Regular Spin & Go Stepan “Xxstepanxx” Osinovsky about streams, Spin & Go, …

Regular Spin & Go Stepan “Xxstepanxx” Osinovsky about streams, Spin & Go, …

Regular expensive Spin & Go Stepan “Xxstepanxx” Osinovsky in an interview for Pokeroff told how he came to streams, which room is better to choose for Spin & Go, whether it is worth diving into the world of poker and the world of cryptocurrency for the sake of money in 2021.

– Stepan, tell us about yourself.

I was born in Leningrad, raised in St. Petersburg. Has been playing poker since 2009. Since 2010, this is my only source of income. I made my first bankroll in MTT, skating tournaments for $ 5, $ 10 and $ 20. Then I discovered heads-up CIS and quit my job when it started to work out. And somewhere in 2015 – 2016 I learned about Spin & Go and switched to this discipline.

– How was your first stream. Worried?

Probably a little worried at first. Perhaps even in those moments when there was not enough play or did not have time (went into sit-out because of what he said and could not make a decision).

– Was that your first stream?

No, I had a break for about a year and a half. In the past, I have streamed regularly for six months, 4-5 days a week. Then I got tired of it and dropped it.

– What was the motivation to start streaming?

Add something new and interesting to your life and your game. I thought maybe there would be more concentration. In general, everyone was streaming – and I decided to give it a try.

– Did you clearly understand that some person would watch your stream, notice the peculiarities of the strategy and beat you?

This is one of the reasons why I stopped streaming. The top-spin field is narrow. I realized that I was losing too much EV on streams, especially when I decided to play on the $ 250 and $ 500 streams.

– And what is the second reason?

I realized that streams take most of the concentration. If I have concentration to stream, it means that I have concentration to open a couple more tables and increase my dollar / hour by one and a half times.

– What was your audience when you started streaming?

The average audience is about 100 people. And if someone raided or had some kind of successful action, then 200 people.

– Do you get any information from your colleagues on the streams?

No, no one streams the top limits. And I don’t intersect with low-limit players.

– Your first stream at Pokeroff was in the unfamiliar Jackpot SNG format at PokerKing. Haven’t played at PokerKing before?

Two or three years ago I played there for a month – one and a half.

– How do you compare with GGPOKEROK, PokerStars or partypoker?

PokerKing has less play, higher rake. What rakeback and what field I have not yet been able to estimate. I paid more attention to the chat and the decisions I made. I didn’t even understand who I was playing with.

– I saw that you got good multipliers, and you brought in most of them. How did you play the session?

I played plus two buy-ins. This is great for an average day, but not enough for a good day. If you show such a result for a month, then this is great.

– Many readers have thought about switching to Spin & Go. As an expert, tell me, is it too late to start in this discipline?

As an expert, I think it’s too late to start in poker now, and even more so in Spin & Go. This is one of the toughest disciplines in poker. Four years ago, I could have said that poker is a great source of income for anyone willing to spend time on it. At the moment, poker is a great source of income only if you have great motivation or if you like the process itself. If you directly enjoy the process, then you can come and earn. But if you just want to come for the money, then it’s too late.

Spin & Go is a cruel world, it’s a jungle. This is a continuous slump, where you have to conquer others, do more than others, learn theory more than others, be more stress-resistant than others and constantly “gnaw out” your place at the table and in this field. There is no more freebie in poker. It is hard work and a wild jungle full of the same predators who want to earn money.

– Let’s say we have found a person who meets these criteria. Can you give him three tips now, where to start?

  1. Get a couple of workouts from a good coach.
  2. Get good preflop TRP charts from your coach.
  3. Get basic explanations from the trainer on how to work with the TRP-solver yourself (any, there are a lot of them).

Then, with all this knowledge, sit in the solver and think about its decisions and what other players are doing. And reinforce it in your game.

– What is the limit in Spins that you can reach without a solver?

I can’t judge, I’ve never played without a solver. About five years ago, when I decided to climb the limits, I read the book “Applications of No Limit Holdem” by Matthew Jund. It described the solver approach even before solvers. And I started working at Simple Postflop almost as soon as it came out. At Spin & Go, I started out with knowledge of GTO theory. I don’t know how to play without a GTO.

– During the stream, I drew attention to such an interesting phrase from you: “I had a break for two months, and I had already forgotten what to do in this situation”… For some reason I thought it was like a bicycle: I learned to ride and you will never forget. So you need to keep your brain and memory in shape?

Spin & Go at the highest level is like a high performance sport. Cycling is an amateur sport. Of course, I can come for $ 3 or $ 5, where I don’t care how I play. You can’t forget how to play at an amateur level. You can’t forget how to ride a bike on an amateur level. But if you miss a month of training in elite sports, then you roll back very far. You can run, but you have to remember the smallest details of how to do it.

– Poker rooms make disciplines as unbreakable as possible (hyper-structures, increased rake, no rakeback). Where is the limit in Spin & Go, at which these tournaments will be unprofitable?

An example of such an unbreakable discipline is Spin & Go Flash without a challenge. You cannot count on earnings at a distance. It’s like a tape measure. In general, this border in poker is very close. The benefits at high stakes are microscopic. And if you are a little weaker than others, or if your rakeback or structure deteriorates a little, that’s it, you are playing in the red. In Spin & Go, this advantage is minimal.

