Review of Sunday tournaments and upcoming XL Spring, NOSS and Boosted Week series

Review of Sunday tournaments and upcoming XL Spring, NOSS and Boosted Week series

The end of May is like a big crossroads for poker rooms: somewhere large series of high rollers are coming to an end, and somewhere festivals for micro stakes are just beginning. Read today at Pokeroff for an overview of Sunday’s biggest events, as well as the upcoming June series.

Malinowski and Volkmann are WPT Online High Roller Champions at partypoker

Victor “Limitless” Malinovsky (Wiktor Malinowski) was fortunate enough to take first place in the $ 25K one-day event, where he introduced two buy-ins, like many of his peers. Victor received $ 354K for the first place, and the least fortunate was Isaac Haxton, Sami Kelopuro and Samuel Woosden – these three also spent two “rounds”, but left with nothing.

In parallel with this event, there was a one-day $ 5200 High Roller Turbo with a $ 200K guarantee, which was closed to the delight of partypoker. Here the first place was taken by a famous regular from Brazil Bruno “great dant” Volkmann (Bruno Volkmann), recent winner of the tournament Super MILLION$, – in heads-up he was opposed Arthur “mararthur1” Martirosyan… For the first, the Brazilian received $ 86K, and the Russian $ 53K for the second.

The WPT Online series is almost over, with only a couple of days left to play. The $ 3M Guaranteed Main Event has already collected 915 entries – less than a hundred left to break the guarantee.

Today at 18:05 Moscow time the last game day of the $ 3200 Main Event Turbo will take place, and at 22:05 Day 2 starts, where at the time of publication the chip leader is a big fan to dance Stoyan Obreshkov.

Stoyan Obreshkov

Anatoly Filatov becomes a huge chip leader at the Super MILLION $ final table

The stack is 112.4 big blinds, the closest pursuers Sergey Denisov and Isaac Haxton have 50 big blinds each. The grand prize of $ 326K is at stake! The broadcast promises to be very interesting. The composition is cool.

Sven Andersson, Elio Fox and Bruno Volkmann make the Super MILLION $ final table for the second week in a row. All three of them are located at the bottom of the chip account, and this is the only reason why they have the least chances of winning. But Super MILLION $ viewers remember Elio Fox ripped to smithereens last week’s finals, starting with 8.5 bb.

Also, David Peters, Juan Pardo, Isaac Haxton and Sergey “CrazyLissy” Denisov entered the final table – all these guys are not a gift. And also a dark horse, a no-name, a certain UncleToni, will play with them.

$ 10,300 Super MILLION $ Final Table Chip Account:

  1. Anatoly Filatov – 112.4 bb
  2. Sergey Denisov – 53.3 bb
  3. Isaac Haxton – 51.1 bb
  4. Juan Pardo – 46.7 bb
  5. UncleToni – 41.8 bb
  6. David Peters – 21.9 bb
  7. Elio Fox – 17.1 bb
  8. Bruno Volkmann – 15.4 bb
  9. Sven Andersson – 12.7 bb

Anatoly Filatov shared in blog fun fact about participating in this tournament:

“Misrid made his hand in 10k and rolled KK in 4 outs lol.”

Another interesting fact: a week ago at the final catch-event WSOPC Anatoly said that he plays negative on SharkScope on GG. But he has a plan for how to fix it. How he looked into the water!

Nothing, this minus is corrected in one trip, as many MTT people dream. So I fix it on one trip, only it does not happen yet! I was already walking twice.

They will play out on Tuesday, the broadcast will begin at 21:05 Moscow time on YouTube channel GG.

Niklas Astedt – $ 525 WSOPC Main Event Chip Leader

Alongside the indomitable Swede at the final table, the popular streamer and reg of the $ 1.4M live WSOP series will battle it out.

The final table line-up has been determined today. Chipleader with 74.5bb stack will continue the game Niklas Astedt (Niklas Astedt) is a player that needs no introduction.

Who else is known to the public at the final table?

