Results of $ 2,650 The Venom PKO at PokerKing: information about players, prize money …

Results of $ 2,650 The Venom PKO at PokerKing: information about players, prize money …

In our review of the record-setting The Venom PKO, we cover the action at the final table and share interesting facts about the finalists.

$ 2,650 The Venom PKO: Successful Experiment with the Network’s Main Event Format

From April 30 to May 13, PokerKing hosted the $ 2,650 The Venom $ 5M GTD tournament. This is the second WPN PKO Flagship Tournament. The organizers decided not to risk it and announced the same $ 5M guarantee as in the previous tournament.

How the first $ 2,650 The Venom PKO tournament went

The Venom PKO exceeded all expectations. In four starting days, 2,864 entries were collected. The prize fund of the tournament was a record $ 7,160,000.

Tournament attendance by day:

  • Day 1A (April 30) – 321 entries
  • Day 1B (May 1) – 796 entries
  • Day 1C (May 7) – 573 entries
  • Day 1D (May 9) – 1174 entries

The event attracted a lot of professionals. It seemed that The Venom was played by players from all rooms. Vanessa Cade, Jeff Gross, Jonathan Van Fleet, Dmitry Yurasov – all of them have been streaming action from day one.

Vanessa Cade busted out in 123, flopping top pair versus set ($ 5,012)

Among the representatives of the Russian-speaking community, Ilya “ALOHADANCE” Korobkin was the coolest. The streamer plays on the WPN under the nickname “trxmrzwmshoe”. Ilya was eliminated in 22nd place and earned $ 33,741 (including $ 22,285 bounty).

The Venom PKO Final Table Action: Famous Players, Bad Beats, and 3.5 BB Champion Comeback

As a result, 5 representatives of the USA, Spaniard Ignacio “TIKITAKA11” Moron Chavero, Brazilian Thiago “eeeoooshhh” Crema and Austrian Roland “Nippler3” Rokita entered the final table.

Eighth place was taken by “WildCard23”… According to SharkScope, prior to this final, he played 414 $ 12K tournaments at PokerKing. He went to the final table with the shortest stack and lost a field with A5o against KJo “BuddhasAces”.

Seventh place went to Roland “Nippler3” Rokita – Professional from Austria with $ 690K in prize money in live tournaments. “Nippler3” fell victim to a bad beat, playing with pocket Aces against pocket Queens “TIKITAKA11”: contrary to Barry Greenstein’s behest, a Queen came on the river.


Sixth place went to Brazilian player Thiago “eeeoooshhh” Crema… According to CardPlayer, he has over $ 578K in live tournament earnings. On PS, Crema plays under the nickname “KKremate”. He is also the coach of the 4bet Poker Team, which has over 93K followers on Facebook (it turns out that the Brazilians are also learning to play). The Brazilian fielded 9 big blinds with A4s and was unable to beat the pocket pair of Eights “TIKITAKA11”.


Fifth place went to “jeromewindd”… And absolutely nothing is known about this player: poker statistics sites do not track his data. He was also knocked out by “TIKITAKA11”. Chalkboard 8Peaks7Hearts5Hearts “Jeromewindd” went top pair and kicker Nine no blockers on a flush, Spaniard showed 8Baptize6Hearts… The turn came the T flush drawHeartsand the river came to street 4Peaks.

Fourth place went to Matthew “The_Founder” Davis (Matthew Davis) is the only US representative whose real name turned out to be familiar to viewers. Davis has earned over $ 163K in live tournaments. He is also the only finalist to stream his game on Twtich.

Matthew Davis took 4th place with 8 big blinds with A7o against QQ

About player in third place under the nickname “BuddhasAces” we don’t know anything. But he has a very interesting chart on SharkScope. He played 1000 tournaments strictly at minus $ 8.6K. Then he learned something and began to drag. After 200 tournaments, he brought the chart to a plus of $ 1K, and then finished third and won $ 387K. In the final hand, “BuddhasAces” shrugged off his 11bb stack with A9o against “TIKITAKA11” QTo: the turn came the Ten.

BuddhasAces chart on SharkScope

The Spaniard Ignacio “TIKITAKA11” Moron Chavero and the no-name from the USA under the nickname “RyDo” met in the heads-up… The Spaniard has $ 46.3K on HendonMob’s profile, with another $ 55K in WSOP Online tournaments at GG. The heads-up kicked off with more than a fourfold chip advantage in the Spaniard’s favor. But 20 minutes and RyDo won the tournament. First, RyDo doubled up with A4o against AJo and flopped a Four. Then he won several pots without showing up. In the final hand, I pulled a coin with KQo against 88. We cut out the final hand and put it in our telegram channels.

The future champion sat with the shortest stack for almost the entire final table. In 6-max he had 3.5 big blinds, in 5-max he had 3.2 big blinds. On top of that, he entered the final table with the largest bounty at $ 236K. But this evening he was not knocked out.

Nothing is known about RyDo except information from SharkScope. Before winning, he skated 3,000 tournaments at PokerKing with $ 150 ABI minus $ 36K. But in one evening he won $ 737K in The Venom and another $ 60K in $ 630 PKOSS # 1 H for 297 registrations. And now his graph looks impressive.

SharkScope's RyDo chart

$ 2,650 The Venom PKO Final Table Results:

  1. RyDo – $ 737K (including $ 236K bounty)
  2. Ignacio “TIKITAKA11” Moron Chavero – $ 632K (including $ 130K bounty)
  3. BuddhasAces – $ 387,944 (includes $ 71K bounty)
  4. Matthew “The_Founder” Davis – $ 282,014 (includes $ 56K bounty)
  5. jeromewindd – $ 215,469 (includes $ 58K bounty)
  6. Thiago “eeeoooshhh” Crema – $ 131,869 (including $ 8K bounty)
  7. Roland Nippler3 Rokita – $ 119,135 (includes $ 31K bounty)
  8. WildCard23 – $ 62,663 (includes $ 3.5K bounty)

The Venom has come to an end, but the action at PokerKing continues. The PKOSS series is taking place here from May 9-24. You can read more about the main events in this article.

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