Sasha “Poker Sasha” Lew answered questions especially for Pokeroff

Sasha “Poker Sasha” Lew answered questions especially for Pokeroff

On May 16, a long article was published on the Pokeroff website about the only girl in GGOmahaSquad – Sasha “Poker Sasha” Liu. Although the article turned out to be informative and full of facts, some questions about Sasha remained unanswered for us, so we contacted her and asked them directly.

– Hi Sasha! We already know that you were born and received your first education in Taiwan, graduated from a magistracy in Russia, lived for some time in the USA, and now you are in Germany. Which of the following countries is closest to your homeland in terms of mentality?

A very interesting question. I think Germany will be the closest mentally. Here people share similar family values ​​and they also value modesty.

If you look from the point of view of culture, then the United States will definitely come first – after all, this country has the strongest cultural influence on Taiwan and is also proud of its freedom and democracy.

I would also like to say that studying in Moscow was the strongest cultural shock in my life. Russia is fundamentally different from the world in which I am used to living. It was an incredible adventure, but I don’t want to focus on it.

– When we were looking for information about you, we found out that you used to play a lot of cash games, but now you pay more attention to tournaments. So, after all, which of the disciplines do you prefer – cash or MTT?

I really have a lot more experience in cash than MTT, but still prefer tournaments. In my opinion, the competitive part is stronger in them, and the elements in it are constantly changing and at different stages they force you to use combinations of different skills.

Sasha Liu with a trophy for winning the PLO Bounty event at the DeepStack Championship Poker Series 2019

– Where, in your opinion, is the best offline PLO field and why?

I visited a few places where you could find PLO action, and they all had their pros and cons.

So, open to all games in Chicago and Hammond (USA) offer the most stable games, but also the same pools.

Vegas has the lowest rake, but there is surprisingly little play and a lot of professional players (and drunken tourists, of course).

Some crazy PLO action can be found in EPT venues, but in Europe – compared to the US – the rake is monstrously huge.

Also in some Palm Springs (California) casinos you can find great high-stakes PLO fields – but only during the winter.

Also in Tennessee, where there are no casinos nearby and people are hungry for gambling, very good private games are available.

I once played high-stakes PLO cash in Taiwan, but there you can do it only at your own peril and risk, since cash is illegal under local laws and you can easily be arrested.

Also, I’ve heard some amazing things about PLO in Texas and Florida, but haven’t played there yet, so I look forward to visiting both places in the near future.

– Since we have talked so closely about PLO, please tell us what programs do you use to improve your skills?

I use combinations of different solvers, but I mostly analyze my hands and keep extensive notes on them.

Sasha Liu celebrates winning one of the PLO tournaments at GGPoker

– Why do you think Omaha is inferior to Hold’em in popularity? In your opinion, is this fair?

I don’t think there is such a thing as injustice in life. In everything that seems unfair, in fact, there are positive aspects – it is just that people usually ignore them.

As for the first part of the question, Hold’em is the mainstream. The game is simpler with less variability, due to which it is easier to get involved in it. In addition, Holdem is much more covered in the media, the price pools in it are higher than in Omaha, and it is played in more countries. In addition, in this game you can grow simply by playing. I don’t think PLO will ever surpass Hold’em in terms of popularity, but you can get more advantage there if you work the game right, as the field is thinner and overall much weaker.

– Now streaming is very popular among poker players, but you are an exception. Why? We have seen several of your interviews – you have an excellent level of English and you are great at expressing thoughts.

Deep down, I’m a big introvert. When I play poker, it’s like I’m in my own bubble. I broadcast my thoughts inside and prefer not to talk to anyone. This happens the same way online and offline. For me, playing poker is a very personal thought process. In addition to this, I will note that I have never done anything just because it is popular or makes money.

Outside of PLO development, I constantly remind myself not to get lost on social media and to always be mindful of your goals, to be focused on improving yourself. At this stage, I do not feel the desire to do streams, although, in my opinion, it would be nice to have a community that loves and supports you.

Sasha is struggling to stream with the cat

– Finally, let’s touch on the PLO Hi / Lo topic: many fans of the game would be delighted if MTTs of this type of Omaha appeared in the GG rooms. Can players influence the network on this issue, and do you – as an ambassador – have the opportunity to help expand the Omaha schedule?

Sure. When discussing marketing, I always say that I would like to see GGPoker as the first site people think of when they talk about anything Omaha-related. I, like the entire team of the room, will work hard to achieve this.

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