Russian Nikolay “badlucktou” Tulin became the winner of The Venom PKO …

Russian Nikolay “badlucktou” Tulin became the winner of The Venom PKO …

On the night of September 29-30, PokerKing ended with $ 2,650 The Venom PKO $ 5M Gtd. The winner and owner of $ 716K is a regular from the Russian Federation Badиколай «badlucktou» Тулин.

How did the Venom PKO flights go?

The first entry day of The Venom PKO started on September 17th – it collected 288 entries, and the main “sponsor” of the tournament was the legendary Chris Moneymaker… He made 8 re-entrances ($ 21,200) but never made it to Day 2, dropping out in 98th. If Moneymaker had been doing this in 2003 at the WSOP as it is today at Venom, there would have been no poker boom in it (see attached video).

Famous players in Day 1A also took off Jonathan “apestyles” Van Fleet (5 entrances, – $ 13,250) and The phrase “The-Toilet 0” Jack (2 entrances, – $ 5,300). On the second day, 46 participants crossed over.

On September 19, the second of the four $ 2,650 The Venom flights took place more vigorously, collecting 645 entries. Here both Moneymaker and Van Fleet managed to take revenge – both moved up among the 105 lucky ones in Day 2, making two entries each.

Their WPN teammate Vanessa “Niffler” Cade also tried to break through the second day of The Venom: she introduced $ 13K in two days, but due to a series of bad hands she never made it to Day 2. That day she generally did not it turned out what she said on Instagram:

Here are a couple of hands from the past day.

  • I bet with 99 a 4-bet shove against a big chip on the bubble for a pot of 24 big blinds. He took on T9s (?). The board is KJXJK, he wins on the Ten.
  • Spinned up the stack in Venom, but soldered with Kings against Aces for a pot of 200 big blinds.
  • Opened early in the $ 630 tournament, with SB push for 25 big blinds with A7s against our AQs. Seven on the board.

After Day 1C, which had 407 entries and allowed 68 players on Day 2, The Venom had one flight and an overlay of $ 1,650,000. The most successful among flights was Day 1D – it gained 981 entries, so the expected overlay did not happen – the total prize pool was $ 5.8M. From the last flight, 178 people made it to Day 2, including Vanessa Cade, who had to make 8 entries.

The Rise and Fall of Chris Moneymaker

The second day started with 394 participants and ended when 46 people remained in the game. Unexpectedly for everyone, Chris Moneymaker moved into the third game day as a chip leader – he had the third stack (91 big blinds) and $ 10,961 bounty. Your session

Chris Moneymaker streamed to Twitch (however, records are available only to paid subscribers). Judging by what you can see in his videos, the secret of success turned out to be simple: you need to be able to drag exhibits, or at least bounce.

However, luck turned away from the WPN Ambassador as quickly as it came – although he started Day 3 as a potential winner, Chris could only hold out in the tournament up to 32nd place, and it was a shame – you can watch his last hand at video in the Pokeroff Telegram Channel… For his efforts, Chris received $ 29,377 including the bounty.

The final table and the success of Nikolai Tulin

On the night of September 28-29, the composition of the final table of the WPN main tournament was determined – with the largest stack and the second largest bounty of the TOP-9, a player from Russia was headed, who became the chip leader at the pre-final. Together with him, players from Canada, the USA, Brazil and Germany competed for prizes ranging from $ 50,771 to $ 411,687.

At the beginning of the final, Nikolay swayed for a long time, trying to play as carefully as possible, but with 6-max he began to captain the table. One of the most striking hands with his participation occurred in the following situation in 3-max:

  • SB – «YoAsakura», 49 BB, $ 30K bounty, arm JJ;
  • BB – «jumping gn», 14 BB, $ 51K bounty, hand KQo;
  • BTN – «badlucktou», 75 ББ, $ 36K ,аунти, Kа KQs.

BTN showed x2, SB called, BB shoved, BTN rattled. SB called for everything – the showdown turned out to be spectacular:

The final distribution was equally epic. At the beginning of the hand, “jumping gn” in position with a stack of 30 BB, “badlucktou” with a stack of 86 BB. The Canadian bet all the streets, the Russian player called:

Payout to finalists $ 2,650 The Venom (including bounty)

A place Player Country Prize
1 Badиколай «badlucktou» Тулин Russia $ 716K
2 Jeffrey “jumping gn” Reardon Canada $ 512.1K
3 YoAsakura Germany $ 320.1K
4 Miral777 USA $ 193.7K
5 SirRunALot Brazil $ 161.9K
6 Raphael “lampiao23” Furlanetto Brazil $ 122.3K
7 Stackedbrightfutur USA $ 89K
8 wizazo USA $ 91.3K

This is not the first time that a player from Russia has made a big win in an “American” room. The most striking example of 2021 is “Psycho29rus” from Arkhangelskwho “became the new Moneymaker” in the summer by winning a $ 105K contract with WPN.

PokerKing added an unusual tournament to its schedule

After the successful completion of The Venom PKO, the PokerKing team decided not to leave the players to languish in anticipation of the next such tournament and immediately announced a new one. $215 Million Dollar Sunday $1M Gtd… It starts on October 3 and has an unusual structure.

Firstly, 27 daily flights start at 16:45, 20:30, 00:00 and 03:00 Moscow time. The united day will be October 3, and the tournament will finish on October 11.

Secondly, each flight lasts 4 hours, of which 2 hours is late registration. The duration of the levels in them changes during the course of the tournament:

  • From 1 to 12 levels – 10 minutes;
  • From 13 to 22 levels – 12 minutes;
  • From level 23 – 15 minutes.

As the commentators of The Venom PKO said during the broadcast, the tournament is designed for amateur players who are not ready to sit at the computer for more than 10 hours, but just want to compete for big prize money after a working day.

Satellites to $215 Million Dollar Sunday already in the lobby – most of them have a buy-in of $ 22 and a guarantee of 2 to 10 tickets.

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