Patrick “Egption” Tardif (Patrick Tardif) is a member of the GGPoker Squad. Patrick shot this whole tournament. Recording is available on Twitch channel… And another famous player in the final, a US representative playing under the Mexican flag, David Michikovski (David Miscikowski). This guy won a $ 5K live WSOP event in 2014 ($ 720K).

$ 525 WSOPC Main Event Chip Account:

  1. Niklas Astedt – 74.5 bb
  2. Yanfei “aoteman1888” Chi – 52.4 bb
  3. sssssAK – 48.9 bb
  4. Fabian Spielmann – 46.7 bb
  5. Promoking – 45 bb
  6. Patrick «Egption» Tardif – 30.4 bb
  7. Allan «Freedom35» Mello – 24.4 bb
  8. Noksukow – 23.7 бб
  9. David Michikovski – 23.7 bb

The WSOPC Main Event at GGPOKEROK has proven to be very popular. For all flights, 14,496 entries were registered for $ 525. Thus, the $ 5M guarantee was overridden by $ 2.2M.

The game will continue on June 5 at 21:00 Moscow time, they promised to stream on YouTube channel GGPoker.

The WSOPC Main Event Champion, in addition to the $ 758K first prize, will receive the status of the new GG Ambassador. And this is not only “status”, but also a whole set of pleasant bonuses:

  • Personal avatar;
  • Champion badge in the client;
  • Platinum status under the Fish Buffet program with 60% cashback;
  • Unique affiliate code to attract new players;
  • $ 50K tickets to the GGPoker Online Series Main Event, Live WSOP Main Event, Live WSOP Europe Main Event and other events;
  • Lounge access for all live partner events.

Juan “Malaka $ tyle” Pardo won the $ 5,200 Bounty Builder Series

The main event of Sunday night at PokerStars was the $ 5,200 Titan Events with 121 entries, where the heads-up «Malaka $ so much» turned out to be stronger Konstantin “krakukra” Maslak… Among the representatives of the Russian-speaking poker community, Andrey “drew.derzh” and “serggorelyi7” also played at the final table.

$ 5,300 BBS Titan Events Final Table Results (Bounty + Seat Reward):

  1. Juan “Malaka $ tyle” Pardo – $ 88K + $ 59K
  2. Konstantin “krakukra” Maslak – $ 29K + $ 59K
  3. Daniel “Oxota” Dvoress – $ 7.9K + $ 39.8K
  4. drew.derzh — $26,6K + $30,8K
  5. András “probirs” Nemet – $ 22.7K + $ 23.9K
  6. edu22.sp — $4,4K + $18,5K
  7. Sajanas23 – $ 15K + $ 14,3K
  8. Pedro “PaDiLhA SP” Padilla— $ 6.4K + $ 11.1K
  9. serggorelyi7 — $3,4K + $8,8K

The $ 530 $ 2M Guaranteed Bounty Builder Main Event had 3,793 entries. Bad news for PokerStars: the room had to cover a $ 103.5K overlay. Reg MTT became the champion in this tournament Virgilik ($ 22.8K + $ 52.7K). According to SharkScope, after this entry, the Romanian player’s profit in tournaments on PS is $ 648K.

The $ 55 Main Event with $ 1M GTD had 24,147 entries. Matu1096 ($ 22.8K + $ 52.7K) celebrated the victory here. His statistics are hidden. We only know that Matu1096 plays tournaments with ABI $ 8.82.

The Bounty Builder Turbo Series will run for another week (until June 7). The schedule includes turbocharged and hyper-turbocharged KO tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $ 5.50 to $ 5,200.

