Samurai Backing Fund – March Result and Offer for NL5 and NL10 +

Samurai Backing Fund – March Result and Offer for NL5 and NL10 +

In mid-April, Samurai backing fund released a report for March 2021, showing a good win rate. The success of the month and other factors allowed the foundation to announce a new recruitment of NL10 + players, as well as create a test group for NL5 + regulars. We’ve put together a quick overview of the foundation, a proposal for a test group, and other useful information for you in this article.

What does Samurai Backing Fund do?

Samurai backs, trains and technically maintains cache regs for playing Chinese applications. The applications were chosen by the fund’s staff as the main source of income for two reasons:

The first is a weak field with a specific style of play. Unlike the big poker rooms, the Chinese apps attract the majority of weak Asian players with a particular style of play. They have to start their poker career at the minimum limit of NL400 in yuan (analogue in dollars – NL60), where they have to pay straddle. So the field at such limits plays in a peculiar way – for example, almost every pot is played with a multiway – and weakly. Therefore, even a strong NL10 regular at PokerStars, with the right preparation, can easily beat him. And with the appearance of an analogue of the NL30 limit in the City of Poker (COP) room, the opportunity to beat the field became available for NL5 regulars in Eurorooms.

The second is a different rake calculation system. If ordinary rooms collect rake from all players, regardless of the result of the game, then Chinese applications take only a commission from the profit (3-5%). The commission is charged after the table is closed – players who have played with a minus or zero pay nothing.

These reasons allow the majority of Samurai fund players to play with double-digit win rates – for example, from September 11, 2020 to January 11, 2021, the fund’s total result was 25.57 BB / 100 based on the results of 2,645,177 hands.

To achieve such results, Samurai not only provides players with backing, but also helps to constantly improve their game.

What does the fund offer players?

The general proposal is as follows:

  • The minimum number of hands in a package is 60K (30K and at least a month of play for NL5 regulars).
  • The initial rollback is from 35% to 51% depending on the number of hands played per month (month = 30 days).
  • The final rollback is up to 70%.
  • Game without make-up.
  • The player himself chooses the size of his share at the beginning of cooperation.
  • 100% of the net profit by its share.
  • The possibility of redemption of shares from 5% to 25% after wagering each package

The fund calculates the player’s income according to the formula: X • P + (1-X) • P • O. Here X is the player’s share, O is the player’s rollback, P is the profit after withdrawal from the room.

Profit is calculated as the sum of all cashouts minus the sum of all deposits minus the costs of converters and hand2note. At the beginning of cooperation, only deposits are withdrawn.

Before starting to seriously play in Chinese applications, the fund player undergoes a training course. It includes information on ranges and adjustments, as well as helpful tips to help you quickly adapt to the game. Also, the player is given access to training records and group sessions.

Then the player is helped to set up the software, and are also provided with auxiliary applications – HUD, Samurai Tools and mining. After that, the player is given access to accounts and he starts the game – three tables at the same time, with the subsequent connection of a larger number from profit.

After 2K distributions, an individual training is carried out – the fund conducts them, if necessary, throughout the entire package.

How to get into the fund?

Anyone who wants to apply to join the fund must:

  • Provide a chart of at least 50K hands for the last 6 months or be ready to record a live session at your working limit for analysis
  • Be ready to play at least 25 hours a week
  • Deal with tilt

If you meet the listed criteria, then you need to go through the following steps:

  1. Apply for Samurai official website… It contains contact information, working limit, nicknames in rooms, on poker forums, links to social networks, as well as other information necessary to understand your experience and goals.
  2. Have a Skype interview.
  3. Cope with the test period of the game.

After that, as mentioned in the previous section, the fund will begin a full-fledged cooperation with you.

What is required from a player during cooperation with Samurai?

The Foundation does not require players to be supermen, but for a healthy and safe cooperation, they still need to follow some rules:

  • Do not play from two or more accounts at the same table. If this happens and the accounts are banned, then the player is obliged to compensate their balances at his own expense.
  • Play only those games and limits that are agreed with the fund. If you want to move to a higher limit, you need to obtain a written consent from the administration of the fund. Otherwise, the fund will take the player’s winnings at the higher limits, and the player will have to pay for the loss out of his own pocket.
  • Replay the agreed distance.
  • Play in an optimal state – if a player loses on tilt or some other form of inadequate state, then he will have to pay 100% of the loss.
  • Report regularly to the fund on the game and provide hand history.
  • Do not play without HUD and mining – otherwise, the entire loss will be covered by the player himself.
  • In case of termination of cooperation on the initiative of the player before wagering the minimum number of hands, the player is obliged to reimburse the fund for operating costs and the cost of the course, as well as pay for his loss.
  • Timely warn the administration of the fund if it is impossible to play the required number of hands on time for some reason (vacation, illness).
  • Do not play in other funds and those rooms that are not included in the agreement with the Samurai fund.
  • Attend all fund trainings or view their recordings no later than 7 days after publication.
  • Do not make the purchase of additional offers of the room (insurance, showdown, additional purchase of cards, etc.), except for the timebank, without instructions from the fund.

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