Salman Behbehani turned out to be a poker player with 1.5 kg of drugs

Salman Behbehani turned out to be a poker player with 1.5 kg of drugs

Yesterday, foreign poker resources spread around poker, criminal news with a touch of secrecy. Hashish, “pink cocaine”, marijuana, speed, ecstasy, mushrooms – this is just a part of the list that the detainee had on the island of Ibiza. Someone was having a crazy Las Vegas Fear and Loathing party.

Disclaimer: Pokeroff editors against the use of any drugs

The identity of the “famous poker player” was initially unknown – the law enforcement agencies did not initially name her. But here’s what we knew:

  • Man 33 years old
  • He flew in from Las Vegas on a private jet, he was detained at the Ibiza airport
  • He has dual citizenship of Italy and Kuwait
  • He had a company of 30 people with him.

The poker player faces a real prison term. A few hours later, we learned his name. The poker player with 1.5 kg of drugs turned out to be Salman Behbehani.

Salman Behbehani

A private jet with 30 passengers left the United States for Ibiza last Friday. But the party did not go according to plan when the Spanish Civil Guard (where they came from) found 1.5 kg of various drugs in Salman Behbehani’s luggage: cocaine, mushrooms, marijuana, ecstasy, 2C-B, LSD, poppers – and this is not the whole list. …

In truth, Salman Behbehani is not exactly a professional poker player. It’s correct to call him a player with an infinite bankroll. Forbes ranks the Behbehani family in the top 20 richest Arab clans in the Middle East.

He has over $ 3.3M in prize money on hendonmob. Salman’s biggest win, $ 818K, came from running the main event of the controversial Partush Poker Tour in 2011. He also ran a $ 5K PLO runner up at the 2013 WSOP.

At PokerStars, Salman played under the nickname salfshb. His most resounding success was third place in the $ 102K WCOOP tournament, where Heads Up broke through Fedor Holtz and Ben Rolle.

Bubble of that very $ 102K tournament

The fate of Salman Behbehani is still unknown. Do you think he will be released on bail? Extradited and fined? Or will Salman have to spend a couple of years in a Spanish prison?

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