Nikolai iamluck won the Maine PokerHome Cup

₽5K Main Tournament ₽4M Gtd ended early this morning. The winner and the owner of ₽705,060 was the regular PD and PS and former Fifty50 poker coach Nikolay “iamluck”, also known as “Nikki5454”. The TOP-9 together with him included:

The TOP-9 together with him included:

  • 2nd place, ₽511.648 – Vladislav “taraholics” Taraday
  • 3rd place, ₽371,304 – ludvig
  • 4 place, ₽269,456 – pestovs
  • 5th place, ₽195,544 – garrnik
  • 6th place, ₽141,904 – art no2222
  • 7th place, ₽102,980 – tropico
  • 8th place, ₽74,732 – Oleg “meti” Klochenko
  • 9th place, ₽54,236 – Sergey “svd72”

Also today we summed up the leaderboard “Pokerdom Cup – Rating” – its winner and owner of an additional ₽100K holding the lead ( for more than 10 days “molyavka89”. The TOP-5 of the leaderboard also includes:

  • 2nd place, ₽80K – sgeeeee
  • 3rd place, ₽60K – Denis “den4ig1989” Avramenko
  • 4th place, ₽40K – nogano777
  • 5th place, ₽30K – valega

The Pokerdom Cup is over, but the action in the room continues – there are satellites for the offline series Sochi Poker Festival Summer, which will be held from June 18 to June 27 at the Casino Sochi.

888poker’s XL Spring is a $ 5.50 mini-tournament

The mini-series of 25 tournaments will run until June 6 inclusive. Buy-ins start at $ 5.50.

The first four “Opening” tournaments took place on May 30, and only the most expensive of them, the # 1 Opening $ 55, beat the guarantee.

The main event will take place on June 6 in three versions at $ 5.5 / $ 33 / $ 250 – satellites (including freerolls) are already available in the lobby.

Biggest $ 500K Guarantee Will Be In The $ 250 Main Event

In honor of XL Spring, the Eights will hold three more closed freerolls:

  • June 11 – $ 5000 XL Spring Bronze Freeroll
  • 12 июня — $10,000 XL Spring Silver Freeroll
  • 13 июня — $20,000 XL Spring Gold Freeroll

To get into each of them, you need to take part in 3/6/8 tournaments of the XL Spring series

Boosted Week – week of increased guarantees in MTT GG

From May 31st to June 6th, the guarantees of many tournaments will be increased by 20% or more! Look for the Boosted Week tab in the lobby.

Example: The $ 10 Daily Special will run with a $ 5K / 10K / 15K guarantee instead of the usual $ 3K / 5K / 10K.

Among the Boosted tournaments there will be not only NLHE events, but also PLO and shortdeck events under the brands Daily, High Rollers, Bounty Hunters and Omaholic.

Omaholic Bounty Half MILLION $ – New $ 500K Guaranteed Omaha Tournament

An unprecedented bounty tournament in Omaha (more precisely, PLO-NL) takes place at GGPOKEROK all week until June 6th. Every three hours there are scheduled starting days for a $ 109 event and a half a million dollar guarantee.

The starting flight lasts approximately 10 hours (levels of 10 minutes, starting stack 125 BB). The final day will take place on June 6th at 11:30 pm Moscow time.

Exactly the same event took place successfully last week – the guarantee was fully covered (albeit with a small margin) thanks to 604 entries, and the winner was announced by the Chinese under the nickname “The tc”, he received a $ 48K prize.

FBSS & NOSS – two series for micro stakes at PokerKing

From May 30 to July 3, the PokerKing room (WPN network) is hosting two series at once for players with a small bankroll. Buy-ins will be up to $ 5.50!

FBSS (FreeBuy Super Series) is a hundred freebie tournaments, which are free to enter, but re-entry is paid. The general guarantee is $ 100K. The FBSS Main Event will take place on June 13 (Sunday) with a $ 25,000 guarantee. The rebuy will cost $ 20 and the addon will be $ 40.

NOSS (Nano Online Super Series) – 200 tournaments with buy-ins up to $ 5.50, with a total guarantee of $ 250K.

The NOSS will feature two Main Events:

  • May 30 – $ 5.50 NOSS Kick-off Main Event PKO $ 30K GTD (tournament ended)
  • May 30 – June 27 – $ 0.99 NOSS Main Event $ 100K GTD. Three days of entry are planned for each day.

At the end of both series, a private freeroll with a $ 5000 guarantee will be held for the winners of FBSS / NOSS tournaments.

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