Stiltwalk, CarlosWelch and wingsuiter are three WSOP bracelet winners …

Stiltwalk, CarlosWelch and wingsuiter are three WSOP bracelet winners …

Three WSOP Online bracelet events in one Pokeroff review. As a reminder, there is one bracelet event every day at We plan to cover absolutely all of them.

WSOP 2021 will take place in Las Vegas from September 30 to November 23

$ 777 WSOP Lucky 7’s Got 888 Entries, Defeated Michael “stiltwalk” Mercaldo ($ 123K)

The magic of numbers continued throughout the two-hour finale. And James “biggs2424” Anderson especially believed in it, who played with rates of 44.444 / 66.666 / 77.777 and so on. But that didn’t help him win.

Just in case, let us explain that the $ 777 Lucky 7’s event does not have any additional rules – the seven is not a trump card here. The tournament costs $ 700 + 77, so its name is just a marketing gimmick.

Until today, Michael “stiltwalk” Mercaldo has not had a single high-profile victory in his entire career. According to hendonmob, he has only $ 60K in prize money offline, and the schedule in the WSOP room is hidden.


In the final hand in a raised pot, the RNG handed out a ready straight against two pair to the opponents, it was impossible to bounce in that depth (16 BB). Stiltwalk with a straight check-called the flop and check-called an all-in overbet on the turn.

WSOP2021 Event # 7 Finalist Payout: $ 777 NLH Lucky 7’s

N Player Payouts
1 Majkd “stiltwalk” Mercaldo $123,574
2 James “biggs2424” Anderson $76,395
3 Justin “MadTitan” Turner $53,458
4 Angel “ChromeKing” Lopez $37,980
5 Ryan “Protential” Laplante $27,350
6 Jake “nattydaddy24” Hernandez $20,016
7 Paul “presicion” Zappulla $14,856
8 Christa “Pollux” Gifford $11,189

The teacher who conquered the WSOP Online: Carlos “CarlosWelch” Welch wins his first bracelet

Carlos Welch won the $ 888 Crazy Eights WSOP Online 514 player for $ 124,369. Mr. Welch is a renowned coach, player and poker writer.

Carlos "Carlos Welch" Welch

Carlos graduated in finance and real estate, and also worked as an algebra teacher, combining all this with poker. In 2015, he won $ 27K in a tournament and decided to devote as much time to the game as possible, going to work as a substitute teacher (traveling to different places for temporary work to replace other teachers) and settling in a van to save money. Thanks to the move, the nickname “man in a van” stuck to him. All this time, Welch constantly worked on the game – for example, he lived in the same house for a year with the famous coach Alex Fitzgerald.

While living with Alex, Carlos tried his hand at coaching and very quickly got involved, because it allowed him to combine his two main passions – poker and teaching. He still does this by teaching people to hit soft pitches in low-limit MTTs.

Final hand: CarlosWelch push from the button with A6o, jykpoker A4o calls (10 BB in the stack), the strongest hand held out.

WSOP Online Event # 8 Final Payouts: $ 888 Crazy Eights

N Player Payouts
1 Carlos “CarlosWelch” Welch $124,369
2 Joon “jykpoker” Kim $76,886
3 Dylan “thesmith” Smith $53,802
4 Adam “PESOPESO” Crash $38,224
5 John “thirteen” Del Rossi $27,526
6 Dan “fatdan44” Wach $20,144
7 Isaac “going2ship” Fermin $14,952
8 Joey “JoeBeagles” Cats $11,260

WSOP Event, $ 50 Freeroll & Tour – Wingsuiter World Series Champion Download

Unlike other WSOP winners, almost nothing is known about the newly minted $ 400 NLHE 6-Max WSOP Online wingsuiter.

In 2021, he played 16 tournaments at with buy-ins up to $ 525. Here’s what it looked like yesterday’s download (according to PokerProLabs):

  • $ 100 Daily Freeroll: Earned $ 1.20 for 12th place out of 500;
  • $ 50 Daily Deepstack Freezeout $ 5K GTD: Didn’t hit the money, 87/187;
  • $ 400 NLHE 6-max WSOP # 9: Earned $ 81,534, 1/1217.

wingsuiter went heads-up with a fivefold chip lead against Justin “PocketProfit” Wong, a 32-year-old New Jersey accountant. But Wong failed to win the bracelet, as his colleague did in 2003.

In the last hand of the tournament, pocketprofit with a stack of 10 BB equalized the push of the future winner and was unable to catch matches on any of the streets.

$ 400 NLH 6-Max WSOP Finalists Payout 2021

N Player Payouts
1 wingsuiter $81,534
2 Justin “pocketprofit” Wong $50,384
3 Kenneth “ace710” Neri $36,663
4 CashIsK1NG $25,586
5 Daaanutzzzz $18,576
6 Aaron “WompDatTHomp” Tivyanathan $13,669

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