buy-ins ranging from $ 6.60 to $ 2,650.

888poker: XL Spring Series and Sunday freerolls with extraordinary prizes

From May 30th to June 6th, 888poker runs XL Spring Series with a total guarantee of $ 1M.

XL Spring Series Schedule

Eights have updated the Sunday Made to Amaze tournaments. Previously, these were lottery freerolls. These are now $ 5 buy-in tournaments, $ 10K guaranteed + extra prize. For example, the winner of last week’s tournament will receive $ 1K for every UEFA Euro win by their chosen team. In a successful scenario, the lucky one can win up to $ 7K.

Tournament structure:

  • Starting stack – 166 BB
  • Late registration – first 150 minutes
  • Rebuys – 3, re-entry and add-on are absent
  • Blind levels – 10 minutes

Pokerdom: weekly leaderboard “League of Bogatyrs” for MTT regulars with buy-in ₽1,000

Participate every day in a tournament with a buy-in of ₽1,000 and win up to ₽17,000 on the League of Heroes leaderboard at Pokerdom. Participation in tournaments marked in the BOGATYRI lobby counts towards the credit. Points are awarded for entering the ITM (2 points for the minimum ITM and 12 points for a win). There are seven participants in the prizes:

  1. ₽17,000
  2. ₽11,500
  3. ₽7,000
  4. ₽5,500
  5. ₽4,000
  6. ₽3,000
  7. ₽2,000

RedStar: lottery with prizes up to $ 250

The traditional lottery continues throughout June at RedStar.

To participate in the lottery, you must fulfill any of the conditions (you can do all five in one day, then they will give five tickets – one per mission).

  1. Make a deposit of $ 10/10 € / 700₽ / 60 ¥ / ₴ 250.
  2. Play 250 poker hands in cash (tournaments do not count).
  3. Place $ 100 bets at the casino.
  4. Make a sports bet (single or multiple) for at least $ 5 on any sporting event with odds of 1.5 or more.
  5. Send a screenshot (or a link to a screenshot) of your winnings at RedStar Casino from $ 20 to the RedStar Chat Telegram channel. Only real money game wins count. Drifts from free spins and Quickspin bonus games are not counted. In your personal account, indicate your Telegram address.

1 ticket = 1 spin of the reel = 1 guaranteed prize. These can be free spins, poker bonuses, or $ 5; $ 25; $ 100 and even $ 250 directly to the account.

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