– I read a discussion on this topic that in Spin & Go Flash the fund plays negative or zero at a distance. But if this fund stops playing, then other funds will start to play a plus. And so this fund is not going away. It read like absurdity, but perhaps there is some truth in this?

In Spin & Go, there is a daily process of “overflow” of players. If a regular gets two fish as opponents, then he suddenly plays a good plus. If two other players found out about this, they sat down with him in a tournament, where three regulars are now playing – all three are playing with a minus. Whoever loses the most leaves – two regs and one fish are playing. And one of them is at zero or a weak minus – the other, perhaps, earns. And this happens all the time. Someone thinks that it is not profitable for him to play, and leaves. Those who stayed earn.

– Now after the break, what is your plan?

It is necessary to repeat the preflop ranges, the main flops / boards and every day after the session to analyze the mistakes and remember them. So in a couple of weeks, return to form.

– Did I understand correctly that your highest limit is $ 200?

For a period of time, I have been a main player for the $ 500 at partypoker.

– And why didn’t you stay?

I have fulfilled Diamond Elite… Then I decided to take a break and try GGPOKEROK, where the maximum limit is $ 200. And after a month – one and a half games on GGPOKEROK to zero (I could not beat the game there), I was so tired of poker that I had a month’s rest. Now I go back and choose the main room, while streaming the game on Pokeroff.

– Which room do you prefer?

partypoker is better off with Diamond Elite leaderboards and rakeback. I also have some kind of bonus on PokerStars. Maybe I’ll play it first and see that it’s great to play on Stars now.

– When to expect your streams?

The next stream will be on Wednesday. Well, once a week in the evenings on Wednesdays or Fridays.

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– I know that you are a crypto investor. How many hours a day do you spend on getting information about cryptocurrency?

At the moment, my development in the crypt is associated with the development in programming. I spend two to four hours a day learning programming because my plan is to automate my actions in cryptocurrency. Before programming, I spent about two hours a day. Now I still spend at least an hour a day on cryptocurrency.

– Is your crypto portfolio diversified? Consists of stablecoins, Bitcoin, Ethereum?

Most of all on the air, in the Terra token (LUNA). I have a lot of crypto shares in Terra. In the Mirror Protocol, it is possible to buy tokens pegged to the price of real shares, and receive additional rewards on them. That is, to receive even more income than from real stocks. And the bitcoin part. And not just in your wallet. And in the wrapper of Bitcoin on the Ethereum network in some projects. I have invested everything in something to bring additional profitability.

– Recently I heard the opinion that after 35 years people reach the peak of their brain activity, after which it is difficult to maintain themselves in maximum shape. Agree with that?

It is hard to say. People are divided into several groups. Most of the people do not even go to their goal. The next large group is those who go to their goal, but do not reach it. A small group – those who go to the goal and get it. A scanty group – those who go to their goal, reach, and then move on. It is true that in relation to those who have reached the peak, the majority will not stay at it. But there are always those who will continue.

But in terms of age, I agree. Now I absorb information much more slowly than before.

– You are fond of programming. Is it too late? Didn’t the train leave?

The train hasn’t left yet, let’s just say. But the information that I am assimilating now, objectively 20 years ago, I would have mastered twice as fast. But now I have much more faith in myself than 20 years ago. And more understanding that if I want something and make an effort, I will achieve it. For me, this confidence “if I want, I will achieve” is now more important. Now it is, but before it was not. I know in which direction I want to develop. I know that I will spend a certain number of hours on this. I will go there longer than twenty years ago. But I’m more confident that I’ll make it. Because I believe that you have to go – and sooner or later you will get there.

– If you were offered to choose only one of the three, which would you choose: poker, programming or cryptocurrency?

Programming for me is an applied tool that I study to apply in cryptocurrency. I don’t need programming by itself. Therefore, we combine cryptocurrency and programming.

I would rather leave cryptocurrency and programming. But I’m not sure if this will allow me to have the same income as poker. It’s just that I like poker less now, but it’s more reliable. And I like cryptocurrency more and it can have more money. But I’m not 100% sure about this because my plan to automate the processes might not work.

– If you look globally at the world of cryptocurrency, do you think this whole “blockchain-crypto-bubble” could ever collapse?

That is, the cost of any cryptocurrency will be zero?

– Yes.

The probability of this is about the same as the probability that all fiat currencies (ruble, dollar, euro) will cost 0. Maybe an apocalypse will happen, and then fiat currency and cryptocurrency will become equal …

– People remember that Bitcoin was worth $ 3, and now it is worth $ 45K. Does it make sense for ordinary people (for example, a person with $ 1K per month earnings) to get involved in this area, or is it too late?

I think it’s best to invest money in yourself to increase your earnings per month. And then think about investing. If your professional activity is related to cryptocurrency (for example, a programmer), then look for vacancies in the English-language crypto-twitter, and your salary will be twice as much. I think so, but I’m not an expert. If your area can be related to programming in the crypto world or creating content in the crypto world, then the crypto world will add a good amount to your salary.

– Have you ever made deposits in poker rooms in a crypt?

No, only cashout in the crypt through Pokeroff. I did not interact directly with the room through the cryptocurrency